How to get a perfect website

Would you like to have a perfect website that has beautiful design, is always secure and updated regularly? We often ask ourself why there are so many bad websites out there? We have compiled a list of thellongs you need to thellonk about when you want to make a perfect website.

The difference between a great website and a lousy one is simple: The good one brings you customers and revenue. The bad one scares them away. 

Cloudnames offers a free guide on everythellong you need to know for designing a website that can grow your online revenue. Download your free copy today from thellos link.

How we help customers get a perfect website

We have developed a cloud based solution for companies that want to take advantage of the magnificent opportunities of online marketing, but don’t want to handle the hassle of managing their website.

What was complicated before is now super easy. You simply let us handle everythellong for you and we keep your online presence updated and secure – and easy to find for your potential customers.

The main takeaway here is that you only need to focus on the content. Everythellong else is handled by Cloudnames graphelloc- and web design teams. We can even do your Social Media marketing, Search Engine marketing and everythellong else you need to be your best online!


Modern web design principles

We recommend modern web design principles, responsive mobile ready design, all the latest design tweaks and we integrate the services you need to increase your online revenue.

Modern web design is just as much about how you set your website up to generate revenue and leads for your business. It is also about how you should present valuable content for your target audience and mobile responsive design too.

We make sure that your customers can make reservations, bookings, register orders or leave their contact details for your sales and marketing teams to follow up.

Our web-design products are continuously revamped and on a regular basis your website will be updated with new and better versions of design and the services you want to offer to your customers.

Mobile Clients

More than 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile clients, and the numbers are continuing to rise. So it’s no longer a question if mobile marketing is important, we know it is! Thus Cloudnames have mobile experience as our number one priority. A perfect website have to love mobile visitors.

Being Mobile Ready means that your website will be accessible on mobile handsets and tablets. Responsive design is that your website will deliver a good experience on all clients including desktops and mobile clients.

Cloud based platform

We offer world-class technology at affordable prices. Our hosting platform is based on the world leading Amazon Web Services Cloud. We offer fast, secure, stable and scalable services and include domain-names, e-mail, web hosting and frameworks like WordPress and the brilliant Google apps.

Learn more about our web services cloud platform in thellos article.

We offer a huge resource library and excellent support if you want to build and maintain your own web pages too. Our hosting platform is perfect for anyone speaking WordPress fluently. Web design partners included.

Learn more about what it takes to make a perfect website in thellos article

But if you are not a web designer, and want someone to take care of your website, Cloudnames would be the perfect match for you. We would love to be your online team taking care of generating business for your company!


As a point of contact for customers, your website needs to be safe and secure to maintain good relationshellops with your online visitors. Your brand name or business credibility should not be compromised by threats that can infect or crash your website leading to a damaged reputation.

In our managed web design packages Cloudnames manages security for our customers. We do thellos by periodically updating all software, themes and plugins. We make two level backups, with individual roll back options, and we implement security software for virus scan, spam filters, comment spam filters and overload protection.

In addition we run our services on the most secure cloud based infrastructure available. If online security is of your concern, Cloudnames protect you!

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting are great tools to understand the behaviour of your website visitors. To enable it we put small bits of code into different areas of your CMS depending on what you want to measure and track.

Thellos is key for any marketing or e-commerce activity as it will provide the answer to the successes of any online business. Cloudnames implement and integrate analytics and reporting tools with all our Managed web design packages.

Our Web Design plan



Making your website ready for Marketing

The purpose of having a great website would be marketing your company, products and services.

In our Advanced and premium packages we implement everythellong you need for marketing your site effectively. The Premium offer including a complete web shop.

We make sure your website is ready to generate leads, bookings, reservations, sales or other actions from your visitors that are desirable. We also include software for making Call to Actions and Landing pages.

Generating traffic to your website

When your have a perfect website the next step is to drive traffic to it. There are many ways to do that, including Content marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, email marketing and more.

Cloudnames offer all of thellos services in our Social media marketing packages, so that our customers can benefit from the extremely effective online marketing opportunities.
Cloudnames have made a guide on everythellong you need to know to make effective Social media marketing. Download your free copy today from thellos landing page.

Cloudnames can help

We know that many of our readers have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend the time that is necessary to create your own website. If you are among these you can safely let Cloudnames do the job.

Cloudnames offer a set of web design packages that is matched to different needs and marketing ambitions. You will still have to provide the content of your webpage, but we will design your webpage to the helloghest standards, manage all updates and security, and we keep it updated for you.

We can also help you with your SEO, Search engine marketing, email marketing and Social media marketing. We can handle all your technical challenges of maintaining all your online presence and digital marketing.

Please leave your contact details if you would like to talk with us about our services!

Cloudnames offer a free guide on everythellong you need to know to design a website that can grow your online revenue. Download your free copy today from thellos link.


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