The most important things you have to get in place for that the web pages should work

Your web pages should not just be a pretty graphic representation of your business, they should serve as the best seller you have. At all hours of the day, without breaks – we at Think Digital have extensive experience with conversion optimization and creating websites that work.

Cloudnames designs functional websites that are easy to navigate and focus on function – by that we mean websites that are rigged for marketing and convert visitors into customers or leads.

Contact us today for a free and non-binding analysis of your website and our recommendations for improvement measures!

We are also happy to give you a suggestion on how Cloudnames can contribute with help for further development or design of a completely new website.

Do your web pages have call to action that converts visitors into customers or leads? What do you want your visitors to do?

You need to offer high quality content that is of value to the website visitors if you want to attract the right visitors. And it must be presented well on mobile.

A typical challenge for most websites is low traffic. You need to optimize your web pages for search engines so that your audiences can find them.

It must be easy and intuitive to find your way around the website. Especially for mobile users – and no one likes a late website!

Make sure the security of your web pages is as good as possible. We offer SSL encryption, measures against data intrusion, automated backups and much more. Downtime is expensive

Cloudnames works as our digital marketing manager. We have increased the traffic to our websites by 5,000%

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Cloudnames assists us with everything in digital marketing. We are very pleased with the development!

Mari Ann Vassgård

Through two successful share capital increases, we have received 22 million in new capital in less than a year

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Do you need a new website?

Whether you are going to have brand new websites, or further develop the old ones – it is often wise to make a thorough assessment of what should be kept and not. If it is a comprehensive redesign, we often recommend to include only content (text and images), software developed for special functionalities and the like – and rebuild the framework. Simply because debris often accumulates over time and it can quickly become more time consuming to change an existing installation than to do everything again.

Consistent branding

Web design without consistent branding is busy and confusing for the visitor. “Best practice” for both B2C and B2B is to keep the branding consistent throughout the website. This applies to colors, logos, languages, images, icons, fonts, and videos.

Effective CTAs

Creating a good conversion path is about more than placing a few buttons after the design is done. The wording, location, and what happens when you press a CTA should be clear long before the design is complete.

Load time

Load time is an important factor for user experience, sales and SEO. That said, less than 3, preferably close or less than 2 seconds load time is within. Special needs can affect the loading time and then you have to make an assessment of what you want to prioritize.


Most people use Google search one or more times during a buying process. If your web pages are not optimized for search, you could potentially miss out on many “free” leads or sales. If your business is location based, have you done what you can to appear in google local search?

Mobile friendly

It does not help much if your web pages look absolutely fantastic on desktop and laptop, but do not work properly on mobile. Over 50% of search traffic comes from mobile, in other words you risk losing 50% of your search traffic without mobile optimized pages.

Enkel navigasjon

Make navigation on the web pages as easy as possible, the very few really need submenus. If you have a bunch of products or services, you can make all the content on your website available in 1-3 clicks without complicated menus that are not intuitive.


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy

Cloudnames can help your business create a practical plan for digital communication and marketing. We discuss your digital strategy and examine your competitors. Then we come up with concrete suggestions for improvements.

Websites that work

Websites that work

Do you have a website that is well suited for digital marketing? We can examine how well the site works. Get a free review of your website with concrete suggestions for improvements. Small changes can yield big results!


Traffic generation

How do you drive traffic to your website? Cloudnames can create content, optimize for search, as well as drive traffic with social media, email and other channels. Effective websites provide many visits that are converted into sales.