Visibility in digital channels can bring many new customers

Visibility in digital channels contributes more traffic to your websites. With the right optimized content, you can get many visitors from your target audience who will find you in a Google search. As much as 93% of all B2B purchases start with a search * Social media and email are other examples of digital channels that can help you reach your target audience.

The first task the marketing manager or entrepreneur must solve to get started with digital marketing is: Good websites that convert visitors into leads or customers.

The next challenge is to drive traffic from the target audience to the websites. There are many possible digital channels that can be used to reach out to potential new customers.

Feel free to contact us today to get a free and non-binding analysis of your website and your digital channels with suggestions for improvements.

We also give you a suggestion on how Think Digital can help your company with digital visibility. We have extensive experience with all the digital channels we mention here.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and many other social platforms are great tools for driving traffic.

Most people start their customer journey with a Google search. Therefore, you need to make sure that you reach the very top when someone searches for what you offer. We also help you with Google Ads.
Emails and messages are often underestimated as digital channels. But this is the most effective channel for conversion. We can help you automate mailings to your leads and customers.
Mention of websites and media in your industry that are read by potential new customers can lead to good traffic. We can tell you how to go about being featured – or do it for you.
Are there digital channels that are relevant to your particular industry? We help you become visible to your target audience exactly where you reach them best.

Cloudnames works as our digital marketing manager. We have increased the traffic to our websites by 5,000%

Roald Wallestad

Cloudnames assists us with everything in digital marketing. We are very pleased with the development!

Mari Ann Vassgård

Through two successful share capital increases, we have received 22 million in new capital in less than a year

Anker Bergli

Digital marketing

Cloudnames helps you to develop a digital communication strategy, a website that converts to new sales or leads and visibility in digital channels!

Cloudnames can make you visible to your target audience

We offer full flexibility in our services for better visibility in digital surfaces. Our employees specialize in various disciplines, such as SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and much more. In other words, with our agency agreement, you get access to your own marketing department without hiring anyone.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook has 2.5 billion active users per month and over 3 million users in Norway. For many, paid marketing on Facebook and Instagram is the most effective channel if done right.


If you sell to other companies, you should be on LinkedIn. Here you can get great organic visibility for you, your expertise and your company. LinkedIn offers unique targeting. We show you how.

Search engine ads

Ads on Google can be very effective in driving traffic from potential customers looking for your products or services. We can help you maintain your ads on Google Ads.


89% of all consumer purchases start with a Google search. 93% of B2B sales start with a search * Is your business visible in search engines? Do you have content that suits all steps in the customer’s journey?

Email Marketing

Email is still very effective in driving traffic to your websites. We can help you automate response to potential customers with “drip” marketing. It makes previous visitors come back.

Ad network

Google’s display network reaches 80% of the world’s internet users and is used in over 300,000 apps. Studies also show that 52% of everyone who clicks on an ad follows up by making contact.

Content marketing

Most purchases start with a search. To compete for the attention of these customers, you must have content that fits into all the steps of the customer journey. From visits to leads to sales!

Conversion for sale

If you have a lot of traffic to your website, it is important to convert visitors into sales or leads. Conversion optimization is the most profitable investment you can make to gain more customers.

Content and graphics

Relevant high-quality content and graphics are a challenge for many. We make sure to optimize this so you get fast websites and the right traffic. The goal is to convert visits to increased sales.


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy

Cloudnames can help your business create a practical plan for digital communication and marketing. We discuss your digital strategy and examine your competitors. Then we come up with concrete suggestions for improvements.

Websites that work

Websites that work

Do you have a website that is well suited for digital marketing? We can examine how well the site works. Get a free review of your website with concrete suggestions for improvements. Small changes can yield big results!


Traffic generation

How do you drive traffic to your website? Cloudnames can create content, optimize for search, as well as drive traffic with social media, email and other channels. Effective websites provide many visits that are converted into sales.