Our 5 steps to develop one digital communication strategy that works

Do you have a website with a nice design? Which does not give desired results? Without a clear digital strategy for what you want with your website, you are happy to get visitors. The few who visit your web pages do not generate more revenue because you do not have a clear strategy for your conversion paths.

Cloudnames has developed a process for developing a practical digital communication strategy.

Feel free to arrange a free initial consultation with a check of your website. We show you what works on your website and what you should change. Often there are small grips that give a surprisingly large effect.

After just one hour, you will be left with concrete measures and improvements, as well as a non-binding proposal for how Think Digital can help your company.

Here is our five-step process for developing a hands-on digital communications plan. If you follow these five steps, you should be able to acquire more new customers and increase sales!

Cloudnames is happy to help you develop a digital strategy with experience from many previous processes.

We start with an analysis of the situation. Then we can stake out the course and set goals. We plan activities and what is to be developed or produced.
The first phase of the customer journey is: “Realizing needs.” You need to make sure that you are visible to your target audience when they decide to buy your products or services.
Your task is to convince the potential buyer that you have the best solution, price or product that suits you best. Your website needs to be compelling!
Your web pages must have conversion paths that accept orders online, collect contacts, or both.

Listen to, live, support and maintain your customer relationships. You need to engage your customers so that they become your top ambassadors.

Cloudnames works as our digital marketing manager. We have increased the traffic to our websites by 5,000%

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Cloudnames assists us with everything in digital marketing. We are very pleased with the development!

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Through two successful share capital increases, we have received 22 million in new capital in less than a year

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Get more customers with a solid strategy

A solid strategy with good static key indicators for calculating results is perhaps one of the most useful tools you can have as a business. Without a digital strategy, it is often difficult to know if you are moving in the right direction and you can fool yourself by using the wrong measure of value and results. For example, having the most clicks on an ad in Google search is not always an advantage.

Identify KPIs

To create a solid digital strategy with measurable results that can be put into practice, we start by finding key indicators so that we can compare the results.

Analysis of traffic

We make an analysis of the current state of traffic to the website. We look at sources the traffic comes from, patterns it follows – and identify low-hanging fruits.

Analysis of users

Using available data, such as from analytics and search console, we gain insight into your target groups and personas and what content they are interested in.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is superior to marketing plans and campaign plans and sets a team-oriented direction for all measures to contribute to achieving growth targets.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan should ensure that your business reaches its growth goals. The plan contains specific measures and focus areas throughout the year.

Social media

Social media is both effective and inexpensive if done right. We help you find the right channel (s) for you and offer training and workshops.

Marketing calendar

A publishing plan for content, campaigns, newsletters, posting in social media, etc. makes everyday life more predictable and ensures the quality of the activities.

Campaign planning

January sales, product launches, or attitude promotions? We have the experience, competence and insight needed to succeed.

Brand building

Branding is at least as important as campaigns and other activities that provide quick wins.


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy

Cloudnames can help your business create a practical plan for digital communication and marketing. We discuss your digital strategy and examine your competitors. Then we come up with concrete suggestions for improvements.

Websites that work

Websites that work

Do you have a website that is well suited for digital marketing? We can examine how well the site works. Get a free review of your website with concrete suggestions for improvements. Small changes can yield big results!


Traffic generation

How do you drive traffic to your website? Cloudnames can create content, optimize for search, as well as drive traffic with social media, email and other channels. Effective websites provide many visits that are converted into sales.