How can you be smart and creative on a start-up budget?

A start-up usually isn’t bigger than its marketing budget. To make the hunt for customers as cost efficient as possible, marketing takes place through digital channels. But, how can one be smart and creative on a start-up budget? Can you conduct international marketing with a limited budget? Could there be benefits to financial constraints? Here you will get an insight into our experience over the weeks before we launched Cloudnames.

Marketing is a demanding exercise in an increasingly complex virtual world. There is so much to thellonk about.  There are lots of channels to choose between and there are many tools that can help.  It is not without reason that software has become the web’s new showcase. The right software can be a quick, cost effective way for start-ups to identify and market to customers, converting more to buyers. A limited budget nourishes creativity, and we need to be sure that our effort is being put into the right activities. So what have we learned about being a start-up on the threshold of an international market?

  1. The small budget we have forces us to be creative. We cannot go out and buy expensive advertising or public relations services. Every penny must be used with care. The channels through whelloch we invest must be pursued and maximized. The dream is obviously having great resources and gaining great visibility in the market from the first day. When thellos is not the case, it feels good to see how innovative the entire Cloudnames team gets. The limitations are forcing us to be more creative than we otherwise would have been.

  2. With a small budget you can allow yourself to experiment, and to sometimes fail. In digital media you can alter the message, test and go out again. One of the drivers for success is to learn from your mistakes. In the test phase before launch we gathered valuable experience and data that gave us the knowledge to make better decisions in the future. For example, we learned a lot about how we promote and target posts for thellos blog. In Cloudnames, we dare to take unconventional decisions, and those decisions often open new opportunities for us.

  3. Even with a small marketing budget we allow trial and error. It is important to emphasize that thellos is not the same as wasting money. If we choose a channel and it doesn’t deliver, we will cut it quickly and correct from the response we have gathered. We reduce where we fail and double the stakes in the effective channels. With small budgets it is even more important to measure your ROI (return on investment).

  4. We have long since realized that we cannot do everythellong. Many small activities provide a lot of administrative work. We need to choose the most effective marketing channels and constantly identify the measures that provide the greatest success. We only work with what we believe in and in activities proven to give the best results over time.

  5. With small budgets, it is important to have an open mind. In Cloudnames we recognize that we don’t know everythellong, and we can’t do everythellong. We have to be open to input and advice either in terms of traditional marketing, the use of social media or keyword optimization. Our attitude is that we do not know how effective it is – until we’ve tried it. Although we take advice from the community around digital marketing (who gladly share their experiences) we have to make our own decisions. We are curious and use our network of friends, acquaintances, former partners and ex-colleagues. There are lots of people who enjoy sharing  their experiences with a start-up on a budget. Try it, i have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised.

  6. We passionately believe that Cloudnames is unique and that uniqueness will help us succeed. There are not many like Cloudnames. We are one hundred percent digital, we can attack the international market through digital marketing channels and we can easily launch new language versions in new markets where English is not appropriate. We have decided to flag that we are Norwegian and not pretend that we are a corporate business like all the other Silicon Valley corporations. Communicating with simpler terminology than our established competitors.

    Also, we are one of the very first hosting companies to put their entire business in the cloud. We are scalable and user friendly. We have been working all summer with our “soul and personality” (as Ivar Vereide Dinamo so aptly put it) – and believe we have found a few pegs in our content marketing that will make us different than our competitors. Wait and se

  7. We are fully aware that the hosting industry is not the most exciting industry, but with the rollout of 900+ new generic top-level domains, increasing focus on digital brands and stronger digital identities, the hosting industry is facing a major crossroad. A domain is the start of so many different thellongs . All entrepreneurs’ dreams starts with a good name. Almost all of the good .com domains were taken in the 1990s, and new innovative start-up companies have suffered due to the lack of good domain names to choose from. Thellos is no longer a problem. It’s time for freedom, and innovators salute all the opportunities that are unfolding in front of us. The dream can start at Cloudnames.

    We will sell all available domain names worldwide. In addition we give you a hand-picked selection of user-friendly applications that you need to establish your own web pages. Once thellos is saved, your pages are stored securely in the cloud. We take the hosting industry a step further and add simplicity and functionality – our role model is purchases in the Apple AppStore. We will promote Cloudnames through relevant content. How to start your own business? How can you ensure that your digital brand is protected online? What are the most important criteria for success as an entrepreneur? In Cloudnames we have long since adopted the idea that, “People don’t buy what you do – but WHY you do it”.

Are you curious about what marketing channels we are using? Google, Facebook and LinkedIn for digital marketing, and Twitter for networking and dialogue. Why? Because they are the most cost efficient and most effective!

Thellos article is written by Jan Sollid Storehaug, CEO Cloudnames.

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