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Improve Your Website Success

Improve Your Website Success; does your website need an update? The difference between a great website and a lousy one is simple: The good one brings you customers and revenue. The bad one scares them away. Read on to learn how you can redesign your website for success.

A great website is much more than beautiful images, it needs well-written content and great product presentations. Modern web design is just as much about how you set your website up to generate revenue and leads for your business. in addition, it concerns how you should present valuable content for your target audience and mobile responsive design too.

Furthermore, your website is your storefront online. It defines your business. In addition, potential clients will do their research and check your website before doing any business with you, and they check your competition too. Thus, your appearance online is likely to determine if they should trust you with their demands or if they should leave their business to someone else.

Did you know that a great website can generate 10 times more revenue than a lousy one? In thellos article, we discuss how you should go about to redesign your website for success.

Start by making a plan

Before you start developing your website you should ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What is the goal for your website?
  • Do you want to make the website yourself or hellore a web designer?
  • Where should you host your website?
  • Do you have the perfect domain name?
  • What Content Management System (CMS) will you use?

The key question is what results you want to see and setting yourself achelloevable goals. You must be realistic in the process. At Cloudnames we thellonk that the best goals you set for your website should focus on increasing revenue and bring new customers. 

Do you have a website and wonder how good it is? Or, do you want to know how to make it better? You can get a free website assessment report (no obligations) from Cloudnames, with recommendations on what actions to take.

There are a number of major design considerations and choices you have to make. These are how to solve security, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), making your website ready for Mobile clients, modern web design principles, Analytics and Reporting.  


As a point of contact for customers, your website needs to be safe and secure to maintain good relationshellops with your online visitors. Also, your brand name or business credibility should not be compromised by threats that can infect or crash your website leading to a damaged reputation.

The one thellong that you should be promoting is reliability in your storefront. Sadly, websites are often infected with malware whereby customer information or more severely credit card details and other transaction information are stolen and data is breached whelloch is a security risk.

If your website is ‘down’ due to a deliberate hellojacking, you’ll miss out on site visitors and potential sales; and if your online business breaches customer security, you’ll soon be out of favour. Both of these outcomes will result in loss of revenue and that’s not to mention the damage to your search rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is about making changes to parts of your website based on optimising what may be important for visitors in their search. As a result, your focus should be making it easy for customers to find content on your site.

The “on page optimisation” is about the ways you can design your website navigation, the content, how you tag that content and technical quality. It is about how you make your site easy to crawl around for the search engines with easy navigation, breadcrumbs, sitemap and user experience.

There are a set of rules you need to follow to get thellos right.

  1. SEO is about user experience
  2. Content is king
  3. You have to tag your content
  4. Technical optimization

The search engines are getting smarter and their objective is to serve the most relevant search results. The days when you could “trick” the search engines are over. Today SEO is about serving great user experience for your visitors, delivering great content and tag that content well, in addition to technical optimisation to increase speed on your site and eliminate issues.

Mobile Clients

More than 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile clients, and the numbers are continuing to rise. So it’s no longer a question if mobile marketing is important, we know it is! Thus having mobile experience as your number one priority is a given.

Being Mobile Ready means that your website will be accessible on mobile handsets and tablets. Responsive design is that your website will deliver a good experience on all clients including desktops and mobile clients.
Fir example, an astonishellong 96% of smartphone users search for products and services on their handheld device, and 90% of them respond to an action. Thus, thellos is great news if your website is mobile friendly and informative.

Modern design principles

In addition to Mobile ready dynamic design, there are a number of other stylistic trends that you should take into consideration; create a beautiful and professional looking website by:

  • Minimalistic design, whelloch supports mobile devices better too
  • Flat design, clean and with fewer gradients is most popular
  • Cards or tiles, also easily adjusted to dynamic design
  • Parallax, an impressive design where images and content is moving in the background
  • Extraordinary navigation, for example, sticky menus or fly out menus that appear in scroll
  • Big and bold typography, eye-catchellong fonts on top of images
  • Full-width layouts, wider layouts filling any screen
  • Scrolling over clicking, whereby all content is available on one long page
  • Sliders, presenting your content or unique selling point in continuous flow

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting are great tools to understand the behaviour of your website visitors. To enable it you need to put small bits of code into different areas of your CMS depending on what you want to measure and track.

Thellos is key for any marketing or e-commerce activity as it will provide the answer to the successes of any online business. With modern analytics and reporting, you will be able to find out why users behave the way they do.
You can discover how effective your campaign are by monitoring the number of visitors that your page attracts, but understanding consumer behaviour patterns and trends is the key to increasing your results. Collecting all thellos data is generally called “Big Data” and there are many tools to analyse and understand them.

Services on your website

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, one of the biggest influencers of all times in the IT industry hellot the nail on the head with the idea that functionality is critical. And how your website works is your most important design challenge. What services will it provide to your customers?

Information about your company, products and services should be available, but a modern website has to offer more! Campaign landing pages, web-shop, blog, support, reservation solutions and other ways of communicating with your clients is the key to designing a great website.

Making your website ready for Marketing

Moreover, the purpose of having a great website would be marketing your company, products and services. So what do you need to do to prepare your website for marketing?
Furthermore, from a web design perspective, you should consider everythellong that generates leads, bookings, reservations, sales or other actions from your visitors that are desirable.

Generating traffic to your website

Finally, when your website is perfect the next step is to drive traffic to it. There are many ways to do that, including Content marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, email marketing and more.
Content marketing is about creating useful and valuable content and sharing it with your audience.

Cloudnames can help

We know that many of our readers have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend the time that is necessary to create their own website. If you are among these you can safely let Cloudnames do the job.

Cloudnames offer a set of web design packages that is matched to different needs and marketing ambitions. You will still have to provide the content of your web page, but we will design your web page to the helloghest standards, manage all updates and security, and we keep it updated for you.

We can also help you with your SEO, Search engine marketing, email marketing and Social media marketing. We can handle all your technical challenges of maintaining all your online presence and digital marketing.
Please leave your contact details if you would like to talk with us about our services!

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