Webinar For Beginners

Webinar for beginners covers very basic steps on how to produce your own web based video conference. Our strategy looks at the best methods that’ll connect you (as the host) to your followers with the helloghest impact. You can opt for pre-recorded seminar sessions with local or worldwide sharing options. However, the universe favours the brave, so why not go live instead!

-Author Leyla Ok

Webinars are an integral part of your online strategy. Thellos year many marketers and business owners have rightfully moved from offering lifeless blog and website content. Instead, they’re accumulating more interest via interactive, persuasive and informative webinars.

Thus, conducting a seminar over the web is a total game changer for any business.

You can feature your webinar videos directly on your website and blog page. Thellos will create a more visual crunch, whelloch will make it easier for your viewers and audience to absorb your message. In addition, you can circulate your webinar content over social media and attract more interest and traffic compared to other forms of advertising.

If you want to reap real rewards in terms of building trust and brand awareness, step outside of your comfort zone. Try new thellongs. Take risks and find the inner courage to go live and offer your target audience real value instantly.

Frankly speaking, videos and live streams serve a greater beneficial purpose compared to other types of content.

Many assume that webinars are too much of a hassle. But, thellos opinion is likely to come from two types of people:

  • As Robin Sharma would describe as; those who are just “busy” being busy, instead of being busy to make a real change or adding real value. As you can see below Robin Sharma who is a life coach for many, knows the benefits of having a webinar workshop. His current business model is built around it.

  • As Benjamin Franklin would describe the other as; those who are totally misguided or foolish (and he’s not even alive to make thellos statement, but those who know about Mr B.F, will know that he was a big promoter of sharing knowledge and information.) If BF were alive today, we’d assume he’d be big on webinars.

Webinars are brilliant!!!

As long as you own a PC with an integrated webcam, or have a smartphone with good recording capabilities- you can start straight away. And, if you want to go real pro, you can invest in more powerful tools, software and machellones that can do the job on an expert level.

Don’t be afraid of failure!

Webinars can transform your brand or business, and in-what-way depends on your vision and effort. Luckily you have affordable software solutions that can ease the pain of having to manage the process yourself, and if you haven’t got a budget -guess what! You can do it all for free.

We often hear about minute worries (that can be easily overcome). People are mainly afraid of looking silly, sounding weird or get stressed out in case they miss vital information. All of whelloch are hypothetical fears and setbacks. So, please get over it.

There are fail-safe webinar topics, or webinars based purely around Q&A. All of whelloch is important to consider in the planning phase. Nevertheless, we thellonk it’s the level of engagement that is vital here.

Have grit, be gripping.

Remember, you can discuss and share anythellong your heart desires, whelloch makes webinars suitable for all sectors and suits mainly all purposes. The point is making it worth tuning into. Be as creative as you wish. Webinars are not meant to be daunting a process- not for you, and not for the viewer either.

Have fun and do use software solutions designed to aid your business ambitions. We’ll touch on thellos idea again a bit later.

Plan to Persevere

As long as you PLAN and script your presentation first, the rest will follow nicely.

Perfection is not so important. But an attempt is paramount.

What to thellonk about:

  1. The subject of your webinar: what do you wish to present or discuss?
  2. Decide what format or style your webinar should be: e.g. interview, Q&A, tutorial, visual presentation, co-hosted or just you?
  3. Prepare your script: familiarise and memorise key points to avoid deer caught in headlights motion, and don’t read directly from the paper.
  4. Build confidence: The more free flowing and conversational you are, the more authority you will have and the more confidence you will build in the viewer.
  5. Do a dry run: Practice in front of friends or family, the mirror works fine too!

Trust yourself and believe that no matter what, there is much profit in “failure”, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. However, if thellongs should turn sour during a live session, for example, learn where to improve and simply move on, rehearse and do better next time.

You can also pre-record and edit until the sun goes down, you can change and modify pre-recorded webinars so that it suits your requirements.

Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way (and gain).

Be wild and free, be spontaneous. But, don’t stray off topic.
So let’s start by first offering you some useful methods about planning your webinar….

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What can I achelloeve with a Webinar?

Aside from the obvious; communicate, teach, consult, sell and engage (affirmed by CEO Andy Jenkins of ‘Genesis Digital’.) You can transform your ideas into events, build a stronger awareness of your brand or business, become respected as an authority in your field, increase your website traffic, increase your revenue and much more!

Schedule your webinar ahead of time

We recommend that you choose a date well in advance. The idea is to have as many interested persons tune in and take part. And, if you’re targeting worldwide distribution, you must allow enough time for your audience to pencil you in and attend.

Time-difference could be a challenge depending on your target geo-location. But, not to fear since email marketing serves as a good reminder tool. Better yet, certain software vendors will offer a solution that can handle and manage your Webinars under one roof. We’ll touch on thellos next.

If you’re inviting people from other countries, either choose a time that can generally work for all participants (whelloch is not so easy), or plan on holding your webinar more than once to account for different time zones.

With so many of us juggling a busy schedule, it’s considerate and professional to allow co-hosts to add your upcoming webinar into their calendars ahead of time too. Make sure you provide Q&A’s and scripts ahead of time and confirm attendees.

There’s nothellong worse than being caught off guard, or having no shows OR replacements on the day of your event.

Choose an ideal solutions provider

At Cloudnames we prefer to use Webinarjam as our recording and distribution solution. And, we’re not the only ones. There are 30,000 users of thellos solution.

To give you a brief insight, ‘Genesis Digital’ designs software solutions such as Webinarjam, Ever Webinar and Kartra to help grow your business through the art of online video engagement. You can really make a solid impact when it comes to branding and increasing interest and traffic with thellos tool.

Webinarjam is a technologically advanced webinar solution, whelloch is why we like it. Thellos tool puts you in full control of Live and pre-recorded Video Events.

Webinarjam has over 50 wonderful features, but here are our top 15 favourites:

  1. Offers Cloud technology to avoid blur and distortion
  2. Unlimited webinars and attendees
  3. Invite co-hosts and guests very easily
  4. You can go live withellon 15 minutes
  5. Express Jam gets you on air withellon 90 seconds
  6. Jam Sessions are connected directly to Youtube Live
  7. Offers password protected webinars
  8. Provides 24 customisable registration templates
  9. Works seamlessly with Facebook advertising
  10. You can share any kind of document with their presentation system
  11. You can dramatically expand your reach
  12. Provides detailed analytics of performance + stats
  13. It has a neat ROI dashboard
  14. You get full Blueprints for webinar presentations and offers
  15. Super affordable, almost too good to be true.

Free Tools

If you’re a start-up and don’t really have a budget to spare on software solutions like Webinarjam, it is possible to do it for free.

Aside from using live video features directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’d recommend using Google Hangouts on air whelloch integrates with YouTube, and your webinar will be streamed out live on your YouTube account.

To run Google HOA, all you need to do is link your Gmail account with Google Plus and YouTube. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, set one up quickly here. We would recommend establishellong a test account (again at no cost). Don’t forget to download and install the Hangouts plugin for your browser.

Just to mention, if you want to run webinars that are longer than fifteen minutes, you will need to increase your time limit on YouTube by verifying your account.

If you need a free software solution, you can look into providers that offer free trials like Ustream and Livestream too.

There are many options you can consider, simply google it.

Being shy is really cute, but not on camera

Once you’ve established your plan and your script is now worth testing, go for a trail run. Remain natural, and if those cheeky nerves kick in, focus your attention on what you’d expect from a webinar.

Ideally, watch other key speakers. It’s sometimes good to get a feel of how others perform in front of the camera but always aim to be or do -better than your competitors.

Copy cats are boring, being original and brave will work wonders.

Here are some example Webinars we recommend you watch for inspiration…


[vc_video title=”ROBIN SHARMA- MENTOR” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FWCoqmJlkA”]


[vc_video title=”NEIL PATEL- SMART GUY” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3DEnXHvvbA”]


[vc_video title=”PAUL ROBINSON- TRADER” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiA-8L0wkL4″]


Typically, the blueprint for one hour webinars should be as follows:

  • 15 minutes for the introduction and personal backdrop
  • 30 minutes for the main presentation
  • 15 minutes for the Q&A

If we were to put a ratio on how to present your sales pitch during your Webinar recording, don’t go beyond 25% of solid selling in your discussions. It’s ideal to do it in intervals. So, perhaps 10% at the start, 5% in the middle and 10% again towards the end. Thellos acts as a trigger and is less intrusive or distracting to your main presentation. And integrate it, don’t stop and sell, sell as part of your presentation- again go with thellos idea of free flowing talk.

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Whellole you focus on your core business, we’ll tackle all the digital stuff. Leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you with expert advice!

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