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It’s estimated that 76% of companies will increase investments in content marketing this year. Budgets will increase by 50%, and large amounts of marketing budgets will be allocated to Social Media Marketing efforts. Is your website content production on track?

This year, marketers will deploy an effective but gradual content marketing strategy to gain greater benefits and opportunities from their overall advertising efforts. Major companies will build an excellent team comprised of marketers and social media experts who will dedicate all their time and knowledge on content production.

It is expected that businesses that are already established online will start to produce a supply of content without destroying or polluting the digital space. They will come forward with valuable content, which will help secure longer lasting relationships with their followers.

Also, content curation will include sharing third party insights to benefit the audience and budget. Some industry marketers have claimed that sharing up to 40% of third party insight is still a productive way of sharing content in your own marketing processes.


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Fresh content

As long as new content is distributed regularly, it’s ok to mix your content to gain greater understanding of trends and interest. This will ultimately give your business bigger opportunities to catch more leads as well as seize new opportunities with fresh content ideas.

Getting the content for your website right is key to its success, but the production process is what will define your achievement. You must consider three major elements;

  1. What content do you need?
  2. How much of it do you need?
  3. Who’s going to create it?


The best way to acknowledge what content you need is by looking at your sitemap. Your sitemap lists the pages you already have on your website which is accessible to crawlers or users. Sitemaps are fantastic because it makes relationships between pages and other content components more visible. It shows the shape of your information (and space) in an overview, which is why it can help with getting your content production organised!

Site Maps are a brilliant mental model of your overall website pages, and how technical it is depends on the website structure. Do not allow the simplification of the sitemap to delude your understanding of how much content really needs to be produced. Since populating each section with content is going to be your true aim!


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Steps to Content Production

You must think about what content you already have and how much of it can be recycled and reused or revised?  Once, you’ve established this, it’s time time think about the ways you can curate more content.

Remember, content production is a process which you must plan to establish a fluid workflow that can be managed and maintained over time. Also, developing and creating visual or written assets such as videos, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers and infographics will take time and much effort.

Planning is important for content production

Planning is important for content production

Research is key for your content production. Third party websites will be your main source of information, as well as various academic or specialised books. You can draw information, facts, quotes, statistics and much materials to help you write a new article (or blog) from scratch, alongside using your own knowledge.

And don’t forget to reference or quote those who inspire you, as plagiarism is not greatly appreciated amongst keen readers and can bore your page visitors if they have already come across a similar blog. Not only that, it may pose serious copyright issues.

Plus, being a copycat is no good for your Search Engine Optimisation needs. We often have clients who come to us with content that is not original, and we ask of them to re-write it or invest some time in creating new and SEO worthy material. Some people do not want to bother with it, but if you are serious about being successful online- then you must also take content production seriously.


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Posting new content regularly

When writing your article you should follow a structure that is constant throughout your website or social media posts. You should apply the same body of text, headings, descriptions, captions, call to actions and links in all your article. Alongside this, having the right image to illustrate your writing is vital.

Reviewing your end product is important too, you should look over your content to see if there is anything that needs modifying, changing, rectifying or adding. You are providing your audience with value, so making sure everything is in order is good for your overall reliability for being a good source of information.

Once your content is approved by the relevant people, then it will be time to publish on your website or social media page (or both). At this point you will have a good idea about how long it takes for this process, you may need to establish methods that will be more time effective for your content production process.

Tracking your progress is one of them. Also, keep an eye out on what content works best for your audience, that way you will not be wasting time producing content that is hardly getting any attention or a low relevancy score on social media!

Right about now, your concerns may be one of two things;

  1. Will I have enough resources to create content and do it regularly?
  2. Is my budget big enough?

The truth is we cannot answer that for you, but we can guide you in the right direction. As long as you have content production, distribution and analytics on the top of your list, then you are on the right track and here is why!

Why data is key?

If you are a business owner or marketer, you should consider planning the ways you can measure the impact of content on your leads. By doing so, you can establish target opportunities and share quality content in accordance with the results drawn from visitor data.

The data captured from sharing content is priceless, especially where your future gains are concerned. To market effectively you must first know how to listen and observe your target audience and existing followers.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

As time goes on you will want to increase your marketing investments, and when you do- you are likely to receive bigger brand awareness, quality leads, and loyal customers of course. It’s very obvious that a clear process needs to be followed in order to get the best out of your content marketing.

70% of business-to-business marketers are creating more content compared to the previous year, and the numbers are expected to grow. It’s hard to create good quality content and consistently. But if you prepare well, it should be a piece of cake!


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Overwhelmed with Content

A social media user is exposed to content, ads or third party posts all the time, infact there seems to be no escaping it. So, we know that potential customers are already bombarded or overwhelmed with content that’s not even their own. Mark Schaeffer from Schaefer Marketing Solutions coined this movement as  “Content Shock”.

Content Shock!

Content Shock!

So, when you create content for marketing purposes it’s advisable that you break through noise and stand out. However, in the process you must do your homework! Nobody likes misleading information or false facts! You must be an expert on the subject you are writing about.

Depending on the project or client, the content your produce will vary. You must consider how long it will take to cover content for one web page. Some pages will require more or less depending on what category it falls under.

Web Design Forecast

Evaluate the task or project at hand and be realistic in your time or deadline forecast, usually many companies will plan over 8-12 weeks for a complete project (depending on the size of the work that needs to be carried out.)

If you are a business owner who is thinking renew your website or you need one, you must think about content production way ahead of time. Or, be prepared to create as much material for your website as possible within the duration of the design process, which usually gives you 2 weeks to put it all together.


Design forecast example

Design forecast example

Then you must think about continuously developing content, especially if you are planning to integrate your website with social media, which will require that you have blog page, which will demand of you regular posts to support your marketing efforts. It’s a full circle, and you must learn how to adapt and learn the processes.

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