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Digital Strategy

Learn how to develop a Digital Strategy. Simply, download our free guide. Alternatively, you can contact us to get a free evaluation of your digital marketing strategy.


Web design

Learn how to develop a website that is ideal for digital marketing. Get a free evaluation of your website with our recommendations of improvements.


Traffic generation

Learn how to drive traffic to your website. Content is the cornerstone of your website, but the majority of your budget should be spent on traffic generation.


Are you ready for GDPR?

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GDPR offers regulation that gives EU citizens more control over their personal data.  Businesses in the European Union can fully benefit from the digital economy, without jeopardising the safety and security of its citizens. Want to learn more?

5 steps
to successfully develop
your Digital Strategy


Cloudnames has developed key processes for the best digital strategy. If you’d like to take a peep at our recommended methods, simply download our free guide featured above and give it a go!

Everything you need to be your best online!

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Planning a digital strategy

Understand your current position. Define your objectives and goals. Decide how best to move forward and put it into action.

Reaching your target audience

The first phase of a customer’s purchasing cycle is: “Realising need.” How can you tap into this notion and increase interest?

Convince your website visitors

Your task is to convince the potential buyer that you have the best solution, price or product fit. Your website needs to shine!

Convert visitors to customers

You need to build your conversion machine to either take orders online or to collect leads, or both.

Engage your customers

Listen, deliver, support, maintain customer relations and then turn them into your brand ambassadors by engaging your customers.

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Download our free guide!

Learn how to develop
the perfect Digital Strategy

A few important things that your
Website needs to offer


Cloudnames design beautiful websites that is easy to navigate with focus on how it works – and by that we mean websites that work for marketing and convert visitors to customers or leads. Let us check your website and recommend improvements!

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Convert visitors to customers

Does your website have “Call to Actions” that converts visitors into customers? What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your site?

Content is king

If you’d like to attract the right kind of website visitors, you should always offer valuable  and trustworthy content.

Traffic generation

A typical challenge with many websites is low traffic. You need to “rig” your website so your target group will find it.

Easy navigation

The navigation on your website has to be intuitive and easy. Especially for mobile visitors -nobody likes a slow website.


Make sure your website security is optimal. We offer SSL-encryption, automated backups and more.

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Digital Marketing


Spend more time and effort on
driving traffic

Social Media

Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Google+ (and others) are great channels to attract visitors.

Search engines

Search engines can be a fantastic source of traffic, both as paid traffic through AdWords or organic traffic through SEO.

E-mail and messages

You should focus on building subscribers to your email list, messenger bot or SMS distribution. Create effective distribution channels for your valuable content.

Digital PR

There are an infinite amount of websites and media in your sector covering your main subjects. Do they talk about you?

Other channels

Are there sector aggregators targeting your business? A restaurant for example should have reviews on tripadvisor – where should you be?


Driving traffic to your website is time consuming, yet very important. Our Agency agreement will give you full access to our expert team for a fixed cost per month. This way, you can be sure that nothing important is missed out.

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