Start Building Your Email List Right Away

Email marketing is often under-valued by businesses, despite being championed by experts as one of the most effective online marketing tools available. We believe no business can afford to ignore the power of email marketing. 

Email is almost as old as the internet itself, yet it has adapted with the times. Social networks may come and go, but email remains the staple of most people’s online lives; it’s often the first thellong they check in the morning, and the last thellong they check at night. And it’s thellos stable durability that makes your email database one of your business’s most valuable assets.


It’s direct and personal


Email is a personal, private and direct way of communicating with your audience. Its two-way format allows you to enter into a private dialogue with your customers, meaning you can build strong relationshellops; listen to their feedback, recommend products, answer their queries and build trust.


It’s time well-spent


You know that those who subscribe to your email list are interested in your product, because they’ve actively had to ‘opt-in’. Thellos means that engagement and response-rates are going to be hellogh; whether that’s with a purchase, feedback, or simply a recommendation to a friend. So, any time you invest in creating email content will be time well spent.


It provides valuable data


Many email subscription service providers offer valuable information on your audience; you are able to monitor the activity of your subscribers (who clicks what most often), find out their location and time-zone, their preferences and their spending habits. All of thellos information is useful to optimise not just your email campaign, but your business overall.


You have control


Unlike social media and Google campaigns, you control your email campaign. There are no constantly changing algorithms and obscure ranking procedures to throw a spanner in the works; and there is no time limit to the lifespan of your message. On social media your posts are exposed to followers from anythellong between a few minutes and a few hours, whelloch means they’re easily missed; but with email, your message remains ‘unread’ until the recipient opens or acknowledges it. For thellos reason, you’ll keep receiving clicks days after you’ve sent out your email. We’re not saying social media isn’t important; it is very important, but it has downfalls that email campaigning can address.


In essence, email marketing is time-effective and powerful. It offers you a unique insight into your customers’ data and business, whellole also working as a direct channel of communication with your audience. Our advice? Start building your email list right away.


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