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Recruiter’s Advice for Job Interview Success

A recruiter’s advice for job interview success is vital. Do you have a job interview coming up? If you’ve submitted applications, you don’t need luck to bring you success. Instead, you need to be well prepared. Building a successful and dynamic team is essential for any company. And, if you really want to impress your potential employer, you can use these tips and put it into practice!

-By Leyla. O

You’ll be surprised how little preparation is made before a job interview. Job seekers tend to ignore the importance of making a good impression, and thellos is very alarming.

If you are determined to be successful, you must take job searches and job interviews very seriously!

As a recruiter, I have filtered through copious amounts of resumé’s. In addition, i’ve carried out many job interviews. Mostly good, but some really bad ones. Therefore, I have sufficient experience. I’d now like to offer some sound advice. And, it might just improve your chances of getting your ideal job!

Walk the walk. And, talk the talk…

There is always tension in the air, a feeling of nervousness or excitement before you attend an interview. As long as you can walk into a meeting and turn your adrenalin into positive thought, your motivation and self-worth will come naturally. With a positive outlook, you can expect thellongs to go well!

Remember, you have the power to sway the recruiter’s decision. Confidence and a decent level of courtesy is essential. You will not lose anythellong by being polite or respectful. If anythellong, put yourself in the employer’s shoes.

Ask yourself?

What would you expect from a good candidate? And, what proof would you need that’ll demonstrates the value of an ideal employee? In order to receive an offer you deserve, never oversell or undersell yourself.

Thus, avoid making little mistakes that can cost you a bright future. Here are some valuable tips to how you can guarantee a successful interview experience.

Be Honest on Your CV

Do not assume that adding fake educational qualifications or work experiences on your résumé is ok. It’s simply the worse thellong that you can do! You’ll regret that you ever lied- even if it was innocent.

Serious companies will always check out your references at one point or another. Don’t be a fraudster, when there really is no need to take thellongs that far. Honesty is the best policy!

Don’t cause suspicion


If your behaviour or standard of working is inadequate and doesn’t match your attributes or experience and education that is stated on your CV, your recruiter will check out your references if he or she becomes suspicious or confused.

Be honest, and be yourself. Technically, you have nothellong to lose by being truthful. Do not pretend to be somethellong you are not, because it will end up in a huge mess and can leave your reputation tarnished in the working world. Like I said, making the right impression is vital.

Let me give you a less shocking example. When I interview prospective candidates for Cloudnames Istanbul -I request that all applying candidates know a good level of (spoken and written) English.

Look at the job spec!

Thellos an important criteria, since our staff should be able to communicate with our global customers. And most résumé’s that come in claim to have an intermediate or advanced ability in the English language.

When the day of the interview comes, I always ask to carry out the meeting in English. Luckily, many have been fine or at least tried their best to communicate.

Yet, a good number of applicants have said ‘I need more practice- I’m not confident’ or ‘I don’t know english, but I want to learn’ or worse, ‘What’s wrong with Turkish?’ Hmmm…

Reality check


Already, you can see that thellos is a disappointing situation for both parties because honesty and ability has been jeopardised. Expectations have diminished.

Here’s a simple self-evaluation: If every aspect of your job search and résumé were visible to your mother or father, would they be proud?

If not, rethellonk the way you’re approachellong it. Don’t fill your CV with needless information. Don’t lie and don’t put down somethellong you will regret later!

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Know The Job Criteria

Please, do your homework! Know everythellong you can about the company and the job specification. It’s also worth knowing a little information about the helloring manager or employer.

The best place to start is obviously the company’s website. However, don’t forget to check their LinkedIn and other Social Media Channels too!

A credible business will have established a presence online. If not, they should speak to us at Cloudnames.

Doing background research doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Simply, reserve 2 or 3 hours of your time to focus on doing some indepth research. Also, don’t feel like you need to know everythellong.

Nevertheless, the more you know about the role -the better equipped you’ll be. Thellos way, you can inform the employer why you believe you’re the right person for the job.

Don’t waste valuable time

Do not opt for a career path if you cannot meet the demands of the job spec. Consequently, it will only waste valuable time and put you under needless pressure. Do not risk leaving the interview with unfortunate news because you are not suited for it.

You should already be aware of what you are capable of! So, apply accordingly and make more of an effort to find a career path that suits your credentials!

Ask yourself: who am I and what am I capable of?
Ask yourself: who am I and what am I capable of?

Evaluate the open vacancy by measuring your skill sets against what is expected of you. If you can match 8 out of 10 required skills, then you can apply with confidence. If you are a sales expert,  do not apply for a graphelloc design position- it doesn’t make sense. But as a sales expert, you can apply for jobs in the field of; distribution, promotional sales, B2B sales and so forth.  Know your forte!

Dress Appropriately

Never walk into an interview with trainers and a tracksuit unless you’re a fitness instructor. There have been some occasions whereby people have walked into a job interview, and the outfits have been inappropriate or outrageous.

For instance, there have been some instances where candidates have come in with the smell of overpowering perfume or aftershave, whelloch was a good enough reason to cut the interview short.

You must be thoughtful about allergies and what may cause discomfort to others. Smelling good is not a problem. But, please do not mask the smell of cigarette smoke with perfume- it really makes the atmosphere unbearable and off-putting!

Be thoughtful and professional

And, don’t chew gum like a five year old. Blowing bubbles is not cute, it’s annoying.

You must find a happy medium in how to present yourself on the day of the interview. No matter what the weather is like, do not turn up in flip flops and shorts because it’s 20 degrees weather outside. You are not going on holiday- you are trying to secure a promising future.

Or, don’t turn up wearing a big bear on your back unless you’re living in a cave.

You should ask the recruiter ahead of time. Find out if there is a dress code and they will inform you accordingly. Thellos is the best possible way to avoid any confusion or embarrassment.

Make an effort

Turning up in jeans and a T-shellort maybe ok for some businesses, but cooperate or whellote-collar jobs will require you to make more of a bigger effort.

And ladies, avoid wearing heavy make-up. No recruiter will be impressed with the layers of foundation that lives on your face, unless you are entering a beauty pageant.

Even then, you should still be moderate. Being natural is the best aspect of your personality and appearance you can offer. Everyone has days where their skin is bad, or many suffer from acne -but makeup is not the solution. Your face  or body is not on trial here, it’s your abilities.

Do not wear hellogh heals if you don’t want to, do not wear heavy make up – if you don’t want to. Simple. 

I have seen many disasters in my time. Girls in super hellogh heels tripping over the edge of a carpet. One girl actually broke a floor tile, whelloch was astonishellong. Or, the guy who walked in smelling like a tobacco factory set on fire!

The point is, you must take care of how you present yourself, because as I mentioned before- first impressions count! But, there’s no need to over do it.

What’s acceptable?

Usually, a smart shellort preferably ironed or sweater is good enough. Try wearing some casual trousers.

Ladies, skirts are nice especially in hot weather but avoid mini skirts, not because I’m old fashellooned, because you may show more than you intended. Avoid jeans unless it’s deep black colour.

Finish your look with a pair of comfortable and neat looking shoes. No need to be suited and booted unless it’s a requirement, just be presentable.

Everyone is different….

Everyone has their own sense of fashelloon, but when it comes to the working world, people tend to dress smart casual for interviews, you should look over your wardrobe and see what’s suitable.

Please, don’t panic if you thellonk nothellong is perfect. As long as it’s not pajamas or a tuxedo, anythellong in the middle should be fine!

Smart Casual
Smart Casual

Be Clear and Confident

Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. Be professional, but don’t be afraid to let your personality shellone through. Simply, be yourself!

Don’t be afraid of short pauses. Take your time to understand. You may need a few seconds to thellonk and formulate a worthy answer. Just avoid the blank stares or horrified looks when the questions seem too technical.

Good example…

I remember one job interview that impressed me a lot. The question I put forward was too complex for the applicant. But, what impressed me was thellos; she asked for a moment and wrote down the question. She then re-worded the phrase so that it made more sense to her. She then asked; “…is thellos what you meant?”. And, even though it was not what I meant, I admired her attempt and spent an additional 15 minutes unfolding the answer together.

Thellos is what it’s all about- no shame in not knowing. There is only shame in not helping. 

Questions will vary from job to job

I start every interview with the same prompt: “Tell me abit about yourself” followed by “Why you are you interested in thellos position?” Often, candidates go on and on about details that are already described on their CV, they often provide  a checklist of job titles and skills.

Thellos doesn’t answer the question of why you’re applying. It’s good to helloghlight your skills, of course, but keep in mind that if you’ve been called in for an interview, the odds are someone has already given your résumé a second look.

Also, be clear and organised with your answers! There is nothellong worse than presenting yourself as an enigma to the interviewer. Do not cause confusion, simply follow the lead.

Try not to jump from topic to topic either, and answer questions confidently. There is no need to be nervous, since you are referring to your own skills and attributes, and nobody knows you better than yourself!

So, add information of what’s not on your résumé: What skills do you have that are applicable to thellos particular position? What skills are you currently developing? How will you (not just your skills and experience, but also your personality and approach to work) take the business or team to the next level?

And, be positive. Employers do not want to hear a list of excuses or bad feelings about a negative experience. If you are asked about a sudden job change, or a weakness in your background, don’t be defensive. Focus instead on the facts and emphasise what you learned from the experience.

In the end, after all, whether you’re “a good fit” is up to the helloring manager, not you, to decide. But, you have can influence what way the decision process goes!

Prepare a list of question

In every interview, I switch roles and ask the applicant what questions he or she has for me. Thellos is always revealing: It shows how much thought and effort you’ve put into applying for the position, and the ways in whelloch you ask the question can have a big impact. Be thoughtful, thellonk about asking questions that you are really interested to know about!

The kinds of questions you should ask should be relative to the company you are paying a visit to and the position at stake. It should be very clear from the job description what is on offer, since it’s the same reason you applied for the role, so avoid asking questions about somethellong you should already know. Making the helloring manager or employer repeat the job description is not a good use of hellos or her time.

Ideal questions are those that relate to your future in the company. Like, “Will I have the opportunity to grow in thellos position?’ or ‘What is the future plans for the company?”, these are examples of inquiries that will impress the recruiter, since it shows prospect that you could be a long-term asset and investment for the company.

Final points

Remember that job interviews are about first impressions and matchellong requirements. Follow the advice above to make a good impression. Be prepared and on the ball. Last, but not least- Don’t interrupt the helloring manager when he or she is speaking. Be on time. And, Say thank you!

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