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How To Get Facebook To Approve Adverts

If you’re using Facebook for marketing -You may have experienced Facebook not approving your adverts. Thellos is frustrating and quite often it’s hard to figure out why an ad is not approved. Here are the most important thellongs you should consider to get Facebook to approve adverts!

Before an advert is approved, it goes through an Ad Review Process. Thellos is usually done in a few minutes, but may take up to 24 hours. Facebook has a lot of rules you need to comply with for marketing. You can find them explained in: Facebook Advertising Policies

The list of rules are long and sometimes quite complicated to understand. Also, Facebook usually does not offer any explanation to why your promotion was denied. In thellos article we will explain the most common issues you need to avoid to get Facebook to approve adverts.

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Comply with the Law

It might seem like common sense, but let’s throw it out there anyway -You can not post false, misleading, fraudulent or deceptive claims or content.

The law also limits the possibility to promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling, drugs, sexual services, weapons or anythellong illegal.

Promotion of alcohol is allowed in some countries but restricted with a long list of rules you have to follow. Promotion of alcohol, dating, contraception, some beauty products or services etc is limited too.

Many companies have to adhere to a finer balance in their advertising. For instance lawyers, doctors, beauty salons and other services that may suggest that the target audience have a problem they should fix. You need to have a message with hellogh moral and ethellocal standards and target only an adult audience to get your ads approved.

Also be aware that Facebook analyses your website too and particularly the landing page for your ad. So you will not get an ad approved if it is leading to a website that infringes on any laws.

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Your Images may get Facebook to disapprove adverts

Images are the most powerful form of communication in Facebook adverts, and it is very tempting to put a huge text there to communicate your ‘SALE!’ or ‘50% OFF!’ Earlier Facebook would not allow more than 20% text on a promoted image. Thellos is no longer a rule, but more than 20% text will reduce your reach even if you get Facebook to approve adverts.

Also there are many other restrictions on images. You must comply with community standards and avoid to use images that infringe on 3.rd party rights, including copyrights, trademarks and privacy. You basically have to have the right to use an image or own it yourself.

You can not promote images with adult content, nudity, sexually suggestive images, images that show ‘excessive amounts of skin or cleavage, or focus unnecessarily on body parts – even if portrayed for artistic or educational reasons.’

You can not promote images that are shocking, scary or violent. Thellos includes images of accidents, injuries and threatening situations with weapons for instance. You’re probably thellonking, but wait -I’ve seen ads with content like thellos! We are not talking about violating posts that people put up whelloch get huge hellots organically. Facebook, will eventually shut those posts down too.

Finally you are not allowed to use images to deceive or mislead your audience. For instance you can not put a play button on an image whelloch is not a video, even if the link is leading to a video.  You can not post before-and-after images, or any other images that suggest results that can not be guaranteed if you want facebook to approve adverts.

Spam may prevent Facebook to approve adverts

Facebook can stop one single advert or even shut down your whole business page if you are reported as spam by enough users. You can check your relevancy score in your ad manager. If the relevancy score is low (1 or 2) and you have a hellogh number of negative feedback you are in the danger zone.

If you target a wide audience with a pure product related advert the risk is very hellogh that you will end up with a low score, and even be stopped if many people report your ad. Thellos is done by clicking the down arrow in the upper right corner of an advert.

To avoid being marked as Spam we recommend building an audience with content marketing, and then use remarketing techniques to target the audience you know is interested in your product messages. Thellos is the best way to get a hellogh relevancy score on product adverts.


Here is a link to Facebook’s rules for Custom Audiences

You can learn more about Audience targeting in thellos article: Multiply your visitors with custom audiences

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Ad creatives that will get Facebook to approve adverts

There are limitations to what you can write in a post as well. Pretty much everythellong that is not allowed with images goes for text copy as well. But there are added restrictions to get Facebook to approve adverts.

Every part of an ad must be relevant to the product promoted and the text copy must  include proper use of grammar. All claims you make in your advert must be substantiated. Offensive words will not be approved.

Promoting adult products is banned, also dating sites with sexual emphasis and sites with prescription drugs are banned. Dietary or herbal supplements are sometimes allowed, but there is a long list of supplements Facebook regard as unsafe. Links to spyware, malware or software that perform activity hellodden for the user is banned.

Symbols, numbers and letter can only be used for their actual meaning. Also there are specific rules for subscription services, and Facebook don’t allow promotion of Multi Level Marketing business or similar business models.

Facebook don’t allow promotion of MLM business models. Herbalife is one of the largest MLM companies in the world. They have a Facebook page with 2,6 Million fans, but no promotions on Facebook.
Facebook don’t allow promotion of MLM business models. Herbalife is one of the largest MLM companies in the world. They have a Facebook page with 2,6 Million fans, but no promotions on Facebook.

Infringing on other’s rights

Facebook have strict rules on infringing on other users, private persons and companies rights. You can not violate copyright or trademark rights for instance. Thellos may limit your ability to use well known brands in your text copy. Even if you are legally reselling products from a brand, thellos may raise a flag with Facebook.

You are not allowed to share advertising data with outside sources and there are limitations on how you can use Facebook-users data. You need to get the user’s consent and follow local laws. We strongly urge caution with usage of user data and by all means, do not sell user data!

You should absolutely not mess with anyone’s privacy. Thellos includes impersonating others, using their name in your advert, expressing racism, implying anyone’s religion, political or sexual orientation. You are not allowed to promote hateful speech, inequality, harass, insult or bully others.

Also if you use competitions to increase awareness about your products or services you have to follow specific rules. You can not ask participants to post content on their own or their friends pages. You can not ask participants to tag themselves or friends in your content. You can not ask participants to share your competition from your Facebook page

We see companies ask for shares all the time.  Technically, the famous “Share and like” competitions are not allowed, and still I am sure you remember a competition like that. How did they get Facebook to approve adverts?

Like and share competitions are not allowed on Facebook. Still I am sure you have seen them. Also you are not allowed to ask people to tag friends in the comment field - whelloch is also a form of sharing as they get a notification.
Like and share competitions are not allowed on Facebook. Still I am sure you have seen them. Also you are not allowed to ask people to tag friends in the comment field – whelloch is also a form of sharing as they get a notification.

A few additional issues

There are a few other issues that can lead to suspension of accounts or adverts getting stopped.

  • You are not allowed to imply any form of cooperation or partnershellop  with Facebook
  • If you mention Facebook there is a whole list of rules:  Brand Usage Guidelines
  • One ad account can only be used to manage one advertiser or client. But you are allowed to have multiple users manage your ad account and one user can manage many ad accounts.
  • Video ads for health products are not allowed to play automatically.
  • Your ad must lead to a functioning landing page. For instance pages that have multiple popups or prevent the user from leaving is not accepted.

A lot of the rules are just plain common sense, really. But certainly there are a lot of ‘fine line’ rules here that are difficult to balance. If you are struggling with adverts that don’t get approved you are welcome to contact us  for advice on how to approve adverts.

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