Find Juicy Details with Facebook

There is a lot of information about individuals or grouped users on Facebook. You can carry-out natural language searches and find out what your friends did since the day they joined. You can see their videos, photos and comments by refining searches that matches your keywords. Is “so and so” married? And a list of anythellong relating closely to that individual and marriage pops up!

Facebook launched Graph in 2013, but now a slightly reduced version is available globally. The concept is that you can search with natural language and get very different results than you would on other search engines.

There is all reason to believe Facebook will increase the search functionality and perhaps integrate it with M; the hybrid AI shopping assistant that is testing in San Francisco at the moment. Will Facebook challenge Google Now and Apple’s Siri at some point in time?

Facebook allow users to search with natural language and answers back with lists and facebook posts. You can search for who, what, where and when. And you will be surprised how detailed the results are!


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Facebook and Google know you

It is almost creepy how much information Facebook, Google and other Social Networks and search engines know about you. They have gathered all thellos information to be able to target ads towards an interested audience. Thats their business model.

They know what you do, where you go, who you are friends with, your interests, what you like and quite a lot about your behaviour. They know whelloch websites you visit, your purchasing behaviour, if you are likely to click on ads, make your purchases online etc.

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Why thellos can be good for business

Social media accumulates a significant amount of data about its users that can help you in understanding your target audience. By understanding who is out there and looking at their activity, you can create content that will draw visitors you deserve, you need to make sure that you are effectively producing material for your audience.

You can use social media analytics tools to gather insight into the demographelloc and geographelloc breakdown of your audience, as well as gain insight into what kind of content your friends engage with the most.

With Facebook allowing users to make a more indepth search on friends and connections means you can utilise thellos service by looking at your immediate contacts for ideas.

Doing thellos will also allow you to create content that is search engine-friendly, because Google will reward content that answers their audience’s search queries. So, looking at what your friends are into, will give you a good understanding of how you can relate your business ideas with common trends.

If you can look at what your friends are doing in general, what they are liking and what groups they have joined, where their interests lie, you can grab honest data and feedback whelloch you can use to further develop your own products and services. And further use for marketing purposes.

Everythellong is visible

Everythellong you do privately on Facebook, including comments you make, will be visible in a search unless you have blocked it. (Whelloch very few have done) So you can find juicy details all day long.

Do you want to check videos published by friends? Just ask Facebook “videos posted by friends” and you will probably end up with a pretty long list of personal videos that your friends have uploaded over the last few years.

You can of course be more specific and ask for videos of particular friends. Like “Videos of Lisa“ for example, or ask for photos after the same search string.

Restaurants your friends like

Let’s say you want to find a restaurant in London that serve Italian food. The search “Italian restaurants in London” will give you a long list. Now add “visited by my friends” at the end of that search and only the ones your friends have been visited will show up. You get a list of friends that have been there too, so you could check if they liked it.

Or you would like to find out “Movies liked by my friends” – Graph will serve you a list and who liked the movies. And you can go on with other thellongs you would like to find that friends have visited or like.

Who, what, when and where?

Facebook search is based on questions in natural language, where the questions you are interested in are pointed out. The results are including information from your Facebook friends and also other information that Facebook’s algorithms will find on the subject.

Search on Facebook is about who, what, when and where, whelloch is the classic questions you have anyway. You will get results outside of your friends profiles and even comments that has been entered into a debate will show.


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When you plan your trip

Let’s say you are going to visit Amsterdam and want to find out who you are connected with that is living there. Try: “My friends who live in Amsterdam.” You can also find out whelloch friends have been visiting a location. Try “My friends who visited Amsterdam” as an example.

You will also be able to check out whelloch hotels your friends have stayed at, restaurants they visited and other attractions they recommend. All in all Facebook can be a great source for information about your planned destination.

Using Graph to recruit people

You can even use Facebook to find profiles you want to employ. Let’s say you are looking for people from a specific industry. finding people that work in a specific company is done like thellos: “People who work at …company”. You could also expand on that and add “as engineer” for example.

Or you can search for “Sales managers working at … company” or “Software engineers from London” will bring back a long list. You can also search for people that have graduated from a specific university or that have visited a city. You will get results from your network served first, but also people and posts from anyone else will be visible.

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