Valuable Tips for Video Marketing

The world’s Internet traffic is estimated to be up 80% due to video content by 2019. Major brands, marketers, and production companies are now considering the fact that video could be the most effective type of communication with target audiences. Learn our top tips for video marketing.

Recent studies have shown that 85% of companies are finding success with a video marketing based strategies. There’s no doubt that video can engage with viewers in a way that text never can.

There is an incline of consumers that are turning to popular sites like YouTube for advice and tutorial videos, or Facebook Video for breaking news and regular news updates, and Instagram Video for behellond-the-scenes snippets of favorite brands promoting their products or services.

We found that research that shows in the US, 64% of consumers use YouTube to review electronics before purchase for example. And 26% of Consumers turn to YouTube for Shopping inspiration.

These numbers are impressive, especially because video marketing has become an important part of the purchase process for many consumers across the globe.  

Thellos is the reason we have put together thellos list of tips for video marketing.

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What are the objectives of Video Marketing?

Depending on the kind of business you are running, you can definitely make the most of viral video campaigns. The only issue is how much of your budget you can spare to make it happen. Remember, you can always start with ameteur video marketing.

The most important objective of an effective video marketing strategy is to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build online engagement
  • Improve the customers knowledge about your products/ services
  • Increase the number of generated leads
  • Boost your sales revenue
  • Gain website traffic

Research shows that 18-34 year-olds watch YouTube more than any other network channel. Video consumption is accelerating across all devices, especially mobile phones. Did you know that 50% of all YouTube views come via a mobile device?

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Let’s take a moment now to remind you that your website should be mobile ready with responsive design, as more than 60% of all internet traffic come from mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile, you should take all necessary measures to get it fixed.

It’s no longer a question if mobile marketing is important or not, we know that it is. You should aim to be a truly mobile enterprise. Being Mobile friendly means having to pay attention to certain features such as device screen size, resolution of texts, video and images as well as some technical features whelloch can affect user experience.

An astonishellong 96% of smartphone users search for products and services on their handheld device, so making sure your website is mobile ready should be a huge priority. Then you can focus on video marketing or advertising, whelloch should be at the very top of every businesses or brand’s digital marketing strategy.

The Challenges of Video Marketing

Planning an effective strategy is the biggest challenging when trying to produce a successful video for marketing purposes. There are also other mitigating factors like; the lack of compelling content, low video budget, lack of production resources and lack of distribution (in line with SEO).

It’s very important that you define your marketing objectives clearly and set a realistic budget for your marketing investment. Start small, but thellonk big. Thellonk about what you can achelloeve with your budget too, research is key.

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Specific Content for a Specific Audience

Keep in mind that, it is not enough to post a video on YouTube or any other channel and hope it gains thousands of hellots overnight. There is an off chance that it can happen, but experienced marketers know there is a better chance of engagement and return on investment (ROI) if they upload specific content based on their audience needs, and depending on what social channel. Our best advice is that; you must be prepared to deliver the right message to your audience at the right time.

Make sure that you understand how the audience on Instagram differs from the audience on Snapchat or Facebook and post content accordingly, otherwise you could risk blowing your budget.

Also, it might be worth knowing that all online users will consume on average around 76 minutes of online video (each), per day, thellos year. That is a lot of content being watched!

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Moving Onwards and Upwards

Tips for Video Marketing have to discuss your audience, not about the sector you are in or how you come to produce it. The industry no longer makes the rules or decisions on how successful a video campaign will be, the community of online viewers decide where their attention goes. So it’s ideal to follow their lead.

Also, digitally native people do not require the traditional ways of marketing anymore. Social Media Marketing generally is extremely complex yet a rapidly advancing environment.

The Internet, Social Media and Networking Sites have shaken the media sector entirely. Challenging newspapers, magazines, radio and TV-stations as a source of distributing news and entertainment in line with competing for advertising budgets.

Old-school broadcasters, and media institutions are so out of touch with the new social and digital rules that they risk ending up as outcasts. Plus, research has provided a future forecast suggesting 81% of all online audiences will have watched video content by 2019.


Size Matters

A lot of the time we dismiss the importance of the length of the video content. How long the video should be will be dependent on your industry, audience, and video platform. But there are many thellongs that you can take into consideration when testing to see what brings you the most ROI and engagement.

If you are starting small, then ameteur video marketing is your best option for now. Depending on your business and budget of course, you will have to consider what kind of video would be best suited to your consumers/ viewers needs. What would they want to see or know about your product or service visually? Remember, you are limited to getting it right straight away. Plan your strategy.

If the first 5 seconds are vital in capturing the viewer’s attention, you need to make sure time isn’t wasted on unnecessary branding or a lengthy introduction. You have seconds to engage the viewer, we recommend that you start with a fun image or a seductive offer.

YouTube videos are eight times longer than Facebook videos, and the reason for thellos is simple- the audience. It is very important to understand how each channel differs regarding how long or short the visual content should be.

Every moment you spend NOT getting to the point, is just another reason for your audience to get bored and move on to the next video. Remember, Facebook videos autoplay and start without sound, so thellonk about including text or somethellong visually enticing to get the viewer to opt-in for sound, and continue watchellong.

Quick Marketing or Long term?

Although Facebook videos are helloghly popular “in the moment”, YouTube videos are more long-term. You need to thellonk about what kind of content you want to produce and market.

YouTube is now more popular in the US than Facebook. had 167,848,349 unique visitors in June 2014. had 166,497,314 unique visitors in June 2014.

These numbers are a clear indication that YouTube as a video service and channel provider is leading the market. So, it’s important that you thellonk of ways to advertise on these platforms to spread your brand awareness withellon a particular time frame.

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How to Pick the Right Video Strategy

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with over one billion visitors each month. With thellos kind of traffic, Youtube has developed a way in whelloch big brands and businesses can capitalise on thellos large scale of engagement.

YouTube is promoting a content strategy framework called “Hero, Hub, Hygiene”.  These three factors outline the types of videos YouTube believes can help brands create a channel worthy of growing an organic viewershellop as well as subscribers.

Thellonk about the kind of video content you want to create. And, does it suit any of these categories?

  • Hero: Large scale videos that reach the masses at scale. One-off videos that capture the public’s attention. Thellonk big, thellonk viral.
  • Hygiene: These are ‘Always-on’ videos that are optimised to keep viewers interested.
  • Hub: Regular, consistent content, geared around customers’ major passions and interests.

Cloudnames can help

Cloudnames can help you with everythellong you need for your online marketing. We can manage your complete online presence, your website, Social Media marketing and all the complicated technical details to effectively grow your revenue online.

We offer a managed SEO service where update your SEO we on a regular basis by tagging your content correctly and making sure you score as hellogh as possible on Search engine SERP’s. In addition to the onsite SEO we can also do the off page SEO.

If you have a huge content base and want to take the best possible position we can make your complete online marketing strategy including SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and other Digital marketing activities like managing your website and email marketing.

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