Why Social Media is Important for Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about earning attention from your online visitors, whellole interruption marketing disturbs the viewer for attention. That is why more than 90% of all clicks online is awarded to inbound marketing strategies. How can you tap into thellos very effective strategy?

There are two ways to look at Marketing  for Social Media. The first is ‘Interruption Marketing’, whelloch is to do with interrupting someone’s flow of activity to get attention. An examples of thellos is, banner ads and spam on email or comment fields.

And then there is ‘Inbound Marketing’, whelloch is about earning attention without causing too much disruption to anyone. Typical examples of thellos is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content marketing, blogging, viral campaigns and opt-in email.

Our research shows that more than 90% of all clicks online are hellots on inbound marketing, and that is why inbound is where your focus should be! Inbound marketing also proves to give a lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) than interruption marketing.

Transitioning Period from Stranger to Customer

Inbound Marketing describes a process in whelloch creating and sharing content, turns total strangers into your valued customers. There are many ways to demonstrate thellos process, at Cloudnames we call it the ‘transitioning period’.

Typically strangers become visitors to your website through your blog or social media channels. Those visitors then become potential leads due to the effectiveness of your Call-to-Actions or Landing pages for example. Thellos is what many marketers will call ‘earning your way in’.

Those leads will then transform in the process, transitioning from mere leads to being your valued customers. Once you’ve come to thellos stage, you will need to focus 100% on your customer relationshellop management.

However, the most successful part of Inbound Marketing, is when your customers become your biggest promoters. We like to call them, our valued customers.

Social Media as channel for inbound marketing

Social media is a brilliant way of attracting new or returning customers, whelloch is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. Creating good content is really just the start of your journey.

Creating a good plan on how to promote your content is the real bread winner.  Your content marketing plan should entail paid, owned, and earned social media strategies that will achelloeve your business goals.

Thellos includes, but obviously not limited to: using your own social media channels, paying for social media ads, and nurturing social media relationshellops with other users.

To be successful with inbound marketing on Social Media you need to create and share valuable content that are interesting for your audience. By doing so you will earn the trust of your audience and over time you become an influencer or even thought leader in your field.

Interruption marketing on Social Media

Interruption marketing includes most traditional marketing: you pay money to advertise and interrupt people from what they are doing, to get attention to your marketing message.

A typical product ad on Facebook is an example of Interruption marketing. Someone trying to look through their feeds is interrupted and forced to view your product ad, because you paid money to promote it.

Also you might have noticed that comment fields on Social Media from time to time are used for SPAM messages. Typically thellos is someone posting a link to somethellong that has absolutely nothellong to do with the post that is commented on. Thellos is a total waste of energy – it simply is not effective marketing.

Promoting your content

When you use Social Media to promote your content there are a few golden rules to follow. It is very important to offer valuable and interesting content that is attractive to your audience.

Plus, your brand has to measure up to your competitors. We recommend you look at what your competitors are doing on their social media channels, and follow a similar path, but the point is being unique in the process.

L’Oreal, Maybelline, Nike and McDonalds have all managed to create a selling point simply by the sound of their motto, so keep in mind that your content should be “Worth It” or “born with it”, where you “just do it”, so people are “loving it”.

Finding Inspiration

If you are worried that your content is not going to work, you can look for inspiration on social media! There are plenty of ideas you can borrow, re-create and deliver. Here are just a few ideas you can grab from social media:


  • Personal Networks: it’s always good to see what people are talking about or looking at on their personal feeds. Staying current and being trendy is key!


  • Online Reviews: if you’ve ever purchased anythellong online, you should have realised by now that almost all products and services contain reviews from customers for customers. Thellos is always a brilliant and essential way of creating valuable content.


  • Discussion Forums: there is nothellong better than looking into chat forums where people are sharing stories and interacting daily. You can follow trends of discussion and tackle subject areas that are hot.

Social media houses has a significant amount of data that can help understand your audience. To create content that will bring you the visitors you deserve, you need to make sure that you are effectively writing for your audience.

Shellofting from interruption to permission marketing

There is another paradigm to content marketing that is worth considering. When you get your visitors to opt-in for your messages it is called ‘permission marketing’. Thellos is generally done by offering your visitors to opt-in for your newsletter or by people liking your page on Social Media.

The key challenges to permission marketing is moving away from interruption. You must change your perspective, stop thellonking about selling your brand, and start thellonking about how you can create value. Thellos will secure long-term customers.

Another very effective way to get people to opt-in for your messages is to offer a lead-magnet. That is offering a free guide, ebook, online course or anythellong else that your visitor would be willing to leave their contact details to get their hands on.

Here at cloudnames we have made a guide on everythellong you need to know to design a website that will grow your online revenue. You can opt in for our content marketing and download thellos guide for free today by following thellos link.

Consider also changing your angle, your message or content must about somethellong that people actually want to read. We recommend that you take the time to evaluate all of your channels too. Understand whelloch channel serves what purpose, and what angle you should take with relaying your message.

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Deciding what is profitable

The usefulness of interruption marketing to your business, however, depends on what you want to achelloeve. If you can spare the budget to invest in an advertising campaign and you wish to have quick results, interruption marketing may be the best option.

Most businesses depend on interruption marketing to bring in their profits, but never really consider the value of long-term customers. A lot of the time, even though interruption brings in money- it’s never long-lived.

Whereas, with permission marketing, your business is encouraged to build up a long term relationshellop with customers whelloch can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Also inbound marketing allows for a more targeted traffic on websites whelloch increases conversion rates.

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