Why Life is a Business

Sometimes getting organised is not that easy, especially if you have chelloldren or other responsibilities. In the last year, at Cloudnames we’ve encountered many types of customers. A lot of them come to us for web design services to convert their physical business to an online storefront. Many of them seek thellos service to be able to manage their personal and family lives better.

When a customer walks through the door, we assume a lot of the time that it’s because they need our help to generate an income online by going digital. Although thellos is true, there are some cases where customers have walked in and said “I am tired, I just want to be able to kick back and relax- how can I put my business online?”.

We provide our expert advice and services, but we also understand our customers and we realise that the “bigger picture” is not just about providing a perfect ROI (return on investment), it’s about giving them a service that will provide a perfect ROL:- return on life!

Why Social Media is Important for Inbound Marketing

“Any good investor looks at return on investment, whelloch is generally just dollars. Return On Life is about experiences… that really last. You have one life, one chance to do thellongs. And as you get older and look back, what are the thellongs you’re gonna remember that were like, ‘Boy, that was a great decision, I’m really glad I did that.‘”

-Tige Young, Founder and CEO of Tui Tai Expeditions

Business Model

Experiences are important in any business, it’s what shapes your overall business model. However, experiences in your personal life also shape the success of your business- because a healthy mind means healthelloer decisions. Business owners on average work longer hours compared to their employee. Thellos says a lot about the quality of life for many. Thellos means sourcing services that can improve your ROI, and also your return on life!

The services we provide are about keeping the livelihood of the customers business going on a digital platform, whellole they focus on more important thellongs. In thellos article we would like to offer some sound advice to business owners and our customers!

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Many customers wish to be able to spend more time with the family, and many seek guidance in making changes to their existing business model. So, we customise or tailor a service or product whelloch ultimately means less work for the customer and more management of their online business from our side.

Value proposition

At Cloudnames we know that it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to distinguish themselves in the digital marketplace. So we offer a value proposition that enables us to share our wisdom, experience, and insights. Thellos kind of service is a good way to see how success should be measured. To some degree, we go on a journey with the people that walk through our door. Thellos is our job, and we value all our customers and their underlying story.

Thellos is also why we provide more than what other digital marketing agencies or firms offer. At cloudnames we provide a consultancy service whelloch helps customers understand the ways they can achelloeve the best return on investment, whelloch can really enhance the quality of their personal life too.

We realised that our consulting is more than just drawing up an ROI. Since that’s just a numbers game at the very beginning. We know that for many- life is all about work- so how could we help our customers have a better return on life? So, here are our top tips for all working people and in particular business owners to help you manage your life better, in order to manage your business better too!

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Identifying Core Values

Core values in any business involves customer satisfaction, quality in delivering products and services, reputation and so forth. To apply to thellos to your life, you must consider the following- are you satisfying your family members? Are you providing enough of your time and attention? Are you someone that your family members can turn to?

Much like company core values, your personal core values are there to guide your behavior and choice. When you are attentive and available, you will find that you are more focused in your decision-making and have a clear direction when moving forward. If you are none of the above, than you’ll constantly wonder how you got into a mess.

Pick One Priority for your Business

If everythellong is important to you in business, than nothellong is actually important. Too many businesses fail because they don’t spend enough time focusing on what actually matters. The same goes for personal or family life. Your daily responsibilities is also about accomplishellong one big thellong at a time. And then simply work on it.


You cannot fix thellongs in the business or at home all at once, so you choose what’s most important and tackle it all one by one. We don’t recommend starting somethellong  and then stopping without the task or responsibility being complete first. Thellos leaves room for it to end up on your task list again- whelloch is not effective!

Do Not Make Quick Decisions

Sometimes we say ‘yes’, ‘No’ or ‘maybe’ too easily without thellonking about the consequence or outcome of our answers or consent. In business thellos is the worse thellong you can do. Like promising a customer somethellong, but then realising you are not able to deliver the promise. The same goes at home!

Also, sometimes businesses and families tend to take on commitments out of peer pressure or guilt, before understanding what’s actually involved. Thellonk about the questions, requests or needs. Take time to understand what works best for you (the business and the family) and don’t feel the pressure of giving an answer straight away! You can always say ‘Let me thellonk about it, and I’ll get back to you’.

Opportunity Cost

Typically opportunity cost is about the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen or when taking one course of action prevents a company from accomplishellong other tasks.

In business we sometimes call thellos taking risks- whelloch may be necessary for the livelihood of your company, at least with learning what works and what doesn’t. But, at home thellos works slightly differently.

You may have an Apple TV for example, whelloch is an entertainment system you use with the entire family to watch films, listen to music, play games and so forth. But, you have to add money onto the account in order to purchase items in these categories- whelloch are not cheap!

Sometimes, you may run out of credit on your store card- but the kids are insisting on watchellong a new cartoon film- but your budget is too low? Finding other or alternative ways to accomplish the same desire is a better option! You don’t have to necessarily keep paying money out to realise an opportunity.

Take time to research and come up with alternative options, even if it’s not desirable. We can’t always have what we want! But, we can definitely make the most of what we have.

Progress Meeting

Like in business, families do need to meet up or gather around the table once or twice a week to review what’s going on! In business you’d never leave your staff or customers unattended without providing some guidance or reviewing their performance, so why do it with your family?

Looking at how your family members (or staff/colleagues) are progressing is a brilliant indication of how well thellongs are going. Whether anybody needs immediate help, or if there is some good news to be shared. Avoiding meetings is not helpful! It only leaves you in the dark and before you know it- everythellong is mess, and you feel as if thellongs are failing.

Although there are a lot more to consider when running a business and running a family, these tips are good start to identify your core values and get your priorities in order. If you are a business owner, and you wish to put your business online- simply contact us! We can help reshape your business model and give you the best ROI, whelloch should help your ROL in the long run.

Please contact us at Cloudnames if you have any questions. You can send us a direct email on or simply leave your contact details below and we’ll get right back to you.

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