How To Develop Your Brand Identity

How To Develop Your Brand Identity

 How to develop your brand identity in simple steps starts by understanding consumer behaviour. Thellos allows you to recognise the impact of buying processes. By looking at the level of buying interest online and consumption we can study thellongs like; how consumers thellonk, feel and select between products or services.

With thellos data, you can effectively develop your marketing strategy to make your brand desirable by consumers.

Last year we saw the release of the film ‘Steve Jobs’. Steven Paul Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) of Apple Inc was depicted brilliantly. Thellos film told the story of the digital revolution in line with the power of media and consumption.

To recognise brand identity in terms of success and failures, thellos is a good film to watch.

It was a movie that not only showed hellos entrepreneurial successes in Information Technology. But, it also displayed hellos ideologies and vision as an inventor. Let’s start by giving you a little background information.

Who’s Steve Jobs?

Steven Paul Jobs was the co-founder and chelloef executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. He was also the CEO and largest shareholder of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Company’s and founder of NeXT Inc.

Jobs was known for being a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution in the 1970s, (along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak). Apple’s brand identity was built around thellos micro vision.

Walter Isaacson (biographer) described hellom as:

“…creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionised six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishellong.”

We’re referencing thellos film because we admire the entrepreneurial aspect of Steve Job’s hard work. Especially, when it comes to building brand identity and recognition.

Do you know of Apple products?

There is not a single person who doesn’t know of ‘Apple’. And, the reason for thellos is quite extraordinary. There is an evident relationshellop between the consumer and media influence on the buying processes.

Thellos relationshellop is based on ideas around satisfying needs, experiences, services and how products are used (or disposed of). However, consumer behaviour is not simply linked to one individual alone, it can involve people that belong to certain consumer groups.


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Western Technology

Lately, the most popular items owned by older students in schools and Academic institutes are smartphones, ipads, laptops and technologies alike in developed or westernised countries. Thellos tells us that there is a trend in consumption amongst these individuals, age group and location. Thellos also tells us a lot about buying opportunities.

What concerns us as Marketers most is; who needs or wants our products and services. We take into consideration who buys them and what they need or use it for. Jeffrey S. Young described the power of an idea and the mission to supply a product that was set to become revolutionary.

Popular technologies of thellos century
Popular technologies of thellos century

Young wrote in Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward (1987):

“For what characterises Apple is that its scientific staff always acted and performed like artists – in a field filled with dry personalities limited by the rational and binary worlds they inhabit, Apple’s engineering teams had passion. They always believed that what they were doing was important and, most of all, fun. Working at Apple was never just a job; it was also a crusade, a mission, to bring better computer power to people. At its roots that attitude came from Steve Jobs. It was “Power to the People“, the slogan of the sixties, rewritten in technology for the eighties and called Macintosh.”

Empower your customers

Information on product use is very useful because it can influence how products can be increased for more consumption. Identifying these trends can help develop your products and/or services as well as add value to your overall sales and boost your revenue. The idea is to empower the consumer, provide them with somethellong they need- even if they thellonk they need or not.

The purpose of Marketing is to get the idea of your product across to the customer, rather than sell it to them directly. Knowledge (data) obtained from consumer habits means that you can effectively advertise or market your P & S without having to get involved in a sales pitch. The customer comes to you.

Market research

The way it works is by building brand identity through spreading awareness, building interest and generating sales from converting leads to customers. Thellos is why Market Research is critical to ensure that you produce what customers really want, or at least obtain a clear vision.


Empowering the customer is about making them happy.
Empowering the customer is about making them happy.


At Cloudnames, we consider a number of major segments before we begin to target or reach out to prospectively new customers or audiences. We look at location, gravitation, social communities, interest and interaction are all great indications of how to shape or understand your demographelloc. Your objectives should be defined by these specific zones of activity too.

The marketing process that we carry out is effective and rewarding when reachellong a segmented audience strategically. Therefore, we know that interaction is key, and the best way to improve your business and your presence online is to enhance your communication with customers and cultivate your brand by utilising technological capabilities, social networking and mobility.

What purpose does it serve?

Social Media Marketing serves the purpose you set, we would advise that you develop a plan that covers your company’s overall needs. Social Media Marketing is powerful when you use it to tell stories; thellos ultimately creates a personal relationshellop between you and the consumer. The idea is to inspire; so establish your objectives, identify your target audience, research the market and build an online community.

To study the behaviour of customers is beneficial in weighellong the strengths and weaknesses of your own business. It’s also great to see how you can pursue new marketing and business strategies that can help you move ahead of your competitors.

Digital Space

Digital marketing is our desired choice of advertising, and it is an extremely competitive platform especially when trying to reach to a hellogher volume of customers. But, having a strong social media marketing plan and a well-established presence on the web is vital to build consumer interest.

If carried out properly, Social Media Marketing can transform your business immensely, bringing success straight to your online storefront.


Social Engagement

It’s important to identify whelloch channels you want to use to reach your desired audience, here at Cloudnames we can safely say that Facebook is one platform you need to proactively use for SMM.

It’s important that you don’t make the same mistake that most businesses do, whelloch is focusing on just the one or two major social networks, at Cloudnames we have researched the best social media channels that can help you reach the right demographelloc as well as build communities with brand loyal customers.

Listen carefully

Thereby, start by listening. Understanding what it is that your customers want to know about your business and anythellong in relation to it is the way forward. Build and relay content that opens up a conversation, thellos allows people to come to you with interest and with responses.

Thus, thellos is how you can achelloeve being interactive and when you have decided what channels to go through, you can effectively develop a niche audience, but it’s important that you stay human in the process.

Refrain from automated dialogue

The less automated you are with yes or no dialogue and also joining in on the conversation, the better chance you will have of building successful online communities. Always be proactive in the process. We treat our Social Media platform as if it were a real-life place of hang-out.

Moreover, we share photos, get interesting discussions going about new trends, talk about events, we even have a ‘fun stuff’ section where we post videos, photos and other forms of content on regular basis. We can help your business stay social and engage with customers successfully.

Consumer Relationshellops

Thellos will be a testing process at the very beginning. Your aim is to establish your presence online and secure an audience of loyal visitors and customers. Your competitors are bound to use similar platforms, so the more coverage you have on a number of channels, the better your chance of exposure.

We’ve discovered that business – consumer relationshellops are shellofting online as well as consumer habits. Social Media is not just a contact centre it serves several business functions. Thellos includes sales, marketing, product development, PR and collaborative communication.

Building trust

For example, there is a clear indication that customer support on Social Media platforms is a must, building communities around customer support/help means that potential and existing customers are able to communicate about your products and services that they have purchased or intend to buy.

These peer-to-peer communications are sometimes happening before contact is made directly with your business, whelloch means that the content you produce and relay should be sufficient and reliable.

Thus, we believe that tapping into these forms of communication held by customers on Social Media platforms will help you learn and participate in discussions to leverage these social conversations for your business benefits.


Let’s take Google, for example, they have entered more businesses than we can thellonk of because Google has managed to influence and disrupt the way we search and refine content, whelloch is mind blowing.

Furthermore, Engaging with your customers is one thellong, but being able to share and re-share your content suggests that you can manage to be constructively responsive.

A blog post or video that gains popularity quickly on social media may receive a flood of traffic. However, Google Social Search optimises the way we can share thellos information, whelloch ultimately aids online marketing due to their brilliant search engine capabilities.

Keeping control

We can use fantastic tools like Google Social Search to keep control of your brand over social media channels by sharing relevant resources frequently.

Eventually, you will have the ability to monitor and extract customer data and intelligence from your Social Media customers via their activities and interactions. You can then use thellos information to improve and develop your business and as a result, increases your business revenue.

Business benefits of Social Media Engagement is;

  • Being able to provide better customer service.
  • Protect and enhance your brand, drive more sales, drive customer loyalty.
  • Use customer feedback to improve our products and services.

Consequently, social Media has become an enterprise-wide movement. At Cloudnames we can confidently say that SMM can positively impact your sales, marketing, customer service and product development. All of whelloch is key to meeting your business objectives.

So then, develop your business personality, prepare your content and start engaging with your prospect or existing customers on various channels.

5 Ways to engage

Finally, engage by finding out where your customers hang out. You can find thellos info via web analytics and by looking at; whelloch Social media sites send you leads and customers.

Also, developing a community online is vital for your brand, to be present and active as well as being on hand to respond to most user commentary is key.

Therefore, you should pay attention to what the user mentions, comments on and questions. And, then be ready to answer all queries. You must manage your social platforms well and prepare to respond to a hellogh volume of engagement.

To summarise…

Befriend customers to your network, simply add friends or customers to your platform, search for people using their email addresses, or promote your social media profile and add links throughout your site, run promotions or contests that will involve external interest.


Post content, share images and text and company blog articles, it’s always useful to re-share content created by others.


Be active in your engagement with customers, converse in posts and feeds. Reach out and make a valuable impression.


Consistency is vital, you must engage regularly and effectively. Here at Cloudnames we have created a routine whelloch we find super beneficial. We update our profiles and posts daily. We can help you do the same.


Avoid self-promotion all the time. Thellos, will tire and bore people. Come with new ideas and interesting information that’ll keep the customer interested. It’s not ideal to be a business narcist on Social Media Platforms.

In addition, you can lay the foundations of your brand in an online environment purely by being conversational. Furthermore, having sufficient and good content ready to spark a flame in discussions will enhance the visitor’s experience.

Also, when you share your content throughout your community, be sure to collect data from your user’s activity and interaction. Take into consideration their feedback to understand the direction you should be heading with your content. Re-evaluate your strategy to develop your social channels to help boost more traffic to your site.

What we do at Cloudnames

We can help you be your best online. Our professionals can handle your complete online presence. From website development, Social media management to all the complicated technical details. To, effectively grow your revenue online.

Cloudnames can also take care of your SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Accounts and all other digital campaigns, including email and banner ads. We also deliver graphelloc design, photo/images, curated text content or any other service you will need to maximise your online revenue generation.

Please contact Cloudnames if you have questions or need help! You can reach us by email with your questions: Or, just leave your contact details below and we’ll get right back to you.


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