WordPress suffers from a common misconception that it is not good enough for big brands.  Our list of 20 big brands using WordPress disproves the myth. In fact, WordPress is used on more than 50% of all websites globally that uses a known Content Management System (CMS). 

Are you using WordPress or consider to use it? You may have heard about the benefits and challenges with different CMS solutions and wonder if you can trust WordPress.

Here at Cloudnames we strongly recommend WordPress even though it is not always the right choice. For most business websites it is a clear number one recommendation. WordPress is an open source plattform that anyone can use for free. It is built in a way that makes it easy for any developer to deliver themes, plugins and other software that is easy to integrate with the CMS system.

The WordPress developer community have more than 100.000 developers working on developing better and easier to use software. In short: If there is a problem you need to solve it is a high probability that someone else have developed a solution. One you can buy for the fraction of the cost of developing it from scratch.


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20 big brands using WordPress

Below we have listed 20 big brands using WordPress as their CMS solution. I think this proves beyond reasonable doubt that WordPress can be used by pretty much any company to develop and manage their website.

  1. The Rolling Stones



  2. The New Yorker



  3. BBC America



  4. Variety



  5. Sony Music


  6. MTV News


  7. ebay Inc



  8. Best Buy



  9. Xerox



  10. Nokia Conversations



  11. Ford Social



  12. Fortune



  13. Time Inc.



  14. Facebook Newsroom



  15. Google Ventures



  16. Harvard Business Review Blogs



  17. Philips DirectLife Coach Blog



  18. ExpressJet Airlines



  19. Inside BlackBerry



  20. Reuters Blogs



WordPress gives business owners complete control over their website.  The list above shows it’s not just small businesses who think that makes it a good investment.  


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