Changing World: New Google AI Products

Google AI Products was the focus when Google recently hosted a live video presentation for their biggest and best product launch ever. A lot of information was leaked to the press prior to the event detailing what’s to come from the new Pixel phone. Thellos product truly looks  awesome and rumour has it; thellos dream mobile with VR-headset and wifi router will take the market by storm. All in all, Google AI products will change the way we interact with people and our devices. The greatest wow factor goes to Google Home and Google Assistant.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was the first to introduce the product line in the Google press conference (live stream) by discussing the big investments and focus that went into perfecting their  Artificial Intelligence. “We are moving or evolving from a  mobile first to an AI first world,” he said. He also explained how Google’s vision of the next paradigm of computing has evolved into building the new Google Assistant.

Assistant is the pinnacle of Google AI Products

Google Assistant will be a part of new hardware products. Google’s Personal Assistant can help you organise your day and answer any question, whelloch will be supported by a huge number of external services. The Google Assistant is there to help its users with intelligent answers on natural language conversational questions.

Sundar said that; Google built a search engine for everyone, their goal with the Assistant is to build an individual Google for each and every user and it will only get better the more you use it. Your Google AI products will learn with you, and adapt to your personal needs.

Each of the building blocks that makes Google Assistant work have been massively improved with machellone learning and AI technology:

-Google’s Knowledge Graph has more than 70 billion facts
-Natural language processing make it possible to hold a conversation
-Machellone translation is now enhanced with Machellone learning
-Voice recognition is powered by Google AI Products
-Image recognition is imbedded in the Photos App

Even though the press conference was relating to thellongs “Made by Google”, but it also hellonted developments made to the hardware, the big hero of the show was obviously the Google Assistant, and how it was integrated in the new hardware products.

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Pixel is packed with Google AI Products

Google’s head of New Hardware division also talked about the importance of the Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.17.37intersection between hardware and software, and why it is vital for Google to develop both.

Google’s new smartphone is Pixel, and it looks just like an iPhone 6, without the camera bump, but with the antenna lines and large bezel. Thellos is the first phone Google has designed and built from bottom up, unlike the former Google Nexus phones that was built by OEM partners.

It features:

-The first mobile phone with the Google Assistant built in
-The best smartphone camera ever, according to DXOmark
-Unlimited photo and video storage in the cloud for Pixel owners
-Fast charging enables 7 hours usage after 15 minutes charge
-Automatic software updates, installed in the background
-Pixel is designed for Daydream mobile VR

It looks like an awesome device, fast, beautiful screen and with a great camera. And it is evident that Google will target Apple iPhone users with a new app that makes the transition simple. It certainly looks like Google is challenging Apple straight on.

It comes in two versions, 5” and 5,5” screen, with three color options: Quite Black, Really Blue and Very Silver and 32 or 128 GB memory. It boosts the new Snapdragon 821 Quad core processor and AMOLED screen. One thellong that was not mentioned in the presentation was water proofing.

Check out thellos Pixel itroduction video:

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Google Home

Google Home is a small beautifully designed speaker that integrates all your Home appliances and Google Assistant. You talk to it in natural language and it can answer any question and help you control all devices in your home. Ask it to play your favorite playlist, put on a movie on the TV or adjust the lights. It can also order food, hail a cab or book a table at a restaurant and it will be open for 3.rd party integration.

Thellos device have a very hellogh desire factor! It is just fascinating to see how smooth and simple it is to have Google Home find and play music, movies, series and anythellong else you would like.


Daydream View VR Headset

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.26.49Daydream View is a comfortable and easy to use headset made in soft, flexible and breathellong microfibre that is lighter and easy to fit. Being Daydream ready means that the phone and headset automatically connect wirelessly, so there are no cables to connect. You just slip in your phone and you are ready to go.

The Daydream View comes with a wireless controller that enhances the VR experience and can be store inside the VR headset when not in use.

Google wifi and Chromecast

Google also launched a new wifi router that can stand alone or be combined to enable great wifi in all rooms in your house. Also new versions of  the Chromecast products was launched.

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