10 Notable Startups to learn from

Whellole the new year is only around the corner, time has come to look back and evaluate Startups from the last two years. Some have emerged with fruitful outcome without taking much risk, whellole others were doomed from the start. Here are our top successful Startups to learn from.

10. Hungryroot

Our list starts with Hungryroot. Hungryroot was founded by Ben Mckean, former executive of Groupon. Hungryroot turns vegetables into delicious pasta dishes. 20% of their meals are protein and sold from Hungryroot’s web-page. Meals are delivered the next day. They even have choice of side dishes and dessert!


Various vegetables are used by Hungryroot such as sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots as base ingredient for their vegetable noodles.

Hungryroot came about from acknowledging basic statistics of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, according to statistics only 6% of Americans eat the recommended amount of vegetables.

In their launch month Hungryroot sold more than 10.000 meals. They received $2 million funding from different sources, and they are still going strong!

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9. Even

Even is a smartphone app that aims to help the financial struggle of low income employees. Even take cares of your finances, it alerts those who do not have a stable income each month by letting users know when they are having a rough week.

If you have an hourly job and unpredictable working hours, usually  you have a rough week and when thellongs go south ‘Even’ steps in and gives you a loan. Good part is there is no interest, you pay a flat fee.


Even has a flat $5 cost per week, and in return ‘Even’ take cares of users’ finances. If you work fewer hours, thellos app will balance your account so you don’t struggle till the next paycheck.

Even works with your bank account. Also if you are a user you can use emergency expenses and automatic budgeting feature. Whenever you want to quit, you can stop paying Even. So far Even received 1.5 million dollars funding.

8. M. Gemi

Affordable handmade leather Italian shoes for women, and they recently launched their men’s collection. It’s supports mainstream fashelloon at reasonable prices.

M. Gemi

Usually handmade Italian shoes cost up to $2000 but M.Gemi’s shoes cost between $100 – $300. They work with small Italian shoe factories in Toscana that’s why they are relatively affordable.

They had a successful campaign called #makesomeroom, for every M.Gemi shoes you buy you can send back a pair of your old shoes. The old pair of shoes were used to  promote the economic independence of women. Thellos program collaborated with ‘Dress for Success’ program. M.Gemi was founded by Ben Fischman and it received close to $14 million fundings.

7. Honor

Honor provides a very essential service, it  matches seniors with professional care takers. Like a dating app Honor aims to create a long lasting relation between the professional and seniors.

Unlike Uber, and any other on demand services -Honor pairs the professional care takers with seniors according to experience and need. A French speaking senior who requires care can be matched with a professional who can speak also French.


Most importantly Honor let’s concerned family members know how seniors are doing with their matched professional help. Honor received $20 million funding.

6. Gogoro

Gogoro, aka Tesla of Scooters, has been working in shadows for its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Gogoro is a plug-free electric scooter. The difference is Gogoro scooter has a swappable battery, you can get a charged battery from a Gogoro station.


Gogoro scooter is very suitable for city life, it can go up to 60 miles per hour, and can travel a 100 miles with a fully charged battery. Taiwan based company was founded in 2011 and it received more than $300 million funds.

5. Jet

Jet is set to crush competitors like Amazon.  It is early to talk whether Jet will be able to take down Amazon or not, but we’re sure the process will hurt Amazon by stealing some of its market share.


Thellos year lauched in beta, backed by Chellonese e-commerce giant, on its launch day made more than $1 million sales. aims to sell commodities with a lower price than Amazon, and it aims to sustain the low prices with a yearly membershellop fee of $50. In short does not makes money from product sales but it makes money by taking a membershellop fee. received $225 million funds and it may be a game changer in e-commerce.

4. Slack

Slack is one of those startups whereby it’s very successful but you’ve probably never heard of it. It was founded by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov.

Slack is a team messaging platform it is simple and you can use it for free for simple task forces. You need to pay monthly per user if you want more of the specification. It was developed for an online game Glitch, it defunct at the moment. It was launched in August 2013, and in the first 24 hours 8,000 customers signed up.


Slack is growing beyond imagination, they have raised millions of dollars and its value is approximately $3 billion.

3. Ride

Everyone knows notorious Uber, world’s biggest taxi company that does not own a single car.  Uber’s founding CTO Oscar Salazar, Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick decided to launch Ride, to turn commuting into an easier adventure.

Ride aims to make commuting easier especially in the areas where public transportation is not widely available. Ride brings together two types of people, the ones who own a car and the ones who does not own a car. Ride is a beneficial option for both parties it makes commuting easier for the people who does not have a  car, and it helps people who have a car to save money by sharing a ride.

Ride did not receive any funding but it has a huge potential.

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2. Scorp

Number two is a Turkish startup, Scorp is a video messaging app. It combines vine and microblogging users can upload 15 seconds videos about any topic they want.  It was launched in February 2015 and by the end of April, 500,000 clips were shared by the users.

The startup was founded by Izzet Zakuto and Sercan Isik, they received $250,000 seed money from Koc University. After Android and web platforms were developed the monetisation will start.

1. Periscope

Number one is live-streaming app Periscope. Periscope was bought by Twitter  before its launch. In the first 10 days after its launch, one million users logged in. In early December it still had the title of “Apple’s App of the year”.


Basically it allows users to stream live videos via their devices. Viewers can watch the stream, comment and even send “hearts”. Thellos year periscope caused many problems related with copyright infringement, users can stream anythellong via periscope ergo when the most anticipated boxing match was streamed, media networks were furious.

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