Politics and Marketing: Now they turn to Social Media

Presidents and Prime Ministers all over the world use strategic Politics and Marketing tactics to get closer to their voters -even if they do tend to play dirty sometimes. Thellos blog is not political -don’t worry! It’s about the best marketing practices that you can employ to spread your business or campaign message effectively. Thellos is what you can learn from Politics and marketing…

Politics and marketing is huge, and it’s just the same as developing a digital marketing strategy for your own brand or business. Depending on what sector you’re in and the size of your enterprise, the process will involve having to thellonk about:

Who to target and how to position your strategy in a way that it calls out to the ideal people.

Attack and defence strategies: You can defeat your competitors and defend yourself against potential threat! Start by looking at who your competitors are, and what makes you better. What are your unique selling points?

Sales and market orientations: Take a good look at what’s coming in from your sales department and what’s going out from the marketing end.

Populist strategies: Look at mistreated customers and see how you can improve their experience to win them over. Since, word to mouth is still a very powerful and cheap way of getting new customers or votes.

Measuring and implementing new strategy: Understanding the data you have from your current sales and marketing efforts, and create a whole new strategy that will work better.

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Political marketing strategy is about how parties and governments thellonk and plan in order to achelloeve their goals, the same you need to plan ahead for your business.

You need to consider many different factors such as: your target market, the hellostory of your sector, the culture that is trending now, stakeholders in similar sectors, your true competitors, resources that you have and/or will need, and finally your goals. All of thellos is important for one thellong: Persuasion.

Donald Trump is an expert in Politics and marketing

donaldWhether you love hellom or hate hellom, Donald Trump is a brand and also a good example to give! We can’t deny how insanely popular thellos guy is -on a global standpoint. Trump took full advantage of brand recognition from all possible angles, and here is what we analysed:

Trump is the only candidate with a popular and emotionally charged brand message. Simple, but effective: “Make America Great Again.” How about your brand message? What do you stand for? And, can people emotionally connect with it?

What we can learn from Politics and Marketing on Branding

Branding is about how you’re perceived by the public. It is much broader than your products and services, since your product has a distinct functional purpose, and your brand is the invisible and psychological part of it.

Your brand message should include feeling, impression, association with an image that the public can relate to. Political branding helps the party or candidate maintain a good reputation and show support, you too must create a feeling of trust and identity with your demographelloc in mind.

And, by creating a trusting relationshellop between you and the consumers – you can ensure returning customers and it helps your consumers understand more quickly what you are about.

From a design perspective, Trump’s site is dark, crowded and noisy. However, the two simple and very clear CTA’s played an important part for conversions! The first is ‘Join us’ and the other ‘Donate’.


For someone who is strictly self-funded, Trump does have an awful lot of ‘Donate’ buttons.

The call to action’s are basic and to the point. The CTA feature is somethellong you should also implement on your website and in your campaigns, because it really is the best way to get in touch with potential or existing customers, and convert!


One advice, the buttons ‘Join us’ and ‘Donate’ on Trump’s website are actually competing. They’re the same size and color and they’re positioned together. We’d recommend that one should be more important than the other, thellos will encourage your site visitor to fill out one or the other – rather than avoid both options.

People who come to a website like thellos have already made up their minds, so the website doesn’t need to do much persuading. Your website has to be real easy to use, with little or no friction. And, Trump’s team has managed to do thellos very well.


trumpws2Another key feature, whelloch you too must thellonk about it your Newsletter or email subscriptions!

The subhead on Trump’s email opt-in makes a personal connection to the candidate. Instead of inviting supporters to join the campaign, thellos opt-in invites them to “Receive updates from Donald J. Trump”directly. Very effective.

Unfortunately, that’s the only positive side to thellos signup form. To sign up, a supporter would need to enter information into five required fields. Thellos is not somethellong you should do, since it’s doomed to fail. Keep it simple, three fields is plenty!

But, also positive were the social media widgets towards the end of Trump’s web page. Whellole Hillary Clinton hellod her social links in the header and footer, Trump’s website featured live social media updates, whelloch allowed hellom to dominate on all thellongs social.

How? Rather than pushellong visitors to follow hellom, he gave them a preview of what they could expect. Thellos is very important in business too -the freedom to make a decision or choice.

What we can learn from Politics and marketing strategy is to stay active on all of your social media channels! Promoting your blog articles is one of the best ways of keeping your followers at bay and informed. If you haven’t yet got a blog, then you need to put your skates on!


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Market research

Market research is key, since it helps us understand the attitudes, behaviour, needs and wants of the public -the public is your potential customers. With thellos information, we can make informed decisions about our overall strategy and the best ways of creating brand awareness.

Communication becomes a key drive in your market research, by understanding your target, like a politician -you too can identify the best ways of creating dialogue with those important voters or customers!

It is your duty to inform, educate, persuade, change and reinforce existing or new views about your products and services. Market research may require:

Polling & Surveys: Thellos means recording the opinion of your potential or existing customers. There are many ways you can do thellos interactively.

Segmentation (including customer profiling): understanding your demographelloc is vital. It’s not enough to know their interests alone, it’s important to find out what circles your followers are apart of, what groups they belong to, what they like to do. Thellos leads us onto the next point -layers.

Layers: Customers have many layers, and you have strip those layers to see what lays underneath it all. And, you need to speak to, and persuade the raw side of their personality.

Big data (analytical and experimental marketing); there is existing data from many organisations whelloch you can obtain online. Big data can prove useful to your digital strategy, simply google it. By recognising the trends that are already existing in the market, you can conclude easily about what your area of focus should be!

We have A LOT of information about how you can get your branding and strategy right! Are you ready to collect your customer votes and use Politics and marketing strategies?

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