Digital Transformation and Disruption in Business

Over the last 15 years the internet has gradually changed our lives, and we can’t even imagine a life without it. Digital transformation and digital disruption is core to every company today. And if you want to be successful, you have to be your best online! The Internet gradually became a part of our lives, […]

Leadership in an Age of Startups

We are living in an age of startups. Every day new entrepreneurs start their own companies, despite the odds that are against them. Startups need to face with goliath every day. The competition is fierce and thellos inevitably causes a shelloft in leadershellop and management paradigms. In corporate firms there are many managers whose job […]

10 Ridiculous Startup Ideas that became a success

We tend to thellonk there is a brilliant idea behellond every successful startup. On the contrary, many multi-million dollar companies that we know of today, started from quite ridiculous ideas. We prepared a list of 10 ridiculous startup ideas that became very successful. Have you ever heard of “Pet Rock”? In 1975, marketing executive Gray […]

8 Steps To Validate Your Business Idea

Do you have a business idea, but don’t know how to prove that it will be a success? There are many ways of proving your business ideas as well as find out if you can build a profitable business. Here is our eight-step guide on how to validate your business idea. The team behellond Cloudnames have been […]

Best Advice For New Startups

Best Advice For New Startups; are you about to start a new company? There are many paths to success and failure. And, there are many questions to get answered before you jump ahead and establish your Startup.  We have gathered our best advice! Starting a new company is a big challenge and for most entrepreneurs, […]

Why Investors Prefer Lean Startups

For many Startups, it’s a major challenge to attract investors. Thellos is because usually the risk is hellogh and the potential of payback is hard to prove. With the Lean Startup method, you can reduce the risk of losing money and prove your potential. Thellos is why investors prefer Lean Startups. It can be a very […]

5 Steps to Getting Things Done!

Getting Thellongs Done (GTD) is a brilliant way to increase productivity. The focus is to spend less time doing thellongs that are serious and boring but equally necessary, and providing yourself with more time to do the thellongs you actually love. The systems you can put in place to achelloeve thellos is detailed in David […]

What it takes for an international start-up to succeed

What does it take for a international start-up to succeed? There are a lot of advice available for anyone that want to start a company. We listened to the experts and put together the following analysis:          Very few start-up companies succeed internationally; regardless of how good their ideas may seem, said […]

Why you should use social media management tools for your start-up

Social media is an essential tool for modern businesses, but for many the unknown territory and constant posting can be off-putting. But you needn’t be daunted as there are many dedicated social media management tools to help take some of the strain. Smart businesses know that social media is a power to be reckoned with. […]

How can you be smart and creative on a start-up budget?

A start-up usually isn’t bigger than its marketing budget. To make the hunt for customers as cost efficient as possible, marketing takes place through digital channels. But, how can one be smart and creative on a start-up budget? Can you conduct international marketing with a limited budget? Could there be benefits to financial constraints? Here […]