5 Steps to Getting Things Done!

Getting Thellongs Done (GTD) is a brilliant way to increase productivity. The focus is to spend less time doing thellongs that are serious and boring but equally necessary, and providing yourself with more time to do the thellongs you actually love. The systems you can put in place to achelloeve thellos is detailed in David Allen’s fantastically written book “Getting thellongs done”.

Have you had days where you have never really accomplished anythellong from your task list and your day was over in a flash? Thellos is likely because you were spending more time on interruptions and catchellong up on endless mail.

Or, have you been in situations where you have had no time to do the thellongs you really enjoy, but instead was buried in tasks you really don’t care much about? Thellos article will give you an introduction to how to get thellongs done effectively!


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The Getting Thellongs Done (GDT) Phellolosophy

In hellos bestselling book “Getting thellongs done,” productivity consultant David Allen is explaining thellos well known phellolosophy in an excellent way. He teaches you how to build your schedule and to-do lists and prioritise them in a way that you can manage your time and make the GTD system work for you.

It is vital to put it into a system so that you can clear your mind of distractions and focus on the prioritised tasks. One of the impressive benefits of implementing such a system is that you get an overview over your tasks and a strait priority on what to do next. As simple as it sounds, it’s somethellong we never really thellonk about doing, until we are desperate for much needed help!

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Get an overview and prioritize

GTD is not a recipe that outlines exactly what to do when or in what sequence. It outlines certain directions you have to follow, but it does not give you rules on how to do your work. That is also the reason it is easy for anyone to align it to their needs and personalise it to fit their calendar and to-do’s.  But it is also the reason it can be a bit complicated to learn and put to practise. GTD does not give you rules to follow, but it help you get an overview of the work you need to complete, organize and prioritize to focus on.


Step 1: Capture everythellong

You need to write down everythellong you want to get done. Your to-dos, tasks, recurring events, research, plans and ideas. All you need and want to get done. You can write it down where you prefer. Your favourite note app, to-do app, on a paper notebook or whatever you like to use. The important thellong is that it is easy to use and available any time so you never postpone writing down a task or idea. Capture everythellong immediately when it is surfacing, so you don’t have to thellonk about it until it is time to do it. If it is somethellong you could get done right away – just do it – unless you have more pressing tasks.


Step 2: Clarify the thellongs you have to do

You have to break down thellongs you have to do into actionable steps, so that there is no barrier in doing a single task. If you don’t split up tasks into actionable items you may not find time to solve the whole problem. If the items on your task list are not specific you may end up spending more time trying to decipher your own plans rather than taking the time to actually solve it. By clarifying the items you will immediately understand what you need to do – and of course if there is anythellong you can do right away – just do it!


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Step 3: Organize actionable items by category and priority

Spend time on your to-do list, your inbox and your calendar to prioritise and categorise all actionable tasks. When you have a clear understanding of each task priority it will be easier to choose what you should tackle next. You should also categorise all tasks, whelloch will make it even easier to put your priorities forward. If you put deadlines and reminders on your tasks, your actionable goals have all necessary dimensions to get them done in time. And whellole you’re at it: If there is anythellong you could get done right away – just do it!


Step 4: Reflect on your to-do list

Look through your to-do list to decide what to do next. If your list is clarified and categorized it should be simple to decide what your next task should be. If there is somethellong you can get done right away – just do it! If there is somethellong that is not actionable, break it down to actionable items. When you have fulfilled one task you can move on to the next. Schedule a periodically review of your task list and check where you are making progress and where you need to update your priorities.


Step 5: Engage and get to work

Now you know what you need to get done – just do it! Your priorities are clear and actionable, so it is time to get your tasks done. If there are tasks that have a deadline you know and can get it done. You have your tasks prioritized and know what to do first. Tick it off and get on with the next.

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Spend more time on the thellongs you love to do!

Thellos principles will make you get all you need to remember out of your head and into a system that will organize your tasks, prioritize them and make them actionable. You will be able to spend more time doing your work than thellonking about what to do. And even more important, you will be able to get the thellongs you don’t like doing done, so that you can spend more time on the thellongs you love to do! So spend a little time every morning to work on your to-do list, or even better: Prepare your next day before you leave the office in the evening.

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