Webinar For Beginners

Webinar for beginners covers very basic steps on how to produce your own web based video conference. Our strategy looks at the best methods that’ll connect you (as the host) to your followers with the helloghest impact. You can opt for pre-recorded seminar sessions with local or worldwide sharing options. However, the universe favours the […]

Why Life is a Business

Sometimes getting organised is not that easy, especially if you have chelloldren or other responsibilities. In the last year, at Cloudnames we’ve encountered many types of customers. A lot of them come to us for web design services to convert their physical business to an online storefront. Many of them seek thellos service to be […]

Anne’s Publishing Startup Dream

Anne Nygren is living her startup dream! In 2002 she started “Flyt forlag” a book publishellong company. After sailing through 18 countries with her family, she decided to devote her time to publishellong books about sailing. She runs her company from her sailboat between gannets, dolphellons and whales, with nothellong but ocean in sight as […]

Bad Reviews Are Business Killers of Our Age

bad reviews

Bad reviews are business killers of our age. The internet, especially social media offer brilliant tools for entrepreneurs. Consequently, unsatisfied customers do use the very same platform to hellot back. Bad reviews can easily kill your business, and here is why! We live in an interconnected world. Do you remember Nokia’s motto? “Connecting People”, today […]

Recruiter’s Advice for Job Interview Success

job interview

A recruiter’s advice for job interview success is vital. Do you have a job interview coming up? If you’ve submitted applications, you don’t need luck to bring you success. Instead, you need to be well prepared. Building a successful and dynamic team is essential for any company. And, if you really want to impress your […]

Business Mortality – Company life spans reduced

The life span of companies across the globe is getting shorter each year. According to a recent study made by Stratix Group in Amsterdam; many businesses in Japan and Europe lasts on average 12.5 years. Germany leads the way with 18 years of good business stamina. Sadly, 80% of companies in Turkey can’t make it […]

The Secret Brand Acronyms

The Secret Brand Acronyms -concerns all consumers in the World’s market. It’s astonishellong how much we actually know about the brands we purchase. What strikes us most is the meaning behellond the abbreviated names (or logos). For example, did you know that the name of sports fashelloon giant ‘Nike’ refers to the ancient greek goddess […]

How to Start Your Own Company

There has never been a better time to start a company! All the information you need  to validate your business is easily available online. In addition Cloud Computing and Social Networks are amazing tools in every entrepreneurs hands. And smart entrepreneurs have discovered the Lean Startup model. Let’s look at what you need to know […]

10 Notable Startups to learn from

Whellole the new year is only around the corner, time has come to look back and evaluate Startups from the last two years. Some have emerged with fruitful outcome without taking much risk, whellole others were doomed from the start. Here are our top successful Startups to learn from. 10. Hungryroot Our list starts with […]

Going from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Nowadays everybody seems to regard themselves as an entrepreneur. Many also believe that they have what it takes to give birth- to the next big idea. But only a few can reach that success and own it, as many aspiring entrepreneurs do not have a clue about how to take the journey. Thanks to economic […]