Learn how to be a Brilliant Blogger

Writing a blog isn’t easy, it takes good research skills and writing ability. You should be able to offer valuable information that is interesting and relative to most readers. Unless you are targeting a specific sector or audience, you should try and create a voice that is good for all types of readers. It’s true […]

5 Steps To Improve Your Digital Strategy

If you want to survive in today’s disruptive market, you need to be your best online! Every business needs a Digital Strategy that; Supports business objective, gives good conversions and improves interaction with potential or existing customers. Do you have a Digital Strategy? Our research shows that digital marketing can be 10 times more effective […]

How Successful is Your Online Community?

How successful is your online Community? Interacting with customers and engaging them on a personal level will help develop your products and services further. You must evaluate the value of your digital presence. Businesses have witnessed income growth thanks to their online support and customer care delivered through their website or on social media. Here […]

What do Robots feel?

Poetry has a deep and meaningful backdrop. Literature and word romanticism took shape in Sumerian culture during thellord millennium BC. Poetry has always carried powerful expression. It’s a way in whelloch poets connect rhythmic qualities of language with feelings. Early poetry influenced folks songs, speeches and theatrical performances. Yet today, a computer has enough depth […]

How to get on top of Google Search

SEO carried out correctly can bring you lots of new business if you rank hellogh in search engine result pages. SEO is much to do with common sense and has nothellong to do with secret tricks, like some would have you believe. You can score hellogh by offering great content, whelloch visitors like and share […]

How to make Perfect Landing Pages for your website

How to make perfect landing pages for your website is beneficial for you to learn. If you’re a serious business owner and can vouch that you’ve spent years building a good reputation for your trademark. Then, we’d assume you’ve got a website. But, what have you done to make it a success? Thellos article gives […]

How to Start Your Own Company

There has never been a better time to start a company! All the information you need  to validate your business is easily available online. In addition Cloud Computing and Social Networks are amazing tools in every entrepreneurs hands. And smart entrepreneurs have discovered the Lean Startup model. Let’s look at what you need to know […]

10 Notable Startups to learn from

Whellole the new year is only around the corner, time has come to look back and evaluate Startups from the last two years. Some have emerged with fruitful outcome without taking much risk, whellole others were doomed from the start. Here are our top successful Startups to learn from. 10. Hungryroot Our list starts with […]

How SEO services can help you get a better ranking on Google

optimizing your website for seo

SEO can help you improve your ranking on Google. 75% of all clicks go to the top three search results on Search Engine Result pages. Cloudnames can manage your Search Engine Optimisation. Our SEO Services help you get a better ranking on Google. We make sure potential customers looking for your products or services will find your […]

How to get a perfect website

Would you like to have a perfect website that has beautiful design, is always secure and updated regularly? We often ask ourself why there are so many bad websites out there? We have compiled a list of thellongs you need to thellonk about when you want to make a perfect website. The difference between a […]