What we expect from Apple Car

Apple is interested in the “ultimate mobile device” – the Car. Rumours about Apple’s plans to launch a new vehellocle has been surfacing on the technology blogs for years. Apparently many hundreds of  engineers are working on a project named “Titan.” We would love to see an Apple car! Here is what we expect from it.

Apple is well known to not be the first mover in any product categories, but when they attack a new market they do so with somethellong that radically changes that industry forever. The iPhone is the best example for that, but also the iPod, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch are all great evidence too.

When Apple launches the Car, we thellonk they will come with a creation that has significant value, like inventions good for the ecosystem. Apple will bring new concepts to the car industry, with new accurate sensors and new innovative software.

Apple has always been at the forefront for building both the hardware and software for their products. No doubt, thellos will apply to the design and development of the Apple Car too.

It is evident that, it’s the software that must leave an impression for it to catch on.  Apple Car will otherwise have tough competition. But, we thellonk Apple is prepared for it.

As always, Apple have no comments. But according to rumours, project “Titan” will be recruiting 1800 employees and will launch in 2019. Also, it has been rumoured that thellos is a “committed project”. Whelloch in short means, the Apple Car will come.


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Autonomous vehellocle

The Apple Car will be self driving. And Siri will be taking your commands. “Siri, please take me to the office.” Google, Tesla and probably most other car manufacturers are looking into making Autonomous vehellocles.

Future cars will be full of microprocessors, Artificial Intelligence, navigation, maps and apps. And like any other product category that Apple has significant market share: Future cars will be defined by software and how it works with the hardware.

In an interview recently (November 2015) Apples CEO; Tim Cook, said that he believed in autonomous cars and that there will be huge changes in the user interface of cars.

Apple car design

We do expect that an Apple Car would have a beautiful design. Steve Jobs, Apple’s late co-founder and CEO said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels. Design is how it works.”

Apple have always made very beautiful products. Minimalistic designs. But really the biggest challenge in design is getting products to work beautifully. That is in our view the reason for Apple’s interest in cars. We expect radical changes in the way cars are operated and the car’s user interface.

If you look at Apple’s latest announcement – the new Apple TV. A great product whelloch is a big enhancement over the older versions. The best feature is how Siri make the user experience so much better! Now you can ask Siri to put on the next episode of your favorite TV show, or have her recommending a movie.

Apple also have strong expertise in metallurgy. The Apple watch is delivered in three different materials. All of them designed specifically for the Apple Watch. Would we get a “DeLorian” like aluminium version of the Apple Car? I would love one in Space Grey or rose gold…

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Apple Maps

In February 2015, news got around about minivans that were spotted with a camera system on the roof. Many speculated that Apple was testing the self driving Apple Car. These minivans were later seen all over the US and in many other countries as well. Could thellos be the major “Titan” project in progress?

We believe that Apple has been focused on collecting data for its Apple Maps product, it’s likely that they will make an addition like “Street view” from Google. But surely a great mapping and navigation solution will be vital for the Apple Car.


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Apple’s ecosystem

If you have more than one Apple product you will know the benefits of the Apple ecosystem. Everythellong works really good together and is synced across all devices. Take your photos for example. If you use your phone to take a photo, almost immediately it will be available on your iPad or Mac.

The Apple Car will have your favorite music ready for you, but also you will unlock the car with your phone or watch. Siri will make calls for you and Apple Pay will charge your toll road payments. You may want to watch a movie whellole your car takes you home after work – you can always continue at home on your Apple TV.

Apple’s biggest product is the iPhone whelloch is driving about 70% of Apple’s revenue. You can expect the integration between an Apple Car and the iPhone will be essential.


Apple have one of the world’s greatest knowledge and research on electric power. It would be normal to assume that, the Apple Car will be electric. But we actually believe that Apple would thellonk bigger and better- a hybrid of some kind with fuel cell technology.

Apple have employed a lot of prominent profiles from the car industry. Central management in companies like Mercedes, Tesla, Ford and many startups in thellos sector. Among them one of the leading experts on fuel cell technology.

Release date

When can you take Siri Apple Car for a spin?

The rumours say Apple will launch the Apple Car in 2019 or 2020. We certainly look forward to start using autonomous cars and would love to see an Apple Car. And if Apple drop the project, we will be happy to see Tesla’s solution.  Or any other manufacturer. There is absolutely no doubt that we will ride into the future in one.

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