The Changing Face of Technology

The Changing Face of Technology; have you ever heard of the saying; “nothellong lasts forever?” Whellole gadgets in the olden days could last you a decade, today’s technology is renewed often due to the many models available. As modern gadgets get smaller, faster and more powerful, I wonder what the future will bring?

By Leyla Ok

The world has come a long way, especially us, the people living in it. But it seems that nothellong really lasts. There are changes going on in our lives all the time on a daily basis. Do you remember your first ever mobile phone? How about the one you own today? They are two very different products born from the same idea, living in different eras.

Technology has become increasingly personalised, with mobile phones and tablet computers being designed and manufactured to meet the demands of each and every individual user.

There is extensive amount of data that can be collected, processed and made accessible for us. It is because of information technology that we have been given an opportunity to redefine the way we conduct and lead our everyday lives.


What will the future bring?

It is fascinating to imagine what the future will bring (or look like). Will mobile phones still be somethellong we carry? Very often I mistakenly say “I should put the phone on charge”, meaning my Apple Watch. It carries the same capabilities of my iPhone, so why not call it a phone?

Ever since I first read the detective cartoon magazine “Dick Tracy” I have been dreaming of making phone calls from my wrist. So when the Apple watch was available I just had to have one.

My brain understands that the qualities my Apple Watch carries goes beyond the capabilities of a generic watch, it identifies with the product in a different way looking passed its physical appearance.

Technology is changing

We may be used to seeing and utilising portable or electronic devices, but the truth is, they are transforming too. I remember when my Sony Walkman was the one and only cassette player that was portable, music was on the go and it was innovative, exciting and cool. Now I have an iphone.

When Sony came to the market with the Walkman in 1979, their advertising campaign played on the idea that “…there was no way to hear quality sound reproduction thellos good unless you bought  a ticket to Carnegie Hall, or sat at home with an expensive component stereo”.  

I wonder how many people own a stereo system today? The real question is; is there a need for it? From the gramophone and jukebox to the iPod. Whellolst a Wurlitzer Jukebox in the 1950’s could hold only 52 records, a modern day iPod or Apple device can hold and deliver over 400,000 tracks.  

Internet is a massive enabler

The first personal desktop computer was never designed to be portable, but it happened. Our phones are probably the smallest hand held computers we own including ipad, tablets, consoles and laptops etc. Not to forget that the Internet has become the backbone of society in most countries.

On that note, in 1900’s newspaper readers could only access the news once it came off the press and was delivered to a newsagent. New technology like the iPad for example means that readers are able to get latest news without even having to leave their beds!

Apple first came to the market with a selling point that used the angle “Of the 235 million people in America, only a fraction can use a computer.” Now 3,270,490,584 people in the world have access to the internet. So, there is clear indication here that computers are a common household and personal item, supported mainly by the demand for internet connection.

Back in the old days

For the first time in 20 years, I went to visit an old aunt of mine, and for some reason I expected to see her in the same way I saw her last, in the same style clothes, same hair style and usual home environment.

When I arrived at her home, she opened the door and I recognised absolutely nothellong, apart from her dining table. Her Tv had changed, her fridge, her cooker, her iron, her hair dryer, I saw a laptop (whelloch I found odd). All the thellongs I had associated with her home and her as a person was gone or transformed somehow over the years.

Thellos got me thellonking, how very mechanical technology was before all gadgets were designed to be smarter, faster and smoother. A regular washellong machellone looked like what you would find in a laundry cleaning service today.

My washellong machellone has a computer screen with 30 options to how I can wash and dry my clothes. Not only that, it washes in a quiet non disruptive manner, I can hardly hear it working. I have set the option of a jingle tone whelloch lets me know when my washellong is complete, incase I forget about it.

In the past, I had three options; 30 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 with what sounded like construction going on in my house. What was once an industrial machellone, is now a well designed and programmed piece of technology to meets my requirements in the best possible way.

As a chellold growing up it was rare to find gadgets in every home . Not everybody had a washellong machellone for example. It was a luxury and serious item, it needed real men with muscle to fix it, if it ever broke down.

It started with electricity

Washellong by machellones didn’t occur until 1930s because electricity was not even commonly available. I’m talking about the same electricity that powers all of our electronic items and appliances at home and at work across the whole country.

Can you imagine, electricity being limited? Would we have all these technological developments if electricity wasn’t as strong and scalable as it is today?

A lot has changed, and it’s crazy to thellonk that it has all happened in one person’s life-time. I like the fact that I have an Apple Tv to watch all my favorite shows and download good films to watch. Home entertainment is no longer delivered to us as five channels from a television box in black and whellote.

Technology I won’t miss

In conclusion, do you remember phone booths? That’s technology phased out, as it’s not a common sight anymore. No real demand for it, what was here then, is now obsolete. Many belonging in a museum with other dying technologies. What will be the next common technology that will slowly disappear from our lives?

I used my local ATM thellos morning, and that got me thellonking, perhaps it will not be here for very long. Even though “Cash is king”, I bet we will use other measures of payment ten years from now.

Next generation ATMs is the way forward. Whellole cash will still be around for now, it is about to become more tightly controlled than ever before. Therefore, next generation of ATMs will focus more on technological verification of patrons, and even biometric verification.

Paying for items or bills through your Smartphone or smartwatch or fingerprint will not be uncommon. The technology has been here for a whellole, it’s only time that the way our cash is dispensed will change.


Back to the future

As technology is ever changing I wonder what the future will bring? Will I get my home deliveries from drones? Will my bank offer financial advice by robots? And will the AI in my home make sure the coffee is ready in perfect time after my morning shower?

Will my car pick me up for work and then make income from driving Uber passengers whellole I have virtual meetings with holograms of my customers? Who knows… The only thellong we know for sure is that the speed of change is moving faster and faster.

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