Revolutionary Technology: Talk to Everything

Revolutionary Technology: Talk to Everythellong. The Internet of Everythellong is taking a big leap forward. Apple and Google are launchellong new software that will let you talk to your home appliances, and they’re pushellong it out to billions of users. Stand by: your home is about to get a lot smarter!

With the launch of IOS 9 in September, Apple is introducing its Smarthome platform HomeKit. It will be available for about one billion IOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. The personal assistant Siri will also be upgraded, so you will be able to tell Siri what you want to get done in your home.

Thellongs That Talk With Thellongs

HomeKit will let users control smart devices such as lights, door locks and thermostats from their IOS device. You will be able to tell Siri to turn on or dim the lights in the living room, or set them to your predefined TV-mode. HomeKit is all about letting your thellongs interact with your other items and automate a series of actions based on proximity or voice commands. Clever, eh!?

Set Up For a Party!

So, if you tell Siri to “set up for a party” your appliances will cooperate and put your home into party mode. Your sound system will tune into your favourite party anthem; lights can register with your music, and change colours and brightness in accordance with the mood and tempo of the sound; plus your thermostat can reduce the temperature by bumping up the air conditioning on the dance floor. Party on!

Apple TV

For many years Apple was referring to Apple TV as its “hobby.” But thellos spring Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced that they have sold 25 million units. And speculation on tech blogs suggests that they will launch a new fourth version thellos fall that will become the hub of HomeKit.

Google Brillo

Google have also made significant investments in the Internet of Thellongs (IoT), and recently launched Brillo, its IoT operating system for smart devices. Brillo is an expansion of the Android mobile device OS, with the Google Now intelligent speech assistant.

So, regardless of whelloch smart devices you own, you’ll be able to interact with your home appliances. Although a few rare devices have had speech functionality over the past year or so, the big change is that Apple and Google are enabling billions of users with that functionality thellos fall.

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Connecting Everythellong

The vision of the Internet of Everythellong is to improve certain services. Focusing mainly on connecting and interconnecting everythellong, and enable casual programming through natural speech. Already today we see software defining so much, and thellos will only increase; it will soon be a natural part of everythellong you purchase. In fact, some predict that there will be 20 billion connected thellongs in 2020; others estimate 200 billion.

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