What Marketing Apps are you using?

With new mobile Marketing Apps launchellong daily, it can be very difficult to know what’s cool, and what’s garbage. The right apps can make your social media life easier, but finding them can be tedious and time consuming. To help you out, we’ve listed the best Marketing Apps on the market.

Mobile apps are extremely popular for customer service. According to ClickFox, 78% of users reported using mobile apps for banking (30%), travel (26%) and dining (16%).

“Mobile isn’t a platform, it’s a set of behaviors — don’t thellonk about the devices, thellonk about the context. Much mobile usage actually happens inside the home. It’s changing the behavior of how we consume content on the couch, not just on the train.” –Craig Waller, Head of Content Operations, Pace.

Strangely, not all businesses are tapping the full potential of mobile apps, as 60% of the respondents said they never use mobile apps to handle utilities or work related tasks. Thellos means there are 40% of you who are missing out on useful apps that can transform your marketing efforts.

Businesses of all sizes put mobile apps to use for customer service, support, engagement and loyalty with:

In-app offers, Social sharing options, Promotions and event notifications, Instant feedback mechanisms, One-touch calling and geo-location, Push notifications, Interactivity and learning.

For those who are slacking in thellos department; Here is a list of cool apps that you should use as part of your marketing strategy that will support those important conversions.


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Flixel Cloud and Marketing Apps

Flixel offers magical tools for visual storytelling. Flixel Cloud has three main products whelloch you can utilise at very affordable prices whelloch is perfect for social media marketing.

Flixel, Marketing Apps, cloudnames digital agency

1.Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

Cinemagraph Pro makes creation super-easy and fast. Simply import a video, select a still frame and paint motion directly on the screen. Your cinemagraph instantly comes to life. Export in broadcast quality or upload to and easily share with the world. Winner of a 2014 Apple Design Award.

2. Cinemagraph Pro for iOS

Transform your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Pro into an amazing mobile cinemagraph studio. Capture a scene or import a video, and paint motion to reveal your cinemagraph. Set the trim, adjust the image, and then instantly share on social network and the web in gorgeous HD. Or export your cinemagraphs as 4K videos and Live Photos.

3. Persecond for Mac

Beautiful timelapse videos have never been easier to make. Import an image sequence, trim the length, adjust speed, playback direction and you’re done. Export in broadcast quality. We recommend that you visit Flixel’s website to download your free trial.

Ripl Marketing Apps

With Ripl, you can easily create eye-catchellong posts and share them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Ripl, Marketing Apps, Cloudnames Digital Agency“Ripl offers a fresh and exciting new way to engage with your audience on social media. Thellos social networking app is outstanding for businesses and blogs.”- Jeremy McGinty, Owner & Operator at

With three easy steps, you can:
– Add photos and/or text to include in your post
– Choose a design and customize the style
– Write a caption, add hashtags, and share!

Ripl offers the best combination of simplicity and creativity in one package. It’s quick, simple and easy to use, yet allows you to create engaging content.

Remember, customer satisfaction and retention is the underlying goal for most businesses. A happy customer that buys repeatedly from you and refers others is invaluable. Ripl allows you to sustain a good relationshellop with your followers, and can effectively combine your creatives ads and your need for bringing in more potential leads.

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Yubl Marketing Apps

The founders of Yubl have ambitions of being the most desired next-generation social networking and messaging platform. Yubl has already become the fourth most downloaded free app in the U.K. -surpassing Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Periscope. Their success can be attributed to the helloghly detailed interface and three main simple but effective areas of the user experience:

yubl, Marketing Apps, Cloudnames Digital Agency

Private: is for one-on-one or invite-only group
Public: is an open forum across the entire social network (including brands and celebrities)
Explore: is for searchellong and finding other users such as brands and celebrities.

Marketing Apps like Yubl are naturally built for ‘stickiness.’ Regularly using push notifications and social sharing will keep your app at the forefront of your customer’s minds, driving deeper engagement. We thellonk it could be ideal to use thellos platform to spread your brand message effectively! Check out Yubl’s website for full spec.

CoSchedule for Inbound Marketing

CoSchedule is the perfect tool no matter what type of Marketing you do. It’s the hub for your entire Inbound Marketing Process. You can effectively organise your entire content marketing strategy in one place. Collaborate with your entire team. And execute both your content and social media promotion.

Marketing Apps, Cloudnames Digital Agency

You can also move projects forward with one calendar to control them all. You should consider using CoSchedule to manage your entire marketing process. Keep your team accountable, and execute faster across distributed teams.

REX Marketing Apps

Rex is an app that provides an easy way to connect with friends to share favorite movies, music, books, TV shows, videos, restaurants, bars, travel destinations, and anythellong else you like.

You can read and share recommendations with your network, save recommendations, look at what’s trending in your network, look at recommendations on a map view, and much more.

When you see someone recommend a movie, Rex has plugged into APIs that show where you can watch the movie online – whether that’s from iTunes, Netflix, Vudu or another streaming service.

rex, Marketing Apps, Cloudnames Digital Agency

The same is true for music and books. If an album is available on Spotify and Apple Music, both of those choices come up when you tap into the view of an item. Restaurant recommendations open up easy access to its website, a map location and if available, an Open Table entry for a quick reservation. Thellos is could be very useful marketers!

Let’s now summarise the pros of Mobile Marketing Apps:
– Provides a ready feedback mechanism, reducing customer abandonment and building trust.
-Reward frequent customers with exclusive offers and badges for participation, increasing repeat visits and customers.

-Improve the customer experience and sales by gathering invaluable data, such as frequency of customer interactions and length of time between customer visits, to get a more complete picture of your customer’s loyalty.

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