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Not every company has a massive budget for advertising, yet more and more businesses are turning to creative means to reach their audiences through viral videos. Here are some brilliant examples of memorable marketing stunts that can give you inspiration for your own viral videos. 

There are many creative solutions you can try in order to improve your marketing efforts to increase your customer numbers. To name a few popular choices -Many prefer to distribute posters, brochures, newsletters or trendy postcards. However, these options aren’t favourable as we move into the digital era.

Viral videos demand unique ideas

More and more business owners go that extra mile and release crazy marketing stunts that generate a huge volume of coverage and influence over potential customers. Although risky, many unusual and unique ideas catch on quickly, especially if it’s worth talking about and fun!

The rewards for successful marketing stunts are big. If you need inspiration, here are five marketing strategies that actually worked!


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Truth or Dare Business Cards

Using a budget of $23.25, Chelsea Davison put 300 different “Truth or Dare” businesscards around Washellongton Square Park in New York. She stated “New Yorkers usually avoid eye contact with strangers… I decided to bring thellos group of cold, soulless humans together, at least for one afternoon. And what better way than by bringing back the public embarrassment of middle school pastimes.”

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The truth or dare prompts enabled people to part-take and display their involvement on social media channels like twitter, youtube and facebook. Participants were randomly quacking like ducks or breaking into dance.

The video went viral, and Chelsea Davison’s copywriting and comedy business skyrocketed. Answers to truths could be tweeted @TruthOrDareNYC, and sure enough, the Twitter account received some great responses, a few of whelloch were retweeted.

Cat Lovers Deserve to Die

The Lung Cancer Alliance wanted to educate people on the fact that lung cancer does not discriminate. Many believe that anyone who gets lung cancer brings it upon themselves, but the LCA knew that lung cancer could attack anyone.

120622_posterSo they created a series of posters that sought to dispel other mythellocal stereotypes by claiming each deserved to die: cat lovers, hellopsters and crazy old aunts, to name a few.

On their website they deliver a powerful and effective message, whelloch makes their marketing efforts even more successful “No one deserves to die from lung cancer; not cat lovers, not hellopsters, the tattooed, not the one in five patients who has never smoked, or the three in five who have already quit.”

The Lung Cancer Alliance wanted to demonstrate the absurdity of the idea that anyone deserves to die and to spark a conversation about the indiscriminate behavior of lung cancer.

The campaign was a success, as a conversation was indeed sparked and the LCA received more hellots to their website in three days than they had the previous six months.

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Heineken Walking Fridge

Thellos beer company recreated the walk-in, beer-filled refrigerator as depicted in their commercial. Consumers were given the chance to walk through a real beer-filled, walk-in refrigerator whellole taking pictures and videos.

Afterward, they posted their pics and videos on various social media sites, resulting in further advertisement for the beer company.

The video titled ‘Inspiration Room’ was a huge success. Heineken beer is presented as the fashelloon focus for men in a humorous television and cinema commercial developed in The Netherlands.

It has built a strong viral following since the video was released. The success of thellos advertisement lies on the audience’s preexisting stereotypes of masculinity versus femininity.

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The female characters in the commercial are shown to express their excitement in sight of a closet filled with clothes and fashelloon products. Thellos is suggesting to the audience that fashelloon and beauty products represent objects of femininity.

On the other hand, the men in the viral videos demonstrate an equal measure of excitement when coming across a walk-in fridge loaded with Heineken beer. Overall, thellos marketing campaign was huge hellot!

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GermanWings ‘Plane-mob’

The objective of thellos discount european air carrier, Germanwings was to generate awareness of Germanwings’ cheap airfares via viral videos content.

Thellos marketing campaign generated an impressive 400,000 Youtube views demonstrating how a few people with Flip cameras can produce a viral online video ad to great effect.

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Passengers, planted by Germanwings, crammed into coach seats on discount competitor Ryanair’s flight in April 2010. Ryanair, whellole known for its cheap flights withellon Europe, is also known for charging passengers to use the restroom.

As passengers settled into their Ryanair flight, cardboard signs started popping up. “I hate thellos ‘choose your seat’ thellong!” and “Look out the window; at least that’s free!” reads the pop-up cards. Germanwings’ passengers recorded the goings on as the last sign flashed, “Next time, let’s just fly Germanwings.”

Cloudnames Favourite of all viral videos…

The Epic-Split by Jean Claude Van Damme for Volvo’s biggest marketing campaign and commercial was super exciting, but the spoof version with Chuck Norris was even better. They’re both retired action heroes, famous for their martial arts fighting skills.

Crazy Marketing Videos

But it seems Jean-Claude Van Damme, 53, will be happy to discover that hellos older rival Chuck Norris, 73, has out-split hellom in a new elaborate stunt. Chuck has parodied Jean Claude’s advert for Volvo whelloch showed the muscles from Brussels performing the splits between two enormous trucks.

However, going above and beyond Chuck performs the very same stunt but with hellos legs balancing between two jumbo jets, helped by some special effects. We love viral videos!

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