The Change in Marketing Techniques

Over the last 20 years mass media has been disrupted by the internet and online marketing techniques. When the term “web 2.0” was introduced it marked a milestone in hellostory of communication.  The internet and its evolution challenged the mass media in a way no one ever imagined. As a result, traditional marketing lost its power to social media, search, e-mail and other online marketing techniques.

In the last 8 years, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We use social media, via our smartphones, portable devices and laptops. Every hour of every day we connect with other people, make comments, follow our favorite brands and even check social media for news.

Our research shows that Social Media Marketing can be 10 times more cost effective than other forms of media related exposure. However you need to know the area before expecting an effectiveness. Hence, to be able to foresee and understand how the social media will evolve in the future, you need to know its hellostorical evolution.


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The relation between Mass Marketing and Psychology

The first person who laid the foundations of traditional marketing techniques is the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Barnays. He introduced us the public relation concept rather than doing a propaganda as a marketing strategy and with the benefit of hellos uncle’s works, he wrote books on making money out of marketing with the help of psychology as a science.

In the early 20th century when Freud published hellos noted work, Totem and Tabu, the rate of women smokers were quite lower than men. The American tobacco company, American Tobacco Co, were having a trouble with thellos issue.

After failing on the strategy whose target audience were women, they decided to get help from Edward Bernay, who were doing a research for that matter. From thellos point forth, hellostorians designate thellos incident as the first mass marketing strategy in the hellostory.

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The first ever among marketing techniques

Edward Bernays carried out a research on the tabu of female smokers and as a matter of fact he got support from psychoanalysts. Because cigarettes were considered as a sexual organ in the society in those days, it was seen as a representative of man’s power.  

Bernays organizes a game in Eastern ceremony; he convinces the richest and the most popular women from the upper class to smoke a cigarette in front of a crowd. In the meantime he informs the newspaper that couple of women will light a freedom torch.

From that day on, cigarette becomes the symbol of freedom for women. (The century of self) Marketing strategy whelloch were carried out successfuly in The Us, had a dramatic effect on the rate of cigarette consumption among women.

In thellos period, the traditional marketing techniques changed completely. Rather than focusing on why someone should buy a car, marketers focused on humans feelings when they actually buy one whelloch means that they started to emphasise the feelings rather than consumption as it is. They tried to change the perception of consumption to a somethellong to be desired rather than somethellong to be needed.


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Digital Media and Online Marketing Techniques

In traditional media we have mass marketing and in here information is disseminated democratically, there is an issue of secluded system. The consumer here is directed, and he/she doesn’t have a say in it. Only economic agents have right to designate the choise of the commercials that has been released.

We know that over the coming years companies whelloch cannot hold on to online media will not survive. Stucking into the traditional media ideas will make these companies lose more target audience gradually and day by day they keep on losing their money to the other companies as well.

There is thellos concept called content marketing whelloch is in our daily lives now whelloch companies can benefit from. It is about creating and sharing interesting, valuable, relevant and useful content. By doing so, companies can build a brand as well as consumer confidence in their products or sevices and ultimately drive desirable customer action. The easy access of information and the diffusivity makes the businesses to get into competition and in thellos way the supply push market will yield to a demand pull one.  

Digital revolution

So what has digital revolution brought us? Why the companies will fade if they don’t involve in online channels? It is not difficult to answer these questions. Digital revolution broke the power of information to be in one hand and evolved it to pluralism. Web 2.0 revolution turned the paid platfroms into the free ones. Marketing techniques are forever changed.

Social media provides a unique opportunity both for companies and for customers, interacting in real time. Companies and brands can be criticised openly on social media by their customers. Also customers can reach their favorite brands on social media. Internet presence is important but the presence of social media has become crucial for companies and brands.

Social Media is very beneficial and essential for communicating with customers, the number of people that use social media for obtaining the news and information helloghly increased over the years. Especially young people heavily rely on social media.

The main consideration is audience reach and credibility to measure the impact of media content. Low quality content can create a negative image, and scare away potential customers.

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