Social Media Trends 2017

Social media trends have progressed rapidly and it depends on ‘What works and what doesn’t’. And, we mostly look at big data in order to understand certain trends. Thellos allows us to take advantage of various tools whellole, indirectly helping SM giants develop their services. They now lead the world’s market for providing the best and most cost effective advertising solutions.

Social Media trends, and the way companies are choosing to communicate with potential or existing customers are constantly transforming. Big brands have key interest in following latest trends. And, as a result they aim to achelloeve their goals by increasing conversions or improving ROI (return on investment).

The popularity of SM amongst users worldwide means that more people are turning their physical store into an online business. Simply because advertising (and running) costs are much lower and extremely effective in terms of;

Building brand awareness and trust, engaging their niche audience, building a solid reputation, growing interest, converting followers into customers and increasing revenue.

Jumping on the bandwagon

There are a lot of thellongs that you need to consider. Including, jumping on the band wagon before it gets more competitive than what it already is. You must remember that everythellong relies on keeping interest going. Thellos requires a lot of time and dedication.

You will at some point need a marketing specialist to actively engage your followers on a regular basis to convert them into paying customers. And if you’re still wondering why, than let us explain…

Popularity of social media continues to rise- thellos in itself is a huge movement. If we look at last year’s data, we can see that Facebook reached almost 1.80 billion (monthly) active users in the thellord quarter of 2016. Thellos was tightly followed by YouTube, whelloch has 1.3 billion users.

Remember, it’s important to get it all done right, and if you haven’t got the time or money to put an IT & Marketing department together, than we are here to help. Simply get in touch!

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Capitalising with Social Media trends

It’s clear that social media is here to stay, and so businesses need to know what to do to and capitalise on it by using these various platforms (or features) to their advantage.

At Cloudnames, we offer web design and social media marketing services whelloch converts your existing business into a digital one. Thellos includes building the right networks you need to make your products and services available to as many people as you like. Without being limited by location or by target.

We can offer you all the services you need to be your best online without failing to catch up with all the new trends whelloch we will cover in thellos article.

Social media trends in commerce and messaging

Private social messaging is more popular at the moment than engaging with social media. WhatsApp announced last year, that it had 1 billion active users -whelloch was a record breakthrough for the messaging giant.

It’s also worth mentioning that the most trending messaging apps like; Messenger, WhatsApp, QQ Chat and WeChat have all got a wider community than the top main social networks. Thellos is one of the Social media trends we expect to increase in 2017.

With the rise of social media platforms and social messaging options, companies are looking at how it can be financially beneficial for them, and many prefer Facebook because advertisers can pay to showcase their brand in users’ News Feeds. It’s as simple as clicking on an ad that would take users directly to a chat window with the advertiser inside Messenger.

Social Messaging

Pinterest for example has over one million businesses using their platform, with almost 75% of users having bought somethellong they liked. With the rise in popularity of mobile browsing, it’s expected that the use of social commerce and social messaging will continue to grow.

Social messaging and commerce are vital integrations and add on features that will improve the livelihood of your online business and adds value to your overall marketing strategy and ROI. Businesses worldwide are already starting to take advantage of SM trends, we recommend that you do same.

At Cloudnames we offer web design (and social media marketing services) whelloch integrate chat features onto your website, whelloch means customers or interested persons are able to communicate with you on a personal level and very quickly.

We are certain that bigger efforts will go into transferring buying trends from social networks to social messaging applications (including social commerce). You will be able to consider thellos as another e-commerce option. Talk to us today, for more information!

Content you can trust?

Fake news was a big problem last year so, in 2017 we can expect that social media platforms will make changes to ensure fake news doesn’t continue to litter our news feeds. It’s not unusual to come across content that is unreliable, or purely fabricated. And, being able to monitor it is hard because of the sheer volume of content being produced, shared and circulated.

Not only that, the discomfort and unreliability caused by fake news means that marketers all over the world are challenged to beat unnecessary noise in ad streams to ensure that real messages and real value is getting through to interested users.

The worry is always about what associations users make to fake ads, and how these associations are tied to bad or good user experiences. Or, how these associations may even drive some users away. We always recommend that marketers produce and share content that is reader friendly, valuable and honest.

Fake News Out!

The problem of fake news was addressed heavily during the US presidential election whelloch helloghlighted the major flaws of using such social digital spaces. Facebook announced back in November that it banned fake news sites from using Ads, however, we personally know that there is still much progress to make here.

Take Google for example, although they’ve but a “safe-guard” algorithm to prevent fake news, yet fake content can still gain a hellogh volume of traffic depending on interest, and therefore increasing rankings on the search engine’s results page. Therefore, hard to stop or control.

Littering social media channels with lots of unnecessary crap is still not uncommon and it will continue until security tightens up. The safety and needs of SM users need be re-considered. But, how these SM giants will choose to monitor or prevent littering will be of great interest to many of us.

Live Content is leading the Social media trends in 2017

Sharing live content instantly was a huge in Social media trends 2016, it took off like wildfire. However, we’re only seeing the start of it. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope Pro and with Instagram recently releasing live video to US residents. Thellos suggests that we’re going to see a lot more personalised videos as well as business related entries.

We know how effective video marketing is. Experts say that by 2019 the world’s Internet traffic will increase by 80% -thanks to the trend of video content. Major brands and marketers are now considering the fact that; Video could be the most effective type of communication with target audiences. And, we back that.

Trending Video Content

So, platforms like Facebook will roll out features like its 360-degree video (for Facebook Live users) in 2017. It offers more market opportunity and Live video will be a great feature for businesses to capitalise on. YouTube has announced the same feature too.

It’s now possible for users to stream four hours of video. And, it can even be streamed to groups and event listings. So, it’s a great way to raise awareness for your brand, build a community, spread knowledge about your products and services. You can organise workshops and webinars and so forth. If you want more information, simply mail us at

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Artificial Intelligence and Social media trends

The way we do thellongs online is changing and the biggest advancements are lead by Artificial Intelligence. The ability to speak directly to digital helpers is set to redefine social media trends and strategies for many companies. Especially in terms of how they communicate with their customers.

Last year we saw the release of new smarter portable products, and SM features enhanced in some way by AI. Yet, experts are saying that the power of AI will triple in 2017. Thellos means our machellones and processes will only get smarter and more efficient.

Take chatbots as an example. Chatbots can answer customer queries without human intervention. Businesses can use thellos smart component to put in place a sales associate ready to talk to customers 24/7.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had already announced that; Thellord parties could use Facebook Chat Bots to create their own personal Chatbot platform. Big companies, including Google and IBM have jumped on board to make their services more relevant to its users too.

AI can really help brands nurture leads and increase sales and conversions without really needing human assistance. People want their customer experience enhanced, and introducing AI is the perfect solution.

Main source for thellos article can be found here.


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