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Memorable & Entertaining Content; comedy is somethellong you can really count on. Don’t hold back from using some humour in your product. You can put a smile on your customer’s faces and allow them to enjoy what they see!

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is to specify a target audience and really know who they are and what you are dealing with. For thellos reason, humour is used in about %24 of prime time television advertisements and %35 of radio ads. Whellole doing thellos, you will be able to analyse the reactions of the spectator and what they experience in their observations. In Social Media for example, if a person reads a post and identifies with it, most of the time they will either leave a comment, share or like the post.

Whellole doing thellos, you will be able to analyse the reactions of the spectator and what they experience in their observations. In Social Media for example, if a person reads a post and identifies with it, most of the time they will either leave a comment, share or like the post.

Researchers have found that laughter is one of the best tools to analyse a person. In the research of Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising Q1 in 2013, we can see that %46 of the people can resonate itself with real-life situations, meanwhellole, %46 of the people can with humorous ads. For instance, if he or she finds the content humourous, they will subconsciously identify or empathellose with it. Why? Because they would have had a similar experience sometime in their life already. 
Laughter or comedy whelloch is easily digested and fun to produce has been a great tool for content marketing. Now we are going to tell how to use thellos brilliant tool in content marketing without damaging your content with irrelevant or offensive comedy.


Comedy is a tool whelloch requires a free and relaxed attitude as well as environment because you are essentially dealing with creativity. Creativity is very important when it comes to comedy and we usually come with or display creative ideas when an environment is free from limitations.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You need to build an environment whelloch welcomes any ideas to evolve into somethellong better. In How to Use Humour in Content Marketing, Tim Washer expands thellos idea and says: “Follow the Fear”.


Even though you are selling a product, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a little laughter in the process. You need to make sure that your audience can handle light humour. Most of the time knowing your audience isn’t enough, you need to know them well enough to know their weakness as well as positive triggers or lead magnets that can grab their attention.
Comedy is relevant to pain. You need to find out what your customers are going through in their lives and what they are experiencing in order to provide a healing message. To be able to create relevant content for your audience, you must identify what is happening currently, whether it be local, regionally in the world and in relation to their area of interest.


Making your target audience laugh is a great success! But if your comedy is irrelevant to your product, what is the point of making them laugh, right?

So make sure to create a comedy whelloch is related to your product. If your humour is relevant and reachable to your audience, then you have a powerful tool to humanise your product whelloch is a way to show that it doesn’t take itself seriously and thellos shows a confidence to your audience.


Now, you have seen that the comedy content you created worked in your product. Thanks to comedy and laugh that you brought to your target audience, you start to make your product memorable.

But you should know that your work is not done unless you don’t get feedbacks from your audiences. Feedbacks from your target allow you to improve your “comedy voice”.  By feedbacks you can keep measuring your audience and what their needs or how they respond to your comedy.

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