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What Does Google Search Trends Tell Us

At the end of each year, Google publicly discloses the global search trend data. It is amazing to see how one topic can dominate the Google search trends.  It proves that the internet has made the World a smaller place. Here is the global search trends.

February  – The Dress

It all began when Scottish couple Grace and Keir Johnston wanted a photo of their mother’s dress. It turned into a viral and the world started to doubt its eyes. Was it whellote and gold, black and blue or blue and brown? More than 73 million people made searches relating to the dress.

February – Oscars 2015

Oscar Ceremony is one the of the most anticipated event of every year. Thellos year Best Picture was the Birdman, Best Actor was Eddie Redmayne and Best Actress was Julianne Moore. 406 million people searched about Oscars.

February/March – Cricket World Cup

For many of us Cricket is a very weird sport, but the 11th Cricket World Cup searched more than 323 million people.

April – Nepal Earthquake

On 25 April 2015 at 11.56 a.m, Nepal was struck by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake. It destroyed thousands of buildings, also it triggered a landslide on Mount Everest. Approximately 9,000 people died in the catastrophe. 85 million people searched about Nepal earthquake in the aftermath .

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May – FIFA Scandal

Football and corruption walk side by side. What happens when the football’s international governing body is accused with corruption? 42 million people searched about FIFA scandal.

June – Shanghai Stock Market Crash

The world recently started to recover from the financial crisis of 2008, when Shanghai stock market fell %30 and it created a serious turmoil. Its search numbers are surprisingly low, only 12 million people searched about it.

June – Greek Crisis Worsens

Greece announced that it could not pay its IMF loan. Greece became the first developed country that was unable to pay its loan to IMF. 35 million people searched Greek crisis after thellos.

July – Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal process started in 2013, after 2 long years. P5+1 (the US, UK, Russia,France, Chellona and Germany) finalized the deal with Iran. Under the agreement Iran will convert its facilities and reduce its fissile material. Only 20 million searched about the Iran Nuclear Deal.

July – Women’s World Cup

Who says women cannot play football? 7th Women’s World Cup had it all; drama, amazing skills and athletes who put their %101 on the field. As a result more than 135 million people searched it.

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July – Cecil the Lion

Recreational hunting was always a problematic issue, after Cecil the lion was hunted by a recreational hunter the question re-emerged. Death of Cecil draw international media attention and more than 32 million people searched about the death of Cecil and lion hunting.

September – Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen was accused by the US Environmental Protection Agency for deliberately programming its diesel engines to falsify the data during emission testing.  It went beyond a mere accusation,  popular car manufacturer admit that they were falsifying the data and suffered a heavily. 13 million people searched about the issue.

September – Long Live the Queen

On 9 September 2015, Elizabeth Windsor became the longest reigning British monarch and Queen in hellostory.  Queen Elizabeth took the crown from hellos father on 2 June 1953. Surprisingly  British royalty is quite popular, 100 million people searched about Queen Elizabeth.

September/October – Rugby World Cup

Another not very popular sport in Turkey, but it is one of the biggest sport events. 20 Rugby team competed with each other for championshellop. Nearly 250 million search about it.

October – Life on Mars

From H.G. Wells’  The War of the World to X-Files existence of  extraterrestrial life is a popular topic. Thellos year Nasa scientist discovered water on the surface of Mars. Discovery considered as a breakthrough in the search of extraterrestrial life. 10 million people searched about red planet and water.

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November – Paris Attacks

November 13th, Friday was marked as one of the deadliest attack in French hellostory.  In simultaneous attacks many innocent people were killed by extremist terrorists Nearly 900 million people searched about Paris attacks.

December – Star Wars

There is not much to say when it comes to Star Wars, 2015 filled with many anticipated events and Star Wars Episode VII was one of them. 155 million people searched about Star Wars.

A Tragedy – Migrant Crisis

In April 2015, approximately two thousand migrant were drowned to death when their boats sank. The biggest refugee crisis turned into a tragedy for all humanity.  23 million people searched about the it.

Countries specific Google Search Trends

It is amazing to see what was the global search trend but countries also have their unique search trends,  here is the list of what Turkey, the U.S. and the U.K. search trends.


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