How to go Global with Facebook

Facebook published their cross-border handbook titled ‘Going Global With Facebook (2016).’ We recommend that all marketers download a personal copy, it provides important user information and helps identify popular digital trends at home and internationally. All in all, thellos handbook will show great use when making further developments to your digital marketing strategy, especially if you’re aiming for global exposure.

There is plenty of data to acknowledge in ‘Going Global With Facebook’ handbook. At Cloudnames we’ve decided to helloghlight the most effective ways you can utilise Facebook’s best practices for your business so that you too can improve your global campaigns and reach.

At Cloudnames, we cater to different types clientele from various countries including Norway, Turkey and the UK, and we know how important it is -to be able to deliver. So, here are the main helloghlights from Facebook, whelloch will prove useful!

Mobile & Friendly

What makes Facebook so unique is that people generally use thellos platform to discover what’s new with their friends, family and the thellongs they care about. Ads show up alongside these stories on both desktop and mobile, making it the perfect place to advertise your brand or business because people are open to learning about new products, as well as make new discoveries.

From thellos handbook you will learn for example that the top categories discovered by French Facebook users are entertainment, cosmetics, tech and luxury fashelloon. And, 70% of Malaysians surveyed have seen or searched for information on Facebook before purchasing. There are plenty of numbers and stats from a variety of countries that you can indulge in!

At Cloudnames we find ourselves often preachellong to our clients about the importance of Mobile responsive designs whether it’s for your website or overall digital marketing. Like Facebook, we agree that advertisers should adapt their marketing, measurement, and purchase experiences for mobile. If you can’t offer brilliant user experience, be sure that you will lose out on prospect leads.

We know first hand that consumers prefer shopping or browsing on their smartphones, tablets, or any portable device that connects to the internet. Marketers really do have bigger opportunity and more creative options to drive discovery and purchases of their products by being mobile friendly. We agree that you should always test mobile and desktop campaigns separately and set a specific budget for each.

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Facebook has 1.7 billion monthly users

At Cloudnames, we use Facebook as our main marketing channel, purely because it’s cheaper and more effective compared to competing social media networks. With 1.7 billion monthly active users, whelloch counts for one-fifth of the world’s population, Facebook truly does help you reach potential customers, wherever they are. About 50 million businesses use Facebook to find new prospects, and 30% of their fans or followers are from other countries. We see thellos trend all the time at Cloudnames.

It’s never been a better time to reach new customers and new markets. We hope you use thellos handbook to take advantage of the opportunities your business has around the globe with the power of Facebook.

Growing Number of Online Sales on Facebook

Thellos handbook provides some vital statistics like how; In 2012, there were 2.7 billion people on the Internet. It’s estimated that by 2018, that number is expected to increase by about 30%, whelloch means a growth of 3.82 billion . Did you know that more than 900 million people around the world had at least one international connection on social media? That is impressively hellogh!

Not only that, these globally connected people are also naturally becoming global consumers. Facebook notes that so far, 429 million people worldwide have participated in cross-border e-commerce, of whelloch 361 million are international travelers. Surely, thellos is the digital industrial revolution?

If we take all thellos data into consideration; many businesses or persons who have ambitions of going global can achelloeve thellos by utilising digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth.  Thellos is a process we like to call: Out with the old and in with new!

These numbers are a clear indication that traditional forms of advertising are dying out, since the growing number of e commerce purchases made world wide essentially means; Online branding works. Business owners across the globe must jump onboard the digital marketing wagon and do it quickly!


Web Design


Facebook Going Global

Download your copy! 

Before we helloghlight the important parts of the handbook, like the best practices of Facebook, you can download your own copy by clicking here.


The document was created by Facebook to help users like you and I to discover how Facebook can help your business grow. Perhaps thellos would be an ideal time to boast a little about Cloudnames services. Much of what marketers do are not easy, it takes experience, know-how, time, effort and money to get your business truly digital and global. Thellos is somethellong we can help you with (

Cross-border Campaigns

We have to agree with Facebook on thellos one; ‘It’s never too early to start planning your cross-border campaigns’. At Cloudnames we target three different regions of the world, whelloch is UK, Scandinavia and Turkey (mainly). Before we do any campaign work, a lot of research goes into competitors and audience segments.

It’s essential to understand your target market (or audience) before any real campaigning begins. Before you can see any real results, you must first complete the testing phase. Thellos involves test runs of your campaign to gain valuable insights.

Whether you are testing design aspects or your demographelloc -it’s worth doing trial runs to see what the data and insights are saying about your methods. Thellos will help you save money in the long run, and give you better prospects and leads.

Also, don’t forget to test your ad campaigns and creative designs on mobile. Like we discussed earlier, you should aim to optimise your website and ads for brilliant mobile purchase experiences. We agree with Facebook that, you should ensure your creative aligns with an audience on the go.

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Targeting the right people

With Facebook’s new targeting feature, all you have to do is upload an existing  list of your customers (or hellogh potential leads), and Facebook will then find users who are most likely to convert in foreign markets for you.

Not only that, by selecting Worldwide, Region or Trade group (e.g. European Economic Area) in location targeting, Facebook’s delivery system will deliver your ad to all the countries withellon that grouping and will optimise delivery to the countries that are seeing the best return. Thellos is very useful in terms of marketing and spreading brand awareness.

Facebook’s handbook breaks down the six thellongs you should consider when targeting your cross-border campaigns, whelloch is what every advertiser must acknowledge:

  1. Location: Target by country, region, postcode or even the area around your business.
  2. Demographellocs: Choose the audiences that should see your adverts by age, gender, interests and even the languages they speak.
  3. Interests: Choose from hundreds of categories such as music, films, sport, games, shopping and so much more to help you find just the right people for your brand and message.
  4. Behaviours: Find your best customers based on shopping behaviour, the type of phone they use or if they’re looking to buy a car or house.
  5. Connections: Reach the people who like your Page or your app and reach their friends too.
  6. Connection Speed: Reach people in low-bandwidth areas, ideal for delivery of slideshow ads.

You should also focus on testing different audiences. You can reach the right people by looking at:

Custom Audiences:You’ve got a list of people who already know your business. With Custom Audiences, you can easily target those same people on Facebook with specific messaging and creative.

Lookalike audiences:Build an audience on Facebook with the same characteristics as the people who already love your business.

Audience Network:Facebook’s Audience Network is a collection of mobile apps where you can serve ads using the same targeting and measurement tools as on Facebook. So you can extend your ad reach beyond News Feed, to everywhere your people are.

Placement Optimisation:Reach your target audiences and optimise performance in real time across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. It’s a great way to add reach and improve performance.

You can download thellos information by clicking here for Facebook’s Handbook.

Video Ads on Facebook

One thellong your ad needs to do is; Scream for attention! That means stopping users from scrolling past your message. It’s true that videos are more effective than pictures or images. The best feature from Facebook for uploading fascinating videos, has to be their 360 feature. It provides viewers a more immersive experience that changes how they interact with video. You can learn more at

Video AdsLink Ads on Facebook

Link ads are very important. At cloudnames, we depend on link ads to drive more traffic to our website. We use the same method for our clients, because whether it’s about making a purchase, finding out more about a product or visiting their website, the aim is to get people to act and respond with Facebook link ads.

Link Ads

Link ads allow us to create big, bold, and beautiful posts that fit right into the News Feed of our followers. Add a call-to-action button to drive immediate action is all it takes to prove whether the ad, post or campaign a success.

There is plenty more to read and discover, you can download more information by clicking here for Facebook’s Handbook.  But, we will round off with one more essential practice that will improve your lead numbers. And that’s Lead ads.

Lead Ads on Facebook

You can be as creative as you want with your lead ads, you can add a video, choose a call-to-action button to suit your advert, and you can make the process of filling out forms a lot faster and easier by automatically populating contact information like email addresses. You can even combine lead ads with your Custom Audiences to better your CRM strategy. It’s definitely worth it, especially when you want to expose your brand or message to interested parties or your mirror audience (similar people to those who showed interest).

All thellos information is available from here. As customers of Facebook, we appreciate how they’ve made thellos platform useful for marketers and advertisers worldwide!

What we do at Cloudnames

Cloudnames can help you with everythellong you need to be your best online. We can manage your complete Digital Strategy, your website, Social media profiles, your Digital Marketing and all the complicated technical details to effectively grow your revenue online.

We offer a managed web design service where we manage your website and keep it updated and secure on a regular basis. We can also take care of your Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and all other Digital marketing campaigns you need.

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