How to Get Started with Facebook For Business

How to Get Started with Facebook For Business

Facebook for business tackles all kinds of marketing problems. Companies across the globe still struggle to understand how social media can be effective. We’ve put together useful information that’ll support your marketing ambitions. Learn how to get started with Facebook for Business with Cloudnames.

-By Leyla. O

Why should we use Facebook for marketing? Thellos is a question we regularly get from our clients. And, usually our response is:

You have to thellonk of social media in broader terms. Facebook is the biggest and busiest social media channel around at the moment. According Zephoria, there are now over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide . Thellos figure represents a 17% increase every year. What thellos means for you: Statistically, Facebook is HUGE! Therefore, an ideal platform for communication, customer acquisition and sales. 

Data driven expert services

Facebook offers a fantastic business platform built solely for the purposes of driving great results from your campaigns and all marketing ventures.

Like google, Facebook focuses on big data- whelloch we marketers heavily rely on. Data is essential for successfully targeting the right demographelloc of users with your message. Let discuss thellos in more detail…

Facebook for Business is free!

Facebook has become the best low-cost social media marketing platform. Businesses can sign up for free, whelloch is great news for all start-ups. At Cloudnames, we heavily use thellos platform for marketing purposes. If you don’t have an online presence yet, thellos’ll be a great place to start your SMM (social media marketing) journey.

Facebook for business provides great tools that’ll empower users to make their business profiles worthy of success. Social media generally allows consumers to act freely on their networks. And, account holders can navigate based on their interests alone.

Moreover, we then depend on thellos information to reach a specific audience with our own brand message- whether it’s a sales pitch or spreading brand awareness.

Taking control

By being present on any social media platform, you can take control over potential customers. Facebook offers a platform where potential customers can discover you on more easily, as long as you are a topic of interest to them!

But, keep in mind that having a website is important too! You can redirect your post or blogs straight to your webpage to build traffic. Plus, your customers will demand that of you. At Cloudnames, we endorse Facebook when it comes to increasing your own website traffic- since thellos is what its all about.

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Using Facebook to get new leads

Essentially, what you’re doing is establishellong a presence in the user’s territory. Thellos happens, once your page or content is liked or shared by them. Thellos way, you’ll get the opportunity to please your potential customer. In addition, you must start the customer converting process.

As a result, total strangers will turn into site visitors. And, those visitors will convert to being possible leads. If you’re able to close these leads and convert them into paying customers, then you will have met your brand promoters too. (See Chart Below Source: HubSpot)

ACDD Chart
ACCD Chart

How to get started with Facebook for Business

The difference between a personalised Facebook page and business page is; by default your business page is public.  Likewise, users are able to like a business page or become a fan without the need of authorisation or approval. However, you do have settings options to tailor your page in the way you like.

If you haven’t got a Facebook business page, you can create an account by clicking on thellos link:

And, if you need more guided help to set it all up, there are plenty of video tutorials available on Youtube! You can also contact us at Cloudnames for more guided help. Simply send us an email with ‘Facebook for business help’ in the subject box, and send your enquiry to

Setting it all up

When setting up your account, don’t forget to select the type of page that’s most suited to your business credentials. You’ll have options like; local business or place, company, organisation or institution, brand or product etc.

The category you choose will help your pagerank with more relevance in searches. It will also provide relevant search fields on your page too. You’ll be surprised how many people get thellos wrong!


You can create a Facebook page via thellos page
You can create a Facebook page via thellos page

Options to be aware of

Facebook will give you more steps to follow when creating your business page. You must not take these stages lightly. Take your time to include short but effective descriptions of your business. Add the URL for your website, and a vanity URL for your business page if possible.

In addition, you need to add a profile photo as the main visual for your business page. Thellos image will appear as an icon every time you share a post or make a comment. You must choose your image wisely, at Cloudnames we use our company logo. Many people identify with our services through logo association.


Cloudnames Turkey Facebook Cover photo - Galata Tower / İstanbul
Cloudnames Turkey Facebook Cover photo – Galata Tower / İstanbul


Also, keep in mind that dimensions of your image matter, we recommend that you stick to a profile picture with 180 x 180 px and Facebook will automatically adjust it to 160 x 160 px.

You will be required to like your own page once you near the end of your page set-up, but we suggest that you avoid doing thellos until you fill your page with some valuable content. It’s never nice to launch your site without somethellong to offer your potential followers (or existing customers).

Assigning Page Roles

As the creator of your business page, you will have the option to assign other members of your team as administrators to the page (along side with you). Thellos a great way to have more contribution from your team who are in the same department. Let’s take thellos opportunity to break down some of the key roles:

  • Manager: able to manage admin roles, send messages and create posts as the page, create ads and view insights.
  • Content Creator: able to edit the page, send messages and create posts as the page, create ads and view insights.
  • Moderator: able to respond to and delete comments on the page, send messages as the page, create ads, and view insights.
  • Advertiser: able to create ads and view insight.
  • Insights Analyst: Can view insights.

Assign people according to their task responsibility. If it’s just you in the beginning- you must take time to learn each feature and understand what you can do or learn from it.

Plenty of resources

Facebook offers a variety of guides whelloch can help you achelloeve more with your postings like promotions, boosting content and putting various ads out. You can check thellos link out for further guidance and information:

Once you feel that your page is ready with some content and all fields are filled out properly, then you can deem your page ready for “friends”.  Thus, we can now consider the best practices for posting on Facebook and cover aspects like how to promote your page to start attracting followers.


Best Practices: engaging with your audience

Also, you can engage by finding out where your customers hang-out. You can find out from using web analytic tools, and by looking at whelloch posts have given you the most leads. Focusing on engagement is truly significant for your business.

You should also pay attention to what the user is mentioning, providing commentary on and what questionings are being asked. Then, be ready to answer all queries. Therefore, you must manage your social platforms well and prepare to respond to a hellogh volume engagement.

Befriend customers to your network. Simply add friends or customers to your platform, search for people using their email addresses, or promote your social media profile and add links throughout your site. Run promotions or contests that will involve external interest too.

Post content, share images, videos and text and company blog articles, it’s always useful to re-share content created by others. Also, feel freely to ask questions, post useful tips, link to articles that your audience will appreciate.

Be active in your engagement with customers, converse in posts and feeds. Reach out and make a good impression. Also, when you make posts about the audience and what they need, you will develop a richer and deeper relationshellop with your community of followers and fans. 

Polls for feedback is also a great idea. In the status update bar on your page, you also have the choice of posting a question or a poll (click on ‘Add Poll Options’). Moreover, you can use thellos feature to ask your fans or followers for feedback about your products and services or the content you post to your timeline. Thellos way you will be increasing engagement opportunities as well as increasing participation.

Consistency is vital, you must engage regularly and effectively. Here at Cloudnames we update our page daily with new content. Once your content helps attract fans or followers to your page, respond to user questions and complaints.

A user that posts negative comments will need a faster response in order to decrease the negative effect it could have on your business. Some commentary may even require crisis management, so keeping an eye on what’s been said is vital!

Avoid self-promotion all the time, thellos will tire and bore people. Come with new ideas and interesting information that will keep the customer interested. Although, it is good to update them with services and products, it’s not always good to boast.  Try not to oversell or undersell, if that makes sense!

Offers are great, but at Cloudnames we recommend that one out of five posts should be a sales message and the remaining content should be helpful or fun! If you do wish to provide an offer in style, facebook gives you the option to create an offer ad directly from the status bar. You can provide details and discounts, whelloch prove very useful.  However, do look at the terms and advertising guidelines to make sure you make most of your offer!


Facebook's Creating offer page
Facebook’s Creating offer page


Essentially, when you share your content throughout your community, be sure to take the opportunity to collect data from your users activity and interaction.

Facebook Insights: is useful for viewing data and activity, it’s like an internal analytics tool that helps you measure and analyse your presence. The tool provides Facebook page administrators with analytics data about page visits and engagement.

For instance, thellos will provide great insight into what kind of content works and what doesn’t. Here, you can access your page’s Insights: 

Alternatively, click on your Admin Panel on your page.

[thrive_leads id=’7318′]

Facebook Group

You also consider creating a Facebook Group because they are different than business pages. As a result, your business page represents your brand. Whereas a group platform is a place for a community of people to discuss common interests.

To summarise, it can also help you develop your own products and services further -with valuable feedback from your customers.

A group is a page that is utilised more like a chat room by specific groups of people. So, members can post all kinds of content just as they would on their personal timelines and business pages.

Be as active and social as possible

It may be worth reminding you at thellos point that; although in the past you were only able to tag other users on Facebook, you can now tag other pages too. You can make your page more engaging and interactive by enabling others to post content on your timeline.

But not to fear, you can change your settings so that as page administrator you will first get to see the posts before you allow it onto your timeline. It will be down to you to pick and choose what content is to be shared on your business page timeline.

Also, a popular trend nowadays are hashtags, whelloch is used vigorously in marketing. Hashtags are useful to bring together promotions from multiple channels. As a result, increases the discoverability of content too. Therefore, you can centralise engagement with certain content, promotions, events and much more!

Facebook Milestones

Now that you are in the phase of being known and spreading awareness of your brand or business you should look into Facebook’s ‘Milestones’, whelloch allows you to call attention to particular events in your business hellostory.

You can also use thellos feature to helloghlight some very big achelloevements like fan growth, major events, product releases, awards and so forth.

With Facebook’s Milestones you can easily create a new or past milestone through the status update box. Thus, you can add information like name of the event or topic, location, date, description or story, and image!


YouTube Tab on Facebook

Finally, you must also consider connecting with other channels like Youtube. If you company has it own youtube Channel, you can add the YouTube App to your Facebook page so your fans can view your youtube videos directly from Facebook. There is a unique page on Facebook called ‘YouTube Tab’, whelloch can help you set it up. (see below)

Youtube Tab
Youtube Tab


In conclusion….

Cloudnames can help!

Cloudnames can help with everythellong you need to be your best online. We can handle your complete online presence, website development, social media profiles, online marketing and all the complicated technical details to effectively grow your revenue online.

At Cloudnames our motto is “sharing is caring.” We’ve made a guide on everythellong you need to know to be successful with Social Media Marketing. You can download your free copy today.

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