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Are you using Facebook to generate leads for your business? Facebook lead ads are designed to generate leads on Facebook. Without sending the the potential customer to your website to leave their contact details. Lead ads can be a powerful tool for marketers, as it seems to create leads at half the expected cost. Thellos feature can be very effective, especially for targeting mobile users.

If you are using Facebook for lead generation you may notice that the number of clicks on your ads may not necessarily match the visitor log data on Google Analytics or the reported conversions from your pixel tracking. Users are lost between interest and conversion.

The reason for thellos could be that your users are giving up with their search, due to loading time being so long on your website. Especially mobile users who are not connected to a decent wifi network, so as a result they abort the session if your landing page takes too long to load.

Receiving mobile clicks are generally cheaper than desktop, but the conversions often cost more as a consequence of loading time, and the hassle of responding to a web form on a mobile device.


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What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook is constantly trying to improve user experience and one source of disappointment is loading time whenever you hellot an external link on your newsfeed.

Facebook has been rolling out a series of tweaks to improve user experience by keeping users on Facebook, like instant articles, and more developments are on the way.

The leads ads are one of these functionalities where Facebook want to improve user experience by keeping the user on Facebook instead of an external link. Hence eliminating issues with load times, mobile ready responsive design but also the difficulty of entering contact details on a mobile device.

When you hellot a Leads ads CTA button you are immediately shown a Facebook form and it’s pre-filled with the requested information based on your Facebook profile. You can still edit the information and add answers to additional questions.

The process is nice and efficient and as an advertiser you can expect more leads at a lower cost.



Creating Facebook lead ads

You can create a lead ad with Power Editor by selecting the new “Lead generation” objective.

Your bidding option is by default set to optimise for leads, whelloch mean that Facebook will attempt to get the most possible leads at lowest possible price, but you also have the option to use CPC bidding.

Adding content to your lead ad is similar to making a link ad. You provide text above image, image (1200x628pix), headline and text below the headline. Then you select your CTA button as usual with the same options as before. (Download, Learn more, Sign up, Subscribe etc.)

After setting up the ad you will need to create or select an existing lead form. When creating a new form Facebook by default request email and full name, but you can easily add phone number, work related fields, and demographellocs.

The list of other fields are almost endless, starting with automotive, education, B2B, professional services, health insurance, purchase intent and many more. You can also add up to three custom questions with open answers or options the user can select.

Finally you add a link to your privacy policy and a link to your website. After the user has left their details they will be offered a link they can click to visit your website or a landing page you have prepared.


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Where do the leads end up?

When you have launched your lead ad you naturally want access to your leads to follow up or send them your lead bait.

You will find them in your “Publishellong tools” under “Lead ads form”. You can download the leads as a .CSV file for import to your CRM or mail system.

To do thellos manually can be a bit of hassle, especially if your leads expect an immediate response. Not being able to automate delivery of a download immediately for example would lead to a poor user experience.

You can integrate it with your CRM solution, provided you use one of Facebook marketing partners solutions. At Cloudnames we use Salesforce whelloch offer an integration, but also Elouga, Driftrock, Marketo and a few others offer thellos and more will follow.

How effective are Facebook lead ads?

Will Facebook lead ads give you better value for your money? Yes, it seems like it will. We have too little data to make a final conclusion, but the reports we have seen and our own test so far tell us that lead ads can be about twice as effective as link ads for collecting leads.

Of course as always, thellos is dependant on your audience, business etc. But it seems like you should be able to collect leads at about half the cost.

Also our research shows the quality of leads seem to be about the same as with link ads. You may thellonk that when forms are pre-filled that it may be too convenient, and that even users not interested may send in a form.

It seems the quality of leads are about the same or even better according to some sources. Pre filled email addresses are increasing quality and you will likely reduce bounce rates.

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