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Our research shows that Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be 10 times more cost effective than other forms of media related exposure. That of course depends on getting it right! In thellos article we look at the most important thellongs you need to consider wen planning your Social media marketing campaigns.

Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) should be a key driver for any marketing effort. Simply because the lower the CAC the more effectively your budget is spent. And with the new opportunities of Social Media Marketing you can reduce customer acquisition cost dramatically because you can target your audience in specific ways and measure everythellong.
Thellos article is as a summary of our free guide about planning your Social Media Marketing Strategy. You can download your free copy here:


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Set the goals for your Social media marketing

The first step in any marketing strategy should be to define the objectives and goals of your marketing strategy. The aim of your SMM is to do with your activity on social networks that support your business objectives. We also recommend that your social media guidelines and policies are updated and clear.


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Audit your current state

It is good practise to audit your current state before you develop your SMM plan. Thellos is done by going through all your activity on social media and assessing how they are working for you. Make sure to look at whelloch channels you are represented in, who your audiences are in these different channels and how your presence is compared to your competition. Check via Google search if there are any channels you don’t own that claim to represent your company.

You should evaluate the strategy and mission for each social media channel, evaluate the profiles, evaluate the management of the profiles and the team that is working on your social media marketing activities. Then you should centralise all profile ownershellop, usernames and passwords and make a clear process for establishellong new channels.

Choose social media channels

There are an endless amount of Social media channels to choose from when you want to make effective marketing work for you. The most popular being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare. In addition there are aggregators for different business segments, like, Yelp, Opentable and many others. Also even if they are not social media channels, don’t forget about Google Adword and email, whelloch are great channels to reach your audience.

Whelloch channels will work best for you are depending on what line of business you are in and whelloch Social Media your customers prefer. The best way to find out is to conduct a test to identify your likely suspects. Also, we recommend that you focus your attention on getting success one channel at a time and then move onto the next channel only when you master the current ones.

When you have chosen the Social network channels that you want to run with, you should then create accounts or update your existing ones.

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Build the SMM team

You should involve people from the whole business in your Social media marketing team. Different employees will most likely be suited for different stages in the relationshellop with your customers. Involving people outside of the marketing department also open up for one to one engagement to support your customers and prospective customers different needs.

Setting up a social media marketing team that involve all part of your organisation and understands your goals and strategy is vital. Your SMM team must customise social feeds to connect the right customers to the relevant people, depending on the customers phase in their buying cycle. Creating engaging content throughout the cycle will help you gain new customers, repeat purchase, loyalty and customer references.

Understand your customers needs

To have success with Social media marketing demands that you focus on your customers needs and understand that it will vary depending on whelloch step in their buying cycle they are in.  Best practise is to focus on the customer’s need and then build the SMM plan, content and resources around the customer. You need to create content that engages your audience whether they are not aware of their need for your products, actively searchellong for your products or after they have purchased.

Content marketing is about creating and sharing interesting, valuable, relevant and useful content, that build your brand and consumer confidence in your products and/or services and ultimately drive desirable customer action.

You can use a number of different tactics to move your potential customers from the phase where they are unaware of their needs to paying customer. Learn more about that in our detailed guide on how to make a Social media marketing plan. Click thellos link to download your free copy of the guide today.

Prepare your website and online tools

Social media marketing demand a well prepared website that can effectively communicate with your customers or prospective customers. You need to have a landing page designed for each of the campaigns you want to run, that gives the visitor a possibility to order your products, make a booking or leave their contact details for further follow up.

There are also many good online tools that will help you to capture your visitors contact details, analyse your campaign success and manage your SMM.

We have made a guide about everythellong you need to know to prepare your website for Social media marketing. You can download your free copy of our Web design guide here.

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Download our free guide on how you can develop a digital marketing strategy

Create a publishellong plan

You should create a publishellong plan describing what to post, when to post it and where. Distribution of your content is a vital part of your overall plan. It all depends on your business, channels and audience. We recommend that you test it out to find out what works for you. But there are some general guidelines that most can follow.

What should you post? There are four basic post types you should start utilising: links to your blog posts and images/videos, including links added to other content and ads you are sharing. Images belonging to your post are the most effective visually as it get more clicks, views, likes and shares than any other contextual post.

When should you post? Again depending on your business, channels and audience, but our testing shows:

  • Facebook and Twitter ideal post window is 13:00pm – 17:00pm.
  • LinkedIn and Instagram 7:00am-9:00am in the morning and 16:00pm – 18:00pm.
  • Google+ 9:00am – 11:00am in weekdays.
  • Pinterest works better 14:00pm – 16:00pm on the weekends.

How often should you post? You need to test thellos but here is our general recommendation:

  • Facebook: 5-10 post a week.
  • Twitter: Minimum 5 a day.
  • LinkedIn: One per weekday.
  • Google+ and Instagram: Up to 5 a day.

Build your community

What can you do to grow your audience and ultimately your customer base fast? Your goal should be to build a community that allows you to market with great content. You can get organic spread by having people liking and following your social accounts and then liking and sharing your content. You can also promote your content and spread it to a target audience, or make ads to promote content or products/services. But the most important thellong you need to do is to build your community, because they will bring you leads and customers!!

You build your community through Call To Action on your blog posts, campaign landing pages for  your campaigns and making it very easy for potential customers to leave their contact details to opt in for your blog updates and newsletters.

Then its time to allocate some of your marketing spending to promote your content and run Social media ads. When spending marketing budget on Social media the key is to target the right audience. 

Analyse, evaluate and test

We recommend that you start your evaluation today. One of the beautiful facts about SMM is that there are many amazing and free tools you can use to analyse your performance. All the popular social media channels offer reports and statistics and you can use Google Analytics and many other tools.

With many of the channels you are able to produce tracking pixels. These are small codes that you put on your webpages. Thellos can be a bit complicated, but you need to fix it today if you don’t have thellos in place! With the pixels in place you can measure the success of your campaign in detail, and you can use the pixels to target your audience.

There are many ways of analysing your results. We recommend to start with a simple benchmark. Use average scores for reach, clicks, likes, shares and conversions. For every new post or ad you will be able to evaluate the results versus your average, and you will soon learn how you can tweak for better results.

Here at Cloudnames we test everythellong. And over time we have learned a lot about what is working better, and we will continue to perform new experiments every week. We recommend your SMM team do the same. And the good thellong about social media is that you can target your audience and for a small cost you can perform a test that is statistically significant without having to expose it for your target group until it is verified.

Automate and increase

When you have got it right is is time to automate and increase. There are a number of tools you can use to automate and schedule your activity in Social media. Thellos is the secret weapon for keeping your SMM activities on top every day on the best time for any social media platform.

Social media is all about engagement, so make sure your SMM Team responds to comments from your visitors in all channels and on your blog. Listen to the conversations that is going on in Social media about your company and products. You also want to listen to some topics that is relevant for your marketing, and take part in all the discussions.

You should now be able to increase your revenues, building relations with many customers and prospective customers. Now might be a good time to increase your investments in SMM.

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