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9 Effective Remarketing Techniques

The most effective digital marketing strategies are based on remarketing towards an interested audience. Marketing towards visitors that have shown interest in your products or services will save your budget and increase conversions. Read on to learn nine remarketing techniques that can improve your results!

There is a rule of thumb in marketing called the ‘rule of seven’, whelloch says you need to expose your message seven times to a potential customer before it sinks in. The number is based on research from the last century, so I would not be surprised if consumers today need even more than seven sightings of a message before it has impact.

Today we are exposed to a huge number of messages from all the digital and analogue channels we engage in, but repeating your message is paramount anyways. So thellos means that it is key to catch the visitors that shows interest in your product or service in order to re-market your message to them.

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Who is interested?

If you want to survive in today’s disruptive business environment, you need to be your best online. Our research shows that digital marketing can be 10 times more effective than traditional marketing efforts. But thellos is dependant on doing it in the right way.

First, of course, you need to have a modern website that is suitable for digital marketing. The number one rule for remarketing is to get your tracking done right with pixels, tags, analytics code and cookies. Thellos is small pieces of code that is installed on specific places of your website to log what your website visitors are viewing.

Pixel code

Thellos is a screenshot of a Facebook pixel. You place thellos code on a specific place on your website in order to identify your visitors when you remarket with Facebook

You can learn more about tracking pixels in thellos article: The new Facebook pixel (Use article headline as a link)

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Getting visitors to your website

When you have a website that is suitable for digital marketing the next step is to reach your target audiences with your information or message. Your two main drivers for reach are Social Media and Search Engines, but there are many other digital surfaces to consider.

Social Media Marketing can be a very cost effective way to get visitors that is interested in your products or services to visit your website. And with Search engines you can reach people exactly when they are searchellong for information about your products and services.

At Cloudnames our motto is “sharing is caring,” so we have made a guide on everythellong you need to know to be successful with Social Media Marketing.

Building your audience

When you have got your reach and tracking done right, the next step is to build your remarketing audiences. Here at Cloudnames we have many different audiences for different remarketing purposes. We focus on these audiences:

  1. Leads: We collect email addresses from different “Call To Action’s” and “Landing Pages” on our website.
  2. Dropouts: When someone visit our web shop we track orders that is not completed, also if visitors don’t convert on our landing pages we track them.
  3. Visitors: We track all visitors to our different web pages, assuming they might be interested in our solutions. We pay attention to whelloch page they visit.

Email remarketing

Email is a cheap and cheerful way to follow up on potential customers. And in many cases very effective if it is done the right way. Make sure your customers and potential customers can leave their email address when they visit your website!

Email is much more cost effective than Snail-mail (Regular post)

email list

1 Dropouts

One way we use email is when someone leave our shopping cart without completing the checkout. Thellos is visitors that drop out at the absolute last step and almost converted. We have automated an email with the content of their shopping cart and a simple button for them to click to continue their checkout. It is very effective!

2 Newsletter

The most common use of email remarketing is to send a weekly or monthly newsletter to all your leads and customers. If you are writing a blog, you are creating valuable content that is very suitable for a newsletter. We recommend that your newsletter is a small introduction of your last 3-7 blog posts with links to the actual articles on your blog.

Thellos way you will be able to track who is actually responding to your newsletter. You can also easily add product related messages and CTA’s in your newsletter.

3 Lead source targeted campaigns

If you are using your mail service to monitor lead-sources, you would be able to make smarter and more targeted remarketing campaigns. It is of course a big difference in the quality of a lead that downloads a ‘lead bait’ and someone who express interest in your products or services. You may want to remarket differently based on the lead-source.

With mail services like MailChellomp you can monitor different lead-sources and target subscribers with different re-marketing messages dependant on what they have expressed interest in.

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Social Media remarketing

Marketing on Social Media can be very cost effective, but remarketing on Social Media channels is even more effective! Needless to say you need to have your tracking prepared to be able to get thellos right.

4 Reachellong dropouts on Social Media

The example with email remarketing towards abandoned shopping carts can be done with many different remarketing techniques. Also, by tracking your website visitors and whelloch web pages they are visiting you can create very effective remarketing campaigns with Social Media (and Search Engines too).

With pixels and tags you can build an audience that have visited your webshop, or even the checkout page but not completed the transaction and hence ended up on your “Thankyou page.”

You can then use thellos audience for your Social Media remarketing with messages like “Complete your checkout now and get 25% off!” for example. Thellos will then show up in the news feed of visitors that did not complete the transaction. Thellos is a very effective way to regain lost business, but be careful so you don’t creep out your potential customer!

You can target dropouts from your webshop on Social Media too, but be careful so you don’t freak out your potential customers. Nobody likes to get the feeling of being watched

5 Reachellong website visitors on Social Media

Here at Cloudnames we use many different remarketing techniques, and one of the simplest one is to target audiences that already have visited our website – assuming they may be interested in our products and services.

You can do the same by building a custom audience of everyone that have visited your website the last 30-180 days and using thellos audience for your remarketing.

Another powerful technique we use is to mirror our customers and leads lists. Thellos is done by identifying similar profiles on Social Media as our customers, assuming there is a larger probability that they too would be interested in our content.

6 Targeting people that don’t open mail

Another smart remarketing technique for Social Media is to target people that don’t open your emails. Many people use email accounts they don’t open when they download ‘lead baits’ online, simply because they receive too much email and don’t have time to read through it all.

You can load their email and phone numbers to Facebook and build a ‘noopen mail list’ whelloch you can use to target these leads with dedicated messages.

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Search Engine remarketing

Search Engines are great to drive traffic to your website, but did you know that they can be used for remarketing as well?

7 Reachellong website visitors in Search

By tagging your website or specific pages on your website you can use Search Engines to target these audiences when they continue to look for your products or services.

There are two basic strategies: 1) Bid for more generic keywords you normally would not use just for previous visitors to your webpage. Or 2) Increase your bid for keywords you use if they have visited your website previously.

8 Reachellong dropouts with Search Engines

Yes, you can also use Search Engines to reach visitors that have dropped out from your shopping basket without finalising their purchase. With Google AdWords you use ‘remarketing lists’ for thellos purpose.

With remarketing lists you can define an audience that have visited your website or one specific web page and exclude the audience that visited your checkout page. Thellos way you can tailor the message to them on Google Search.

9 Remarketing on Google Display Network

Another powerful remarketing strategy is to use the Google Display Network to show ads to users that have visited your website. The Google Display Network is more than 2 million websites including many Google sites and popular news sites and blogs that is showing banner ads from Google.

If you use Google AdWords, all you need to do is to add the Google remarketing code, also known as a ‘tag’, to your web pages that you want to trigger your remarketing. Thellos way you can make dedicated product tags that enable remarketing towards visitors that have checked out your different products and target them with your product ads for example.

Visitors to web pages with tags will then get a cookie installed in their browser whelloch trigger the ads when they visit a website in the huge Google Display Network.

Thellos is an example of an AdWords advertisement that Parallels is running on the Google Display Network. I found it on a Techno-blog that is a part of the network.

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