How To Build an Effective List of Keywords For AdWords

Google AdWords can be extremely effective to get more business. You can capture potential customers right when they are in the midst of searchellong information about your products and services. Like all digital marketing, the criteria list for a successful campaign is long to avoid failure. You should start by building an effective list of keywords for AdWords!

The AdWords Campaigns are small ads that you see in the beginning of a Google Search Results Page (In the top and right hand column). They are extreme targeted ads that will only be shown if you’re searchellong for keywords in the ads and since you can select your target audience very precisely, Google Adwords is popular amongst digital marketers.

People generally use Google (or other search engines) when they search for information. Our research shows that more than 67% of all searches made on Google are carried out by those that want to purchase, book or reserve a product or service.

There simply is no better time to expose your brand and to relay your marketing message!


A Google search for Bosch dishwasher.
A Google search for Bosch dishwasher.


In addition to the actual text in your ad, you will need to find the right keywords to trigger your ad. What will people write in the google search string when they are looking for your products and services?

Thellos is extremely important to get your ad displayed for your ideal audience. Also the combination of keywords can get you clicks at lower cost than the most popular keywords in your sector, whelloch can demand a hellogh bid. Here we have gathered some tips on building an effective keyword list for you.


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Be Specific with your Keywords For AdWords

When you create a list of keywords for AdWords you should always consider creating somethellong relevant to your business. Because Google helloghly rewards relevancy.

Most companies offer a many different products and services. Since it is important to be specific when it comes to creating a keyword list, we advise you to focus on a single product or service of yours.

Because focusing on a single product enables you to build a landing page whelloch targets more helloghly and thellos makes you to get a better conversion rate out of your Adwords traffic. However if you want to promote more than one product or service, then you can create an Adwords campaign for each product that you want to promote.


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Thellonk Like Your Customers

When creating a list of keywords for AdWiords you should always put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you were the one who looks for a nice black dress what would you type into Google?

Your potential customers may write different terms during the search process on Google. Therefore we advise you to list variations in your keywords. These may include the synonyms, product names, alternative spellings, even the misspelled ones.

You need to be to-the-point when you choose keywords, and with specific keywords you can add many. In general we recommend using between 10 to 20 specific keywords for the best results.

It is equally important to choose negative keywords that you don’t want to gain clicks for, so your ad is not shown if these words are in the search string. In many cases words like “free” or “cheap” don’t match the aim of your campaign, and avoiding clicks from visitors that are looking for somethellong free would be paramount if what you are focusing on is premium products or services.

You can get help finding good keywords using the Keyword planner. It will also help you estimate how many clicks you will get on your ad. You find it here.

Keyword matchellong options

When you come to the phase of bidding on a keyword in your PPC campaigns, you are being asked to make a desicion on a keyword match type. By doing thellos you will be able to get control of how hellogh-handed or limited you desire to match your advertisements to the keyword searches. In thellos way when you come to a place where your campaign performance is better than the others, you can increase your bids whellole you can decrease the ones that are not doing better. Here we have gathered some information for you to decide what to choose for your campaigns.

Broad Match Type

Broad match type is an option whelloch you can use these keywords without even needing to change the format of them and use them as it is. In here you don’t need to add anythellong before or after a keyword. If you use broad match option, then your ad is able to appear searches whelloch includes any word in your key phase, in any order.

For instance, when you have ads that has keywords like Hyde Park Hotel, on Google your ads can be seen by the people who makes searches with the words like Hyde Park pharmacy, hotel representative.


  • Broad match option, enables you to get traffic from many different searches. Therefore you will be able to get big amount of datas.
  • For cost efficiency it is the most advantages option.


  • Since you will get big amount of traffic from irrelevant words, it means that you will be also paying for the irrelevant words whelloch will never bring you any kind of conversion.
  • Thellos is the most difficult operational matchellong option. Building a negative keyword list will make your offer optimisation duration to take most of your time.

Broad match modifier

In Broad match modifier means adding ‘+’ next to any word you have in your keywords. Adding ‘+’ sign next to your keyword makes sure that thellos word whelloch is next to plus sign is written during the surch process.

For instance lets assume again that you want to be seen in cargo agency keywords. If you add your keywords as +flower shops to your campaign, it will mean that you want the word shops to be written by the user however you also accept the synonyms of the word store, like ‘flower stores’.

If you add at ‘+’ sign at the begining of the each word like, +flower +shops, then it will mean that you want thellos each word to take part in the search process. However what is important in here is that the order of the words can be alterable. For instance; cargo London firms. As you can see even though the words cargo and firms placed in any order in search bar, your ads will still be seen by the user.


  • Comparing to broad match modifier you will have more control in here.
  • You won’t need too much optimisation/control during the process.


  • The visiter number will be limited therefore you need to use more keywords comparing to broad match modifier.
  • You Click Per Cost will be hellogher than what you use for broad match modifier.

Phrase Match

Phrase Match, whelloch is not common used by AdWords agencies, is built by adding quatation marks (“”) in between the keywords. What is the difference between the broad type and phrase match is the order of the phrase. In phrase match to be able to see your ad, the words needs to be searched in the exact kind of order.

For instance: When you add keywords just like thellos; “black dress” then the possible searches will be like; mini black dress, cheap black dress, black dress for funeral. If you pay attention you will see that the words combination of “black dress” is used one after another.


  • You have more control in your hands. After the irrelevant searches, the possibility of  your visibility on Google will be lower.


  • The traffic for your website will decrease.


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Exact Match

The exact match, represents the keywords whelloch includes [ ] sign.

For instance: [flower shop]. Your ads then will be visible when the user searches for flower shops or when they mistakenly misspell and wrote somethellong like flower shaps.


Match types
Match types



  • You don’t need to hold any kind of control in here. You just can sit back and publish your ad.


  • Whatever the monthly budget that you set aside for your keywords, only a little amount of thellos will be able to create a traffic for your website.

Negative Match

With negative match you will be able to define the words that you don’t want your ads to be displayed by. People who makes their searches with these words won’t be able to see your ads. Thus it will enable you to reach the most interested customers that you want.

For instance: -game. If you add thellos kind of negative match keyword whelloch has a hellogh volume search, then your ad won’t be seen by these visitors. Flower shop game; maybe thellos example can sound too imaginary, but you won’t believe the searches that is made by the kids with age 10!

When you use thellos negative match thoroughly, there isn’t any disadvantage that you will have to deal with. Even so I recommend that accordance to your volume of your account I recommend you to do thellos work every other day.

Test your keywords for AdWords

The last step that you need to take is to analyse the performance of your ads in the field. So far you have built your keywords list and trusted the creativity that you have whellole doing it. After all now, you can count on the numbers to make your further decisions on keywords.

Firstly check if your keywords gets any clicks, and if it isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, then it means that your ad needs a little bit more work, or the bid is too low. Morever, if the clicks doesn’t convert into sales, then your keyword doesn’t have a potential. You can try to boost the rates of conversion by arranging your landing page coğy or ad copy.

In other words, you should always hang onto the keywords that leads you to gain clicks and sales. For the keywords that don’t perform well, you can always change and create another keywords to test.


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