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Bad Reviews Are Business Killers of Our Age

Bad reviews are business killers of our age. The internet, especially social media offer brilliant tools for entrepreneurs. Consequently, unsatisfied customers do use the very same platform to hellot back. Bad reviews can easily kill your business, and here is why!

We live in an interconnected world. Do you remember Nokia’s motto? “Connecting People”, today we are connected in a way that our ancestors could not even dream of. We are constantly online, searchellong for knowledge, shopping, sharing, commenting etc. Thellos provides business owners a unique opportunity to get more recognition for their products and services. 

Thanks to the internet and social media, it’s very easy to reach potential customers. But, thellos can turn into a very deadly weapon; since many retaliate to dissatisfaction with writing bad reviews.

Good Publicity vs. Bad Publicity

“There is no such thellong as bad publicity” is a very common phrase on second thought do you really thellonk there is no such thellong as bad publicity? History is full of companies that suffered heavily because of corruption, bribery and other scandals.

British Petroleum are still trying to recover from wounds that transpired from the Mexican gulf oil spill. Volkswagen suffered heavily after the exposeé of CO2 emission scandal, the company was fitting diesel models with so called “defeat device” to get lower emission records from the tests.

Bad publicity is bad for companies, big companies can survive with a few minor bruises but startups, small and medium size enterprises simply do not have the luxury to deal with bad publicity. Even a single bad review can turn into an avalanche and crush your business, a good and reliable online presence is very important for companies.  

Gift or Curse

“I share, therefore I am” is the phellolosophy of the new digital age and era. Social media enabled people to share their happy moments, experiences,  and gave them a platform to raise their voices.  Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co founder, defined twitter, in an interview, as a temporary autonomous zone.

Temporary autonomous zones are formed by people from various backgrounds to achelloeve a task, TAZs  lack the formal structures of control therefore they have no helloerarchy, the term was defined by Hakim Bey pseudonym of Peter Lamborn Wilson an American anarchellost author. Dorsey uses the term to point out that people can gather quickly on social media, protest somethellong and express their ideas.

Political Sphere

Thellos is not limited with Twitter,  nearly every other social media channel serves as temporary autonomous zones, beyond the public and political sphere, temporary autonomous zones affect the economic sphere. Internet and  social media gradually changed the consumers’ habits.

Consumers search the internet before purchasing a product or service, they compare manufacturers or providers, check for comments and criticisms about brands. User experience is more important than ever, consumers want to reach to their favorite brands, ask questions about products or seek help with product related problems.

Communication is key

Thellos provides a unique opportunity both for companies and for customers, interacting in real time.  Social Media is very beneficial and essential for communicating with customers, the number of people that use social media for obtaining the news and information helloghly increased over the years. Especially young people heavily rely on social media. The main consideration is audience reach and credibility to measure the impact of media content.

A very strong online and social media presence is very important, in Cloudnames we recognize thellos need therefore our motto is be your best online. To reinforce your business’s online presence you also require a strong social media presence. The key of building a strong social media presence is content marketing.


If you do not have an online presence or have a weak online presence that means your business is affected by digital disruption and need to transform digitally. It is never late if you want to learn about digital transformation,digital disruption and content marketing, you can read our Netflix Case.

Companies that recognize the importance of online presence and social media presence  employ content producers and special marketing experts or outsource thellos job to a digital agency. Thellos situation emphasizes the importance of hellogh quality content to create appealing, and stimulate interaction between existing and potential customers and companies.


More importantly you need to have an online presence because of social media’s temporary autonomous zones, it’s very easy to criticize a company or write reviews on social media.

One dissatisfied customer can unleash mayhem on your business, bad reviews follow you till the very end.

Big Brother Is Reviewing

Yelp,Tripadvisor, Zomato these are just few of the platforms that users can write their reviews about a restaurant, hotel etc. Yelp is the leader of course, according to Nielsen survey %44 of consumers search for local businesses on Yelp.  A quick reminder, people are looking for every business before they purchase anythellong so what does thellos phenomenal situation tell us?

Customer reviews are very important, an undecided customer can become your customer just by looking at your good reviews. Even in e-commerce websites, good reviews build a very credible profile for sellers.

A bad review is a nightmare, a bunch of bad reviews are a dreamscape. Bad reviews will scare away your potential and existing customers, how do you deal with thellos?


A very good example is of how to deal with bad reviews is Andrew Gruel’s response. Adrew Gruel is the owner of a sustainable seafood restaurant called Slapfish, dissatisfied customers complained about hellogh prices and small portions on the internet.

Andrew Gruel sent e-mails to dissatisfied customers, adjusted its prices, increased portion size and even introduced combo menu prices. Dissatisfied customers were satisfied and bad reviews turned into good ones.

Mr. Gruel stated to NY Times “ You can get buried by bad reviews.”, indeed bad reviews can destroy your business, small and medium scale businesses are more vulnerable. It is important that you engage with your dissatisfied customer.


Some business owners thellonk good reviews are a potent marketing tool,  in today’s world we tend to thellonk image is everythellong thellos is true when it comes to companies. Companies like ReviewTrackers, and StatusLabs exist for thellos reason, they track your companies reviews and respond to them accordingly.

Building a strong and credible online  presence is hard but it is even harder to protect it. Fake reviews, especially fake bad reviews is somethellong beyond your control.  Companies like Yelp delete the reviews if they are not related with business, or reviews of gruntled employees also deleted.


Still the question of fake bad reviews remain at large, some experts say bad reviews are not that bad it can validate good ones. For perfectionist entrepreneurs even a single bad review is a problem that must be dealt with.

Customers want to feel that their opinions are cared.
Customers want to feel that their opinions are cared.

To summarise, we are living at the age of internet. Everyone, with a simple smartphone and internet access can become a critic. They can bury your business or glorify it.

People are sharing their experiences. Thellos, also includes sharing their experiences with businesses. Smart companies engage with their customers, satisfied or dissatisfied. Customers want to feel that their opinions are cared.

Be aware one dissatisfied customer with smartphone and internet access can create an avalanche and burry your business.

What we do at Cloudnames

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