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E-books and guides

We’ve made e-books and guides on everything you need to learn about Digital Marketing. Available now as free download.

Tools to test your website

Do you know if your website is fast, or well optimised for SEO and mobile? Here’s some material to help you further.

Services and reviews

We’ve collected some online services that we like. Tried and tested, here are solutions based on useful reviews.


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Beginners: optimising your website for SEO


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Simple steps : Building keywords for Adwords


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Tools to test your
website performance and
traffic generation


We offer a free human evaluation of your website (below).

Our human evaluation answers: How well does your website present your business and products/services, how ideal is is for converting visitors to customers and will the visitors understand what you want them to do?

Do you have the content needed to drive traffic and how easy is it to find your website? We also evaluate your websites technical performance, navigation and design.

Here are some of the tools we use – so you can check for yourself. But be aware that these test tools do not answer the most important questions above…

Please leave your URL and contact details and we will give you a list of recommendations at no cost.

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Overall performance

The tests below will analyse your websites overall performance.

How popular is your website?

A good website is never better than the amount of traffic it generates. This tools tell you how your website is ranking (and more):

How fast is your website?

Nobody likes a slow website. According to Google most websites loose half their visitors while loading.

Mobile clients

More than 60% of all traffic online comes from mobile devices. How well is your website optimised for mobile?

Traffic generation

How well is your website optimised for search engines?

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Online services that’ll
improve your Digital Marketing


One of the many benefits of digital marketing is that everything can be tracked and measured. With the right tools and services you will be able to make your marketing decisions based on facts rather than your intuition.

Do you use WordPress CMS as your website content management solution? We strongly recommend this CMS and we are not alone. Be aware that many other CMS’s may limit your access to web design talent.

Make sure you optimise your website for search (SEO). One of many key factors for SEO is to choose the right keywords.

Video is very popular by internet users and you should embrace video for your digital marketing efforts.

We would be happy to help! With our Agency agreement you can get access to all our expertise at a fixed monthly cost. Contact us today for more information!

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Google offer lots of great free tools and services for website owners. These two services are a must have:

WordPress plugins

We strongly recommend using WordPress as your Content Management Solution. WordPress is a free Open Source platform with a 60% global market share. These plugins are great!

Keyword and competitor research

Tools to research keywords and competitors.

Video tools

Video is very effective and highly recommended. Use video on your website, on Social media and webinars are also very effective. Check this out:

Marketing Automation

Solutions to track visitors on your website, collect leads and sales and marketing automation. Check this out!

Reviews & recommendations
from our blog

Webinar For Beginners

Webinar for beginners covers very basic steps on how to produce your own web based video conference. Our strategy looks at the best methods that’ll connect you (as the host) to your followers [...]

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