What are new domain extensions?

What are new domain extensions? New domain names offer a simple, powerful way to improve your website’s search ranking, sales, differentiation from the competition and marketing costs. This article explains what new domain extensions are and why they matter for your business.

What are new domain extensions?

Domain extensions are the bit of a website address to the right of the dot, such as ‘.com’, ‘.co.uk’, ‘.net’. Also known as ‘top-level domains’ (TLDs). Until last year, extensions were limited to .com, a country code such as .co.uk, and a handful of others: .net, .biz, .org, .edu.

Between 2013 and 2015, over 1900 new domain extensions are being released (new generic top level domains – new gTLDs). New gTLDs open up:

  • new sector-specific extensions such as .finance , .builders , .cleaning ;
  • generic extensions such as .coffee , .marketing , .agency , .ninja ;
  • geographic extensions such as .global , .london , .place , .city ;
  • trademarked extensions such as .google , .amazon , .ford , .gucci ;
  • and many more (see the end of this guide for the full list of new gTLDs available today).

Why do new domain extensions exist?

To enable dramatically more website owners to find a web address that works. In the old .com dominated world, most of the good (short, memorable) names were taken. New businesses found themselves with a long, complicated .com name or choosing a company name based on the .coms available.

With the right name, individuals and businesses of any size or budget can have a web address that perfectly describes who they are or what they do. All of which will help them succeed in terms of visitor numbers, revenue or marketing costs.


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