The Music Rebel With A Conscience: Sultana

Sultana is back on the music scene with new material focusing on women’s rights. The turkish rap artist is launching her new website, which she will use to share aspects of her lifestyle and music. The site designed and powered by Cloudnames will go live tonight with launching of her new music video.

You can check it out at!

Sultana entered the music scene in early 2000 with her song ‘Kuşu Kalkmaz/Your Bird Cannot Fly.’ Now she is prepared to be part of our daily lives again with the launch of her new video and website. Sultana says: “We are living in an age where your website is your stage, your store and your home.”

The talented artist and role model engaged Cloudnames to assist with her Digital Marketing Strategy. Since meeting the popular singer, Cloudnames Turkey has designed her new website and are continuing works with a new blog platform, whereby fans and followers can interact with the music star through Social Media profiles and in all her digital presence.

Highly valued customers

At Cloudnames we work with customers from all sectors, large companies and small, well established companies and startups. They all have one thing in common: They have understood that to be successful in the marketplace they need to be their best online.

Songül Aktürk (identified by many as Sultana) is one of our highly valued customers. We regard her as more than a customer, since she has become a part of the Cloudnames family.

Sultana has been quiet for a while, avoiding interest and withdrawn to her simple, private life. But as of today she is prepared to be a part of our lives again. Sultana explains: “I never stopped my music career, so this is not a comeback.” Sultana has been focusing on her personal projects and writing music.

The new music video, which will be launched this evening for the first time is part of a bigger social responsibility project, which will aim to empower women and promote more education, career prospects and equality for women and children all over Turkey. It is produced with aims of creating awareness.

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Passion created Sultana

As a young girl growing up in a traditional household, Sultana was dreaming of studying music as a part of a Conservatoire, she never really imagined herself as being a popular entertainer, or performing in concerts on stage. Being in the media and maintaining her voice as an independent artist proved to be hard work but equally rewarding. She new she could help voice social problems. Equally, she never let her singing career get in the way of her privacy or family life.

Sultana graduated from Hacettepe University’s Fine Arts Faculty with a BA in Interior Design. Over the years her passion for music grew stronger. She started to take music lessons to follow her passion for music, but it was when she first started writing lyrics that she really felt she could reach out to people on a deeper level.

Why Sultana?

We asked her why she decided to become Sultana? “Music is a part of every single person’s life. We cry with music, we feel happy with music and we pump up with music. Music has been very important for me, in every part of my life, but it was when I started writing lyrics that I understood my passion for music. I sat down and held a meeting with myself to decide what the future will bring, what I could give to the people. At that very moment, I realized that I had to follow my passion.”

Sultana explained that destiny is a key drive, no matter what happens in life, it was meant to be. So she told herself: “If this is a good thing for me, I will succeed” and then she went to New York to start her journey with music.

Aiming to Create Awareness

After the success of her first album ‘Cerkez kizi/Oriental Girl,’ Sultana had a hectic time with concert performances, TV and Radio appearances in line with endless press related interviews. Sultana was a fresh face and one of Turkey’s first female rap and hip-hop artists. She remembers back at the time when almost every reporter asked her why she did not make pop music? “You could earn much more money!” they pointed out. But, this was not her aim.

Sultana explains: “I enjoy being a pioneer in my music career. I am proud about being the first person to do something. Hip-Hop mesmerizes me, it affects the human conscience and our society. It also includes fascinating rhythm, melody and harmony. You can mix eastern and western tunes and empowering lyrics. Hip-Hop’s power comes from this recipe.”


Sultana let us know that she is experimenting with different genres. “I do not believe in one genre, that is why I am not insisting on singing rap. My new song also has rap elements but it is not rap. The real aim is to create awareness. That is why I wrote this lyrics.”

When you listen to the lyrics of her new song: ‘Biz Neysek/ We are What We Are’ you will understand that the song is about women’s rights and women’s role in society. This was also the underlying message in the first album, but the message today is more powerful.

“The idea of challenging the status quo also existed in my first album,” Sultana points out. “In  ‘Kuşu Kalkmaz/Your Bird Cannot Fly’ I was questioning our customs, gender roles and domestic violence. I am not sure people understood the message in that song.”

The socially conscious rapper wants to promote change for better women’s rights and are not afraid to raise her voice in this matter. “Change will only come if the subjects are on the agenda. I strongly believe this is a fact! Pretending that issues do not exist will only make them worse. We will endure the same pain and witness the same drama. Next generation will grow up in the same environment. This is what I want to fight against”

Time flies by when you have fun

It has been eight years since her last album came out, but Sultana has continued pursuing her passion all the time. “I don’t have any business with time, and I am not in a hurry” she explains. “After my last album I have been searching for the right sound. It’s a trial and error process and I have had limited help. When you combine this factors it is bound to take some time.”

2015 was declared as “Women’s Empowerment Year” and many initiatives were taken to educate and empower women. That was the seed that lead to the lyrics of ‘Biz Neysek/ We are What We Are’  “I feel women’s role in society has had a backwards development the past few years. We need to turn this development so that following generations can grow up in equality and mutual respect – That is why I wrote this song – to put equality on the agenda”

Sultana is more engaged when she discusses issues of equality. “We all need to learn how to live as individuals. Living as an individual means, realizing that everyone have a valuable identity beyond our gender, being human. In this song I wanted to point out this fact, I hope people both enjoy it and learn from it.”

Sultanas manifest

Her burning desire for equality is rooted back to her childhood where she experienced segregation between boys and girls. It was clear to her that both genders were treated differently and given different opportunities.

Sultana remembers one episode where the boys in the neighborhood were riding their bikes and let her have a go. “I tried it and absolutely loved it!” But when she asked her dad if she could have one he replied: “Girls don’t ride bikes!” This inequality was close to home, which is why the issue had become more problematic and personal for her!

And there are many other things that girls are not supposed to do… Sultana is firing on all cylinders when she attacks the two main problems: “Still many girls are not given the opportunity to get a proper education. And some men seem to think that a woman’s main purpose is to get married and give birth. I was raised like that, but I rejected it and walked my own path”

Sultana has made her own manifesto that defines her view on equality: “This manifest comes from my childhood. I see myself as an individual and I live accordingly. Men and women exist, it is undeniable. But living life according to gender roles is an outdated mindset.“

Sultanas new website will be the centre of all her Digital activity going forward. This is where she will publish her music, videos, lyrics, poems, recipes, lifestyle and fitness tips.

She said: “We are living in an age where we are connected to each other via internet just like cities are connected with each other through highways. The internet is a highway of knowledge. Today your website is your stage, your store and your home.”
An important point is that everyone that have access to internet also have access to all the information in the world! Boy or girl – old or young – rich or poor – everyone have equal opportunities to educate themselves as soon as they have access to the internet.

“I want to share my point of view and my lifestyle with the people I love, not just my music. Soon I will share Sultana merchandise via this website, and I am really excited about this.

I want to share my poems, my thoughts and my recipes via my blog. I will give tips about fitness – I think people need to do more physical training – it is really important for a healthy mind and body.  In short, People who want to meet with me can visit”

In the Cloudnames family

From the first meeting between Sultana and Cloudnames we have developed a close relationship. Sultana explains:  “Right away I really loved the Cloudnames family. Everyone has been so nice and friendly. I love my new website and really enjoy discussing the many options that opens up with Social Media.

Cloudnames is helping me with my Digital Marketing Strategy and I know that I am in good hands. Cloudnames understands the digital revolution that is happening, and I’m glad I’m a part of a professional and friendly team”

Sultanas journey into the Digital medium and Social Media has just begun. There will be a lot of hard work, but her new website will be the center of all her digital presence, a place to meet her, to learn about her ideas and life. It will also be a place to listen to her music and read her blog. Soon Sultana is planning to launch a webshop where she will present special products of her own design to raise money for charities.

At Cloudnames we are proud to work with highly valued clients like Sultana and we are looking forward to developing going forward. This is not going to be a static website, but a living community that will evolve over time. Sultana says:  “Cloudnames strengthen my position as a woman and an artist. I am really happy that I am working with Cloudnames! I feel this is the beginning of a very long partnership.”

What we do at Cloudnames

Cloudnames can help with everything you need to be your best online. We can handle your complete online presence, Website, Social media profiles, Digital Marketing Strategy and all the complicated technical details, to effectively grow your revenue online.

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