A Mexican Entrepreneur in Istanbul

Jorge Moran is not your ordinary Entrepreneur in Istanbul. He is a Mexican living in this beautiful city and making business out of the best local pashminas he can find, selling them in Mexico and other countries worldwide.

After living in Istanbul for a year and learning the Turkish language, Jorge found out that the best way to practise Turkish was by talking with the sales people in Grand Bazar. He went there every week and made many friends among the small shops and hectic noise in the wold’s largest market under roof.


Jorge was also mesmerised by the beautiful pashmina scarves, the wonderful quality of the handwoven silk products and the striking colors. He practically fell in love with this local handcrafted products and his business idea arose from the corners of the Grand Bazar.

“I started to learn about how they produce the textiles and it is very impressive. I thought this could be a great product for Mexico. There is nothing like that available there.” Jorge says with a smile.

Jorge brought with him a some pashminas back to Mexico and showed them to his friend and now business partner Alin Jotar. Alin who is a fashion designer loved the idea and the two partners decided to go all in and establish their brand: Sasaray. A wordplay on the turkish words “Sanat” which means “Art” and “Saray” which means “Palace.”

Just before the Mexican Christmas last year Sasaray launched the product in Mexico. “It was a big hit right away! We sold out every piece we had in stock – about 200 pashminas in less than a month. Alin wanted me to send more, but I was in Dubai at the time and it had to wait,” explains Jorge. But what a start! And the customers wanted more! Almost one thousand Pashminas have been shipped to Mexico from Istanbul in just eight months.

Social Media marketing

Jorge and Alin have started Sasaray as a Lean startup. Working closely with their customers to find out what they like, and testing every aspect of their business model. Now they have a product-market fit and want to scale their business.
“In order to reach a wider customer base all over Mexico we decided to try out Social Media marketing as a cost effective way to market our beautiful pashminas,” said Jorge. That’s why he contacted Cloudnames. In order to prepare this years Christmas sales in Mexico Sasaray wanted to set up a website with a web-shop and a Social Media marketing plan.

The sasaray.com website

Cloudnames offer a managed web design subscription that is including everything any business would need to get an impressive online presence. There are different packages depending on customer needs and while the “Advanced” package is perfect for companies that want to market their products or services on Social Media the “Premium” package also include a web shop.
“What we love with the Cloudnames subscription is that our site is always updated and maintained. We don’t have to worry about security and software updates. Cloudnames have been helping me in every step of the way and have made a beautiful website and webshop” Jorge says.

“The team are very friendly, have a great attitude and professionalism. They always come up with great options to make my site better. It’s truly tailor made and offering all functionality we need, but at the same time making it really easy for our customer to order products.”

Have a look at the Sasaray website here:



Future plans for the Entrepreneur in Istanbul

Jorge and Alin is preparing for the Christmas season back in Mexico. Together with Cloudnames they are testing different campaigns on Social Media to build a custom audience in Mexico. “The focus now is to find the right customers. We will find the most effective way to market our products” explains Jorge.

When the tests are done, Sasaray will increase their marketing spending. This way, they will circle in the “customer persona” that is most likely to purchase their products. Then in November and beginning of December – in the best possible sales season – they will make sure everyone who like their products will be reminded of how perfect a Christmas present they offer.

“It is very important to have this support, because as an entrepreneur you can not know everything. Especially when it comes to technology and Social media marketing. It’s very important to have a team around who know exactly how to do it!” Jorge says, and then he add: “I am very, very happy with our new website!”

Going global

Next year Sasaray want to expand their product line. Jorge will add accessories, cushions, blazers and other local Turkish products like carpets to their sortiment. And then they plan to go global. “The great thing about an online web-shop is that you can market it anywhere. Next year we will translate our webpage to other languages. We will use Social Media to reach customers in other countries,” says Jorge.

We can wish Sasaray all the best and will keep our promise; To support them all the way around the globe.


What we do at Cloudnames

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Please contact Cloudnames if you have questions or need help! You can send us an email directly with your questions to: hello@cloudnames.com. Or, leave your contact details below and we’ll get right back to you.

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