LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool is one of the best to use. It is targeted towards business to business relationships and focus on hard working professionals. LinkedIn is also a great place to expand your business network and to recruit new employees.

The features and functions of this social channel are invaluable. In addition, LinkedIn is a network of well-established business professionals from across the world and is brilliant for gaining new business contacts.

From powerful influencers to your average joe, this channel allows you to create a connection with those you would not expect to bump into in real-life. Thus, this article is a section taken from our Social Media marketing guide, which covers everything you need to know to effectively market on Social networks.

Build your network

LinkedIn brings business people together in a useful way. Furthermore, you can engage with potential customers by taking part in discussions, and most importantly build valuable connections that are good for word-of-mouth.

Keeping active and posting often on your LinkedIn site means that you can effectively build your brand personality. This increases your likeability and creates trust between you and the audience.

What better way to start pitching your brand? Business owners or managers know very well what is means to build credibility; so some sweet exchanges of opinion or some interesting content can really get the ball rolling!

Blog promotion

Regardless of your business objectives, you will be able to connect with all kinds of people. You can offer recruitment, access expert advice and information-sharing with a multitude of groups.

We recommend that you use LinkedIn’s blog promotion tool, which is fantastic for regular updates of blogs, as well as promoting it. You can request recommendations from customers, which is the ultimate way to promote your business and develop a good reputation which will lead to gaining new customers.

Higher conversion rates

With LinkedIn, one major aspect that we really appreciate is the prospect of higher conversion rates. Essentially what you are doing is humanising your brand by interacting on social media channels like a person would, while connecting with other people and brands.

This is your time to shine and make a good impression. And, if you do it correctly, you will see the interest pouring in from all kinds of businesses and personal customers.

Search engine hits

A useful feature of LinkedIn is that you can make your profile information available in search engine indexes. This means that when your brand or business is searched for in search engines, it will rank your LinkedIn business profile very high, which is great for spreading brand awareness.

The more quality content you produce that is backing your brand, the more support you will get from the community you build, and this will also reflect your Search engine ranking.

LinkedIn ads

Advertising efforts is huge with LinkedIn as it has 300 million professional users globally. This enables you to expand with your target segments and provide a richer customer experience.

With LinkedIn ads, you have powerful targeting opportunities for selecting your target audience. You can target  by selecting job title, function, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender and many other useful options.

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