The 7 most Important Technology Trends

The 7 most Important Technology Trends is about how technology affects everything we do in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, to our working life and entertainment. Learn about the most important technology trends of our future!

Can you remember the technology we used in the year 2000 onwards? This was a time when broadband Internet was not common, your mobile was probably a Nokia with a small green screen and portable CD players was hot! The email was starting to be a popular thing, a few people had started sending SMS messages but there were no Social Networks.


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Mobile and wearable technology trends

Smartphones will continue to increase its importance in our lives this year.  Mobile devices are taking over as our primary device as more than 60% of all activity online is traced back to these smart devices. Smartphones will increase in speed by about 60-70% annually and that will open up for more advanced services and apps.

At Cloudnames we monitor traffic to our website. And, some of our blog articles have had visitations of up to 95% from mobile devices! If you are planning to design a website it must be mobile responsive.

Therefore, there is a trend that is growing stronger on personalising the user experience for the individual user as well. By collecting information on each individual user companies can expose them to content that is more relevant.

The wearable technology trends

The Apple Watch has been popular across the globe and according to the rumours, it has taken a dominant market share. (Apple is stull quiet about sales numbers) We will probably see a new version every year going forward. With more power, more sensors and huge improvements in software.

Also, we expect an explosion in apps for watches, which will mean that we can leave our phone in the pocket while checking for updates and notifications. We believe that fitness bands will struggle and lose popularity over more functional watches.

This year we expect to see more advances in sensors both on phones and wearables. This will enable even better software for fitness, outdoor activity, navigation and possibly within nutrition and health. Also, we believe that mobile payment solutions will increase in popularity.


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Social Media Networks

Social Media (SoMe) dominates much of online activity today- it’s the most popular and effective way of interacting with friends, brands and following news. During this year the development in SoMe have been explosive, and we expect even bigger developments in the coming year.

Every new year, we are used to seeing bigger opportunities in communication, interaction, advertising, buying and selling goods on Social Media networks.

Last time we checked, there were more than 2,5 billion active social media users globally. And, it’s reported that these numbers will continue to grow 25% each year going forward. Facebook alone recently reported 1,8 billion active users.


Over the last few years, we have had an approximate 70% annual increase in content creation on SoMe Networks, and that growth will continue. In a recent survey, 72% of marketers said they would allocate larger budgets on content marketing. There is no reason to believe that technology trends will slow down, so Social media will continue to increase on all metrics.

Other trends that will be significant for the coming year’s increase in the use of video content. More diversified apps, SoMe Networks will develop complete services to keep users on their platforms (like Facebook new News service and Live Video).

Also, services like Lead ads that let advertisers collect leads without having to move the viewer to the advertiser’s website, which increases speed and reduce time to leave contact data as it links into already existing user data.

Read our predictions for the trends in Social Media for 2016 in this article.

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Digital Virtual Assistants

Digital virtual agents are used more frequently for more diversified tasks. Sure, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana have already been around for a while, and Amazon Echo and Facebook M are available too. But all of these digital assistants have had a limited value for consumers, and hence they have not been that much used.

This may all change, as we see the level of services they can perform are increasing, language support and understanding accuracy are improving and they are implemented across all platforms including in your car, watch and your home entertainment system. All the leading virtual assistants now also support 3.rd parties integrating their services – which will lead to an explosive growth in available services.

All the leading virtual assistants now also support 3.rd parties integrating their services. Which, will lead to an explosive growth in available services.

In all this improvement may take the digital virtual assistants over the top and make people start using them much more. 

Our mini helpers

For instance, Siri on the Apple TV is impressive, and hence it is more compelling to start to ask her to answer text messages and note down reminders as well. With further developments, she will be able to not only schedule meetings but follow up and book them without wasting your time.

We expect huge improvements in the virtual assistants Artificial Intelligence. And, they will get a breakthrough in widespread use. Accelerating returns on machine learning will make them much smarter in the year to come. Even more widespread use will allow better development as they get more experience with user feedback and questions. In addition, the assistants will offer more specialised tasks that they can handle.

Even more widespread use will allow better development. They get more experience with user feedback and questions. In addition, the assistants will offer more specialised tasks that they can handle.

Cloud computing technology trends

The Cloud have had an impressive growth over the last few years, and now virtually every modern company are using Cloud services to some extent. And, you guessed it right; it will continue to grow even faster in the years to come.

New disruptive digital business models are brought to life across the globe every hour. And, now new companies and existing are all building their digital services in the cloud. If your company is still clinging on to your own server farm, in the basement you are throwing money out the window.

There is just no way that traditional business models can compete with cloud-based services. This is, however, good news for entrepreneurs that start from scratch and have no investments in legacy solutions and software.

Today a startups and established companies can get instant access to any and all services they need to run their company and smart, user-friendly solutions are available at the fraction of the cost of cloud services.

New services will be popping up that are more competitive, user-friendly and easy to integrate into the running of your or your company’s daily life.  Enterprises will embrace the API economy and supply access to their core assets, allowing new services to be created and new channels to utilise and distribute content.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and IBM are big players in Cloud computing, offering excellent services. And new players are born every day with new and disruptive services. They will all continue to increase the quality of service and reduce the price in the years to come, as competition is fierce and cost of computing power is continuing to decrease.

Internet of Things

Will we see a breakthrough year for the Internet of Things (IOT) anytime soon? Today you might own a car, television or stereo that is connected to the Internet and available from most of your devices. Even light bulbs, alarm systems, heating, scales and many other things can be connected.

IOT has not really become truly mainstream yet, but it has certainly been making giant leaps in the right direction. The reason for this is the many initiatives from Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft and a few other big phone and TV manufacturers. Your phone, TV and set-top-boxes will become the home centre for IOT. Technology trends indicate a huge increase for IOT devices over the next few years.

The software is defining everything today, and with all new things getting connected the challenge today is standardisation and common user interface. This is where the mentioned companies all have launched initiatives to unify the user experience so that you can handle all connected devices in one app and automate the communication between the devices.

Today the vision of the Internet of everything(IOE)  is about the services that are connecting and interconnecting everything and enabling casual programming through natural speech.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Solutions that make it possible to collect and analyse large amounts of data in real time and enabling decisions based on facts are called “Big Data”.

Today there are easily available tools that allow tracking of customer behaviour and statistics from your website, social media channels, buying patterns and what consumers are talking about.

Thus, if you have been following technology trends for a while you have probably understood the integration of Big data and AI – and how huge this is for technology trends going forward.

Consequently, solutions like Google Analytics and IBM’s Watson can be used free of charge to analyse and present results from your data, and there are many other solutions available. All the big players have huge initiatives on Artificial Intelligence, based on machine learning from big data.

Furthermore, this field is expected to continue to develop extremely over the next few years both on harvesting data, analysing it and suggesting decisions based on the findings.

If you have not started to tap into this kind of solutions you are missing out on valuable fact-based decision criteria. This will be important for any company that wants to grow and compete in the future.

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Smart machines

Robotics companies have given us automatic lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, window washers and research into making smarter machines are surging. Did you know that planes are mostly run on autopilot from takeoff to landing? Pilots only take over to get training, or in emergencies.

In addition, production robots have been used for years and in production factories. They are easily programmed to repeat boring or dangerous production tasks 24/7. The Chinese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn bought 10.000 new production robots in 2015 alone, to increase its production capacity.

We expect car brands to offer more automation like the new Tesla cars. That can drive by itself. We are not sure when Google will launch its self-driving car, but we know that it already is a safer driver than humans.

Also, the Japanese Softbank Corp launched Pepper, a personal robot with the ability to read emotions. Softbank has not been able to meet demand even if it is only launched in Japan. The first batch of 10.000 units was sold in one minute.

Another company that is investing billions of dollars in robotics is Google (Alphabet). They have bought about 20 companies the last few years researching robotics technology.

In conclusion, we expect that the advances in smart machines will be extraordinary in the coming years. But, we think it’s a bit early for widespread use of self-driving cars and personalised robots. But surely your next vacuum cleaner or lawn moulder may be automatic and soon self-driving cars and personalised robots will be mainstream too.

Other candidates

3D printing is a hot technology that did not make the cut this time. Sure we will see many exciting developments next year, but we think it will take a few more years before you have a 3D printer in every home. And, the biggest challenges is the development of materials.

Other candidates worth mentioning are biotechnology, green energy, renewable energy, nanotechnology, smart homes and health care technologies. We will have to come back to those technologies at a later state.

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