How to Start Building Your Email Subscriber List

Setting up your email subscriber service to attract visitors will open up email as a strong marketing channel for your business. Although the average open rate for marketing email is just about 21%, email has proven to be effective for low-cost conversions.

When used correctly, email offers a highly valuable, direct and personal channel of communication with your customers.  With the right content and frequency, you can build strong relationships, loyalty, and sales, and obtain valuable data into the bargain. Here, we share some tips on the basics to kick-start your email marketing campaign.


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Choose an email subscriber list service provider

Your first decision is which email subscriber service provider you want to use. There are many options out there; some paid, some free. And, although the allure of a low-cost solution is always powerful, here at Cloudnames we highly recommend paying a bit to get a lot. In our experience, it pays dividends.

Free subscription services, like Jetpack, only update subscribers when a new blog is published, which means you can’t send out private or tailored content. And unlike their paid-for counterparts, free services don’t offer any reports or data on your emails or subscribers.

One of the beauties of email marketing is personalisation, and paid-for providers offer just this. In particular, we recommend MailChimp and AWeber. With these providers you can track the success of your emails, monitor subscriber activity – pinpointing your most loyal customers – and, most importantly of all, personalise emails.

Dividing your email subscribers into sub-groups, based on preferences, spending habits or location is all possible with paid-for email providers. Plus, they allow you to send out split campaigns to garner information on which emails get the most clicks.

Although they are both paid-for, MailChimp offers a free account until you reach 2,000 subscribers – which is a boon for start-ups.  AWeber offers a free 30-day trial. Both with a somewhat limited feature set – but more than enough to get started.


Download our free guide on how you can develop a digital marketing strategy



Attract email subscribers

The first step in attracting email subscribers is a prominent, eye-catching subscription widget with a simple sign-up form.

Lots of WordPress themes come with email widgets to choose from, while most email providers will offer you a code to embed on your homepage. Just remember your email subscription widget must be eye-catching, attractive and prominent; there’s no point having an email subscription service if people can’t figure-out how to ‘opt-in’, or are put-off by its complicated format.

Next, be clear about what your email service offers so that people are confident in what they are signing-up for. Will you offer weekly tips, a targeted newsfeed, or regular offers, for example. Once you’ve established the benefits of signing-up to your email subscription, make sure they’re obvious to your visitors.

Third, consider instant ‘opt-in’ incentives to encourage sign-up.  These could be discount codes, coupons, an eBook, or anything you like. Remember, once you have their email address on your database, you have opened up a direct communication channel which could reap enormous benefits in the future, so investment now is worth it.

Simply put, email is the most powerful way to communicate online. Use the tips above to harness the channel to engage your audience, sell your products or spread the word… Use it, or you might lose it.


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