How to create Good User Experience

Defining user experience is as simple as acknowledging your own feelings when purchasing goods or services. If you’ve felt fantastic about the whole practice of trying and buying, than you’ve had a great user experience. If you were horrified, then unfortunately you may need to grab a refund or consider some competitors. But, how do you know?

A lot of the time it’s typical of consumers to feel dissatisfied before they feel happy about their final purchase- this has a lot to do with high expectations and poor experiences combined. Or, simply their experiences are driven by unawareness and not enough “know-how”!

Many customers generalise by tying their overall bad experiences with their everyday shopping or buying attitude. This can leave business owners or managers frustrated and sometimes discouraged. So, how can we define ‘user experience’ and ensure that you are on the right track?

Defining user experience

A good way to achieve good user experience is to meet the exact needs and demands of the customer, without having to promise something you cannot deliver. Next comes simplicity and professionalism, which is about being able to produce products and services that are a pleasure to own or have, ultimately it should be a joy to use.

Real user experience goes beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing checklist features. It’s about determining what you can offer, which can benefit them in the long run. A good example of this is Apple products and services. These technology giants know very well how to please their customers. And we’ll come back to Tim’s world shortly.

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Understanding the customers behaviour

In order to achieve high-quality user experience, there has to be a seamless connection of your services in all of departments, including development, marketing, graphical, sectoral and interface design. At Cloudnames, we’ve learnt how to do this overtime because it really takes a lot of effort and knowledge to understand the needs of our customers.

But, we’ve figured out that there are three things you can consider; Am I open to trying new things? And, will trying something new fulfil my needs? And, if doesn’t- can I walk away knowing that I really gave it chance!?

Let’s get back to Apple products and services. They are all about creating beautiful experiences. “When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way, too. Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of Apple products, and a distinguishing feature of the most successful apps built for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS.” Apple build and deliver polished, engaging, and intuitive technology and software that Apple customers expect. You must apply this to your own business model!


To develop an easy and simple user experience is something that can take large amounts of dedicated time and hours which is why companies like Apple don’t have big competition. But, even if you are smaller scale business there is plenty of little things you can do to try and help out your users, and things that don’t have to take up a lot of time or money on your end.

Reviews and feedback

At Cloudnames, we too learn from our customers- and the best way to master your business is to obtain reviews and feedback. Nobody wants to hear negative comments, but even unfavourable feedback can change or help improve the quality of your products and services.

For example, designing a website means taking into consideration a lot of things. It needs to look beautiful, it also needs to function well and most importantly it needs to relay all the vital information our customers need to share about their business, product, or service online.

Many of our customers have tried to build a website before opting for our services, but have realised at some point that developing a website is best left to the professionals. We have an archive full of free information which we offer to everyone that is interested in designing a website or even digital marketing. We believe that sharing is caring, so we always offer free information on how you can achieve these things by yourself first!

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Customer expectation and user experience

Customers who have tried but have come to us instead tend to be happy, because once we taken the project and have delivered a fantastic website- they understand how technical and complicated it was to do- so they appreciate our expertise and know that we have provided a brilliant end product.

But, then we equally have customers who want a website but don’t know anything about what we do. These are the oblivious types of customers that are harder to please, because their lack of “know-how”means that demands become ludacris and expectations are harder to fulfil within their budget or time scale.

Our advice to everyone is this; before buying a product or service do some critical research to benefit you and the company your plan to buy from! Understand what the product is, why it’s there and why you need it and also appreciate the hard work that has gone into to manufacturing or producing it! You cannot have a happy experience without first appreciating that the option is there in the first place.

For example, you wouldn’t buy a sports car if you didn’t know how to drive it? You wouldn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money unless you knew that the car was worth every single penny. You also wouldn’t buy a car to be reckless with it. So, apply this to all your buying experiences whether it’s a car, an iPad or website!

At Cloudnames, we believe it’s the little things that count because the same is true of user experience on the web. Every little change or optimisation we make can have a big impact on our users. And, the same goes for our customers.

Knowledge is the key

One last tip, you should know your users, their interests, their style, things they are interested in and use this information to your advantage: design for them, make the layout for them, think about wording that they will understand. Knowledge is power after all. Make sure you dish enough knowledge out as well as accumulate it!

What we do at Cloudnames

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