How you can use your blog to get new leads.

Did you know that blogs are one of the most reliable leads generators? Today, customers want to connect with their favourite brands or businesses online. The age of personalised services is here and having a blog, social media presence and a good web page are the major tools of the digital age. Learn how you can use your blog to get new leads.

In every business quality of the leads are more important than the quantity. But getting leads is just the beginning. Converting leads into customers or more importantly, to loyal customers is the real challenge.

Trust is the epicentre of every business, and customers need to trust you before they purchase your products or services. If you have a good and credible reputation you will be more likely to convert leads into customers.

In the past building trust, getting high-quality leads and converting them took a lot of time and money. Today, especially small and medium scale businesses have the best tool at their service “content marketing”.

Why you should use a blog to get new leads

Blogging is a form of Content marketing. Today, content marketing plays a very important role in creating brand recognition and building trust. If you want to attract customers with inbound marketing strategies or Social media marketing you should blog.

A mobile friendly and modern web page, social media presence and of course, a blog with high-quality content is the shortest way to build up trust and to get high quality leads through content marketing. In this equation the most important piece is your blog, it is important to have good quality and unique content.

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High quality and unique content, without a doubt, will attract people. It is easier to convert people who regularly visit your blog into customers than people who recently found you on the internet.

Quality content

Remember people do not like copy-paste content and it almost always backfires and jeopardises the reputation of your business. Therefore, the quality of the content is quintessential for your blog to get new leads.

As well as quality the context should be relevant too. For example, if you are selling artisan bread, your blog should not be about cars and motorcycles. It will not attract people. Also, you may not have the time to write blog articles, there are plenty of university students who are looking for the extra source of income, hiring a couple of them will be very beneficial. They can conduct research and write high-quality content.

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Blog to Engage

The main aim of every marketing campaign is creating and delivering value to the potential and existing customers and of course market penetration or increasing the market share are the desired outcomes of every marketing campaign.

For a successful market penetration, you need the perfect product positioning. People love to bond with the product they buy, to do that your product should have an identity and you should also sell a lifestyle along with your product. This requires a heavy investment in marketing channels.

Next step is product positioning, in every marketing plan product positioning is one of the most important steps. This determines your target customers, your marketing channels and your message.


One of the best examples of market penetration and product positioning is Cola-Turka, this was a domestically produced carbonated soft drink in Turkey. It was launched by Ulker, a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding, around Iraqi invasion of the U.S. forces. Cola- Turka was positioned as the anti-American coke.

At the time Turkish carbonated soft drink market was dominated by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the correct time and product positioning enabled Cola-Turka to penetrate the market and by 2007 it increased its market share by 57%  and Cola – Turka’s market share reached 13%  in total.

In short term, Cola-Turka’s marketing campaign proved to be a success but after a while, Cola-Turka started to lose its market share, in 2015 Japanese soft drink giant DyCo Drinco bought Ulker’s soft drink subsidiaries including Cola Turka.

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Over marketing is not a good thing, aggressive marketing and sales campaign is very costly and seldom it turns into success for small or medium scale companies. The case is not so different from content marketing.

If you turn your content marketing into an aggressive marketing tool and constantly promote your products and/or your services, your efforts will be futile even worse you will scare away your potential customers.

Therefore, the aim of your blog is not to market your products or your services, it is about engaging with your potential customers. A successful blog will support your product positioning and it will also promote the lifestyle that you want to sell along with your product or your service.

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How to Blog

Marketing is a tricky business, strategy and message are really important but how you deliver and when you deliver are equally important. A very good marketing campaign might fail if you target wrong audience or right audience at the wrong time.

Content marketing is no different, you have high-quality content that would create a lot of engagement with potential customers but if you use the wrong channel to deliver your content all of your efforts will be fruitless.

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Mastering every social media channel at the same time will consume a lot of work hour and manpower so it is important to focus on one at a time. Pick the right channel for your business and focus on it.

Every social media channel has a different dynamic, frequency of your posts depends on this. Let’s assume you decided Facebook would be the most suitable channel for your business, you should post 5 to 10 post per week. Our research shows that you will get the best response if you post between 01:00 pm – 05:00 pm.

For Twitter, the time table is the same with Facebook, but Twitter is like a cocktail party, therefore, you should post minimum 5 times a day. Your posts should be brief and catchy, that is the tricky part of  Twitter.  You can also provide a link to your blog articles with Twitter.

Old vs. New

When it comes to content marketing and blogging, there is no such thing as old content. You can always improve your old content, repurpose it and repost it. Mostly, repurposed contents are better than the old version. Who knows maybe your repurposed contents might go viral.

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Also, as it was mentioned earlier engagement is the aim in content marketing, therefore once a week you should post entertaining stuff. As long as you provide the source, you can use the videos or other types of content that you stumbled.

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